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Bush League Politics

posted Dec 9, 2018, 6:19 PM by John Schiess
We have just witnessed another "British" funeral of another "deep state" player.  The personality accolades are quite the opposite of what they really represented.   So much nonsense is disguised behind religion, whether its the Clintons, the Bushes....or the Trumps.  The Bush "new world order" corruption was disguised behind his 1000 points of light program.  Charity for show?

Being a "war hero" is something you can not take away from the man.  There were no college deferments in his day.  But what happens to them when they get home?  It seems they must bow to the "invisible government" or they cannot have a political career.  Though the "deep state" has become famous as of late because of the Trump campaign for President; it has always been with us.

Benjamin Disraeli, a famous Jewish leader, once said, those who rule are quite different than those that are seen.  Such has been the case in America ever since the Federal Reserve System was created.  The major industrial heroes of the late 1800's and early 1900's became America's "invisible government".  It was they that created the false FRS money system that we have now.  Even though President Wilson signed it into law, he later warned of it's danger to our liberties.

In 1920 they formally organized into the Council on Foreign Relations(CFR), forming a combination of banking, business, media, and education that has ruled the nation ever since.  Their goal was to subvert our sovereignty into a world government...i.e. the UN.  It took two world wars to bring it about.

Their code phrase of  "New World Order" was used 100 times by Bush 41.  Add to that his "read my lips, no new taxes" false statement that cost him a second term.  Many would be shocked to find out he was involved for years in CIA run drug trafficking and money laundering.  Both he and his son got into false wars in Iraq.  It was about oil!  And so is the new USMCA.  They both have sold us out to the concept of a North American Union(EU), NAFTA, the Mexican bailout, and the TPP.   

Reagan had to take the deal because Rockefeller knew the FRS can throw us into a depression any time they want to.  That threat forced Bush onto the Reagan ticket after Ronald Reagan was called into a meeting with it's president, David Rockefeller.  Every conservative had expected Jesse Helms to be the VP.  The Bush family are the swamp and have always been in support of the CFR.  I call them the best British family in America.  I have never voted for one.  Most people do not study matters in opposition to their current pre-conceived ideas.  

Their political decisions are based more on emotion than fact.  The media and education institutions have more to do with the former than the latter.  Twenty-five media outlets owned by the "House of Morgan" hyped the fervor to get us into WWI.  Morgan was also behind the FRS.  With the creation of the CFR, we became ruled by a new "British" class.  Glen Ford made a movie about it called "The Order of the Bell".  

Back in the 80's President Reagan apologized to the nation and Col. Oliver North took the fall for the "Iran-Contra" affair; North had coordinated the whole operation.  The person who was once head of the CIA, George H. W. Bush, was in control of the operation that supposedly traded arms to Nicaragua in support of the Contras against the communist Sandanistas.  They were both trading drugs for arms.  This CIA subversion has been going on since WWII.

Iran was paid 40 million dollars not to release of the Lebanon prisoners before the 1980 election.  Illegal arms deals had taken place with them years before Reagan took office.  Money from the Iran deal was supposedly funding arms to the Contras.  The Contras did not pay in money for arms...but with cocaine!  That operation, lead by Col. North, led to Nella and Mena, AK...where many pilots from South America were trained to fly them in.  

This was not just about the Clintons.  Many who tried to expose it were murdered.  Bill Clinton funded his economic recovery from it.  The DEA "war on drugs" was a shame to cover for the operation.  This game went on in Indo- china(Vietnam) also.  Guess who was protecting both operations through the CIA?...Bush 41!  VP Bush was put in charge of all intelligence operations during the Reagan Administration.  

When he tied to do something about that , there was a n assassination attempt.  When Kennedy wanted to end the CIA, he didn't survive his assassination.  Read "Compromised: Clinton, Bush, and the CIA" by Terry Reed and John Cummings.  "The Clintons and the Bushes have been criminal partners for 30 years"---WAB.  Former CIA agent Phillip Agee said, "Bush is up to his neck in illegal drug running on behalf of the Contras".

There was a meeting at in Mena, addressing the concern that Gov. Clinton was taking too much money as his cut in the drug running.  Others attending the meeting were Wm. Casey(CIA director who latter suspiciously died), Col. North, Clark Clifford, and one person I will not mention yet.

Two DEA agents(some are honest) knew the money trail lead all the way to AG Ed Meese and several officials of the FBI, DEA, FAA, and customs officials.  The two agents were pulled of the case.   The lawyer that addressed the money problem with Gov. Clinton was none other than the man that became the AG  under Bush 41.....and is now President Trump's chose to be our next AG!!?...William Barr!  

Figure that out!  Trump needs to be a one term President.  The two party system is really a one party system.  One source reported that Bush and Clinton made a "gentleman's agreement" to pass the Presidency back and forth between them.  It sure worked out that way didn't it?!  Trump messed that up!  Now you know why the Bush family did not vote for him(and have voted for Democrats in the past). The best that can be said of Trump is that he really doesn't know what he is doing!!  "The more things change, the more they stay the same"!!