GOP PresidentialDebates I

Both debates started with the question of electability.  That is usually used to promote those of fame and name and money over newcomers that are not part of the good old by network.  Despite the criticism from many directions, I liked the "tough" question approach used.  It will be worse when CNN joins the fray.  I didn't want to see a lot of snowball easy questions that didn't reveal where they really stood on the issues.  There were good issues brought up, but not in reference to the questions I posted on Facebook.  There wasn't much to reveal their knowledge of the Constitution, the enemy domestic, or the enemy foreign, except as I stated in relation to ISIS.  Our enemies are not "secular progressives"; they are ISIS and the Communism.  

Donald Trump started the event by saying that he may not support the winner of the process.  I have done the same in WI.  If the GOP winner cannot be morally trusted and has a tainted past(such as John McCain), we would be wasting our time.  We need to stand on higher moral ground than a Democrat.  Mr. Trump may not pass that test; and like others, he did come out for all the "Ponzi" socialist programs that are failing and need to be replaced.  

Why would we really believe a man who makes his living from a vice, would decrease the vices of bad government.  Our Constitution was set up to prevent four categories of crime.  Corruption of public morals was one of them.  The bookie has been taken from the streets and put into a government office in every state through legalized gambling.  It was originally supposed to be limited to Nevada.

Carly Fiorina came out the best in the first debate.  It wasn't even close. Though I thought her initial comments a bit "catty", she had the best line about standing up for GOP principles and not apologizing for them. Wish I could remember the quote.   My top four would be Cruz, Paul, Carson, and Huckabee.  Those I would like to see disappear are Bush, Trump, Kasich, and Christie.  I don't like the Bill of Rights being referred to as "hot air".  Was Christie the "hitman" on Rand Paul?  I'm still upset with Paul for his support of McConnell.  We are "paying through the nose" for that one.  Maybe Paul should leave too, if he can't stay loyal other Tea Party candidates.  He made a big mistake in Kentucky.  Sen. McConnell is blocking good legislation and supporting the wrong kind, especially in regard to the TPA and upcoming treaties.

Now lets see where I stand on the issues.  You will learn more here than you will from any other candidate.

        All are trying to appear as the best job creators in America.  The best job creator is limited government.  80% of our present government functions are unconstitutional and fall under the heading of socialism.  Domestic internal matters belong to the states and external matters to the federal government.  If we got rid of all the unconstitutional government controls(overregulation), we would be so prosperous......we would have to import labor!  As Gov. Jindahl said, "we can have the American dream.....or the European nightmare!

        If those countries to the south lived by the principles we are supposed to be living by, they wouldn't need to come here!  This is a "Slow Invasion" organized long ago via the Communist Internationale, to force the destruction of America.  The goal is to change the demographics away from white culture and take back make the southwest into "Atzlan".

The solution is of course is to secure our borders.  They've lied before and they may be doing it again.  We need to stop all immigration until we get a handle on it.  At the same time we need a massive deportation program  Yes, we can!!!Donald Trump agrees with me.  We need to declare war on Mexico, since they encouraged it, and make them pay for every illegal they let through. We are wasting too much time and money on these people in our prisons.  Throw them out and let them know they will be shoot on sight if they come back.  This is a war!!