Majority of Minorities

Such is the goal of the Communist Internationale.  Decades ago, they came up with a plan to take over America through both legal and illegal invasion.  Add to that the infiltration and take over of "minority" groups already here, especially the black community.  First use the blacks to set a nation in the Southeast and now the Latinos to do so in the Southwest.  The goal is to overwhelm white culture and thereby conquer the United States from within. 

The Johnson Administration aided the process by reversing immigration policy away from Europeans to non-white cultures.  And I might add, non "White" people.  Ann Coulter wrote the book "Treason" well describing the purpose of the old (and new) Soviet Democrat Party.  Their choir girl of the 60's, Jane Fonda, said, "communism is the goal".  And so it has actually been...since FDR took office.  Now Comrade Obama is now taking out all barriers to invasion, hamstringing the border patrol, and giving our enemies easy access to our land; especially Sharia Law Muslims.  The new TPA authority, supported by 48 (Karl Rove/Tea Party?) Republicans will allow BABO to open the doors to more invasion by those who hate us.  As Putin would say, "what's not to like about this guy!!!

They have to get that "bad, evil" white privilege culture.  You know?....the kind of virtuous people that won't go along with the major moral goals of communism to destroy the family: pornography, promiscuity, and homosexuality.  The kind of people that get married first...before they have children!  If we "white" people don't want to pay for their "cowbird" children, then that would not be commie-fair.  They really are the majority of vastly immoral majorities.

Long ago in 1988, I developed the Sex Pollution Resolution to expose those who would do harm or betray our country.  I did this to "honor" John McCain, who along with the Phoenix 40 business crowd, worked very hard to remove a Governor who was not a womanizing adulterer, also a pilot and prisoner of WWII.  They replaced him with McCain's "buddy" Fife Symington, who within a year of taking office was in jail.  If it wasn't for the illegal-legal? impeachment of Gov. Mecham, AZ would not have the border problem that it has today!!  The power structure needed a compromised and controlled candidate for Senator.  They got F...g John McCain instead of Evan Mecham.  Now who would want a movie made about such behavior; he should have been ashamed to.  Now F...g John wants to bring back another compromised individual in the person of "F..g" Gen. lead his 100 year war.  Never fear, the new Homo F...g military will surely defend us!!?  Those who morally betray us will surely do so politically and militarily.

I realize I'm walking the line here and some may not forgive me for being bold and somewhat blunt about it.  As a candidate for Governor in 2010 against Scott Walker, I put this resolution on record and documented the founding and control of the homosexuality movement in America by the communist left.  The WI Christian(?) conservatives would not support such a warning.  Why not?!  Instead they closed down the Barron Co. real conservatives and replaced them, taking the warning off our website.  Because the leaders of WI would not lead, we have had to watch states fall like "ripe plums"....and the military being taken over by them.  They were more concerned with backing a womanizer for our assembly seat and eventually such a former governor for the US Senate.  That was more important than saving our country!  And they paid the price, with our country's first lesbian Senator.