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posted Apr 13, 2019, 4:54 PM by John Schiess
In 1913, the progressives succeeded in putting the 2nd plank of the communist manifesto( a heavy graduated income tax) into law as the 16th amendment.  It wasn't heavy then, but it is now.  The "camel's nose" started out as a very low rate, but has gradually risen to the high rates of today.  

We celebrate it every April 15th.  Since only charitable rates above $30,000 are usable for deductions, I could not take the 3000 I gave.  Worse yet, I have to pay at least another 1000 in taxes.  They should not be deductible anyway.  But the law should be equally applied to all. This is just another unconstitutional socialist law.  As in the original income tax laws, there were exemptions only the rich could use.

So why do I mention this?  Guess what Fox news is doing on the 15th?  Giving a communist a town hall special to propagate for his progressive agenda: open borders, lower voting ages, illegal voting, White privilege, reparations,elimination of the electoral college, free tuition(but not for gold star families), free healthcare, and..."the direction we should go is felons voting from behind bars"!

Who is this person?  The one who honeymooned in Russia.  The one that proves how dumb and subversive the people of Vermont are(a college education is sure a waste in that state).  The one working under cover as a mild mannered" independent...Sen. Bernie Sanders.  No wonder they have to pay people to move to their state.  

I suppose Fox news may have to give equal agirprop time to other so-called Democrat candidates!?  With friends like them, who needs CNN and MSNBC?  We can just call them RT(Russia Today)!  Are they "selling them the rope to hang us with"?...just to get the Soviet Democrat Presidential Debates.  If so, the phase "family, fortune, and sacred honor do not apply to them.  Maybe "better red than dead" does?

This like the NFL should be boycotted.  Despite all the fancy words about "fair and balanced", this is nothing more than "aiding and abetting" an enemy cause.  During the Red scare of the 50's, our government had a ban on all groups and persons who were part of a organization whose goal was the overthrow of the United States government.

Unfortunately, with the help of the communist ACLU, they worked in Congress to get those laws reversed.  And they have also accomplished their goal of taking over a political party.  Back then such a "front-group" would have been banned.  Now, we are a 50-50 country.  The only question is: what side are you on?  That of Americanism...or Communism?  The latter should have no such right of freedom of speech in America.  No more so than the Devil should be allowed to speak in church.  The Red Devil does set up his own. 

If FOX had the courage to correctly label the product, I might go with it.  There should be a warning label.  But they won't!  Guess I'll have to do it. They should be reporting on the famous 45 goals of subversion.  Why don't they?  Because their leaders are "sleeping" the communist party line?  They don't seem to have any moral standards for their reporters either.  That's why Alies and O'Reilly had to leave.  Are they human trafficking?

What are they going to show up?  What is Fox going to expose?  If they are going to call it democratic socialism instead of communism, and talk of McCarthyism, then they are using the language of the enemy.  That would be like calling a prostitute a social worker.  Fighting socialism did not win WWII.  I am not going to be part of telling lies often enough so that people will believe them.  What are you going to do?