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Deep State Attack on Steve King

posted Jan 14, 2019, 6:16 PM by John Schiess
Assaults from our enemies "are increasing exponentially, in intensity, and in variety". The Soviet deep state agenda of using minorities to overcome WASP nationalism continues in the ongoing attack on Cong. Steve King.  The end point will be what is going on in South Africa.  Our land must be conquered by minorities, especially Blacks and Latinos, in order to transform us into a communist nation under the control of the UN.

This is all a part of the "Red Racism" campaign of our fifth column.  The Communist left is stepping up their race war and Cong. King is the target!  Anyone who stands up for white culture must be taken out, even by "his own". Black  supremacy is acceptable through BLM and Antifa, but anyone that stands up to their "get whitey" slave reparations game is called a white supremacy racist.  

The issue with Cong. King is not white supremacy, but the survival of Western Culture.  We all know(maybe just whites know?) that the communists are using their "People of Color" campaign to conquer all white nations.  If you don't bow down to their "we are all in it together" propaganda, you are a white nationalist.  Their "breed and conquer" Muslim and Latino invasions are going well for them.  Also their breed and conquer welfare programs in Western countries.  

If we look through history, we find that "White" white cultures were always the most peaceful and the most prosperous.  From the Israelites, and Anglo-Saxons, to the Freemen(Christian founders) of our nation.  What do Latino and Black cultures look like today?  If white(seed of Abraham) culture is destroyed, liberty will cease in the world.  Cultures that are not virtuous, and obedient to their Creator, have always been conquered. If we stand with President Trump in putting our interests first, we are accused of white nationalism.  The left has said that Trump's goal is to make America pure...without "people of color".  It is the POE that want to rid our country of a race...the founding white race and its principles of liberty.

The Communist tactic is to call any nationalism...white supremacy. Believe me the POC are not making us morally a "White" nation. Several politicians are giving themselves away; they are nothing more than self righteous hypocrites.  They are either traitors or cowards "in the face of the enemy". Even his two Senators have betrayed him.  They all want to look PC.  You should keep in mind the morality of those with the loudest mouths.  Minority whip McCarthy is calling for a meeting with Steve King, condemning King's true concerns about the demographic wars waged against us.  Maybe he is taking advise from his South Carolina mistress Congresswoman?  The communist left, including the Congressional Black Caucus(a dead give-away), is calling for King's committee assignments. 

The following comments come from Soviet Democrats and "fellow traveler" Republicans:
O-C.......the seeds of Republican racism are already Redwoods.(her red mouth gets bigger with time)
Kevin McCarthy.....Steve King will face disciplinary action for his hateful and bigoted remarks.  This language                                  has no place in America.(sleeping with the Congresswoman from SC does?)  That is not the                                America I know and it's most definitely not the party of Lincoln.(what about O-C and Tlaib?)
Steven Colbert.......white nationalism and western civilization became offensive like bleach that turns everything                              white.(he probably doesn't like "White" morality either)
Steve Scalise.......what Steve King said is stupid, horrific, and wrong.
Steve Stivens(OH rep.).......we must stand up against white supremacy and hatred in all its forms. 
Liz is abhorrent and has no place in congress or anywhere.
Justin Amash......this is an embrace of has no place in Congress or anywhere.
Cong. Black Caucus.....Republicans must use more than words to denounce King(why do we need to take orders
                                   from a communist front organization?!)
Cong. Pramila Joyapal......Trump wants to purify America for white supremacists(she is from India and as a                                               lawyer has filed phony asylum claims).
Sen.Tim Scott......Steve King has a history of making anti-immigrant and racist remarks...comments like his are                             why the GOP is accused of racism.(right out of the he a double agent?)

Cong. Steve King....If we don't defend Western culture, then we will become subjugated by the people who are                                  the enemies of faith, the enemies of justice. (White birth rates are below replacement. Why? As Sun Tsu taught...are we demoralized by our enemies?(POC?)  America's Hamas populations do not support our system of faith/religion/virtue and justice.

I stand with Steve King. Can our President take the heat from the minority communist left? Will he expose it?  I doubt it! I commend the voters in his district that stood with him despite the attacks from the local "fake" news and state GOP leaders. This is the kind of backbone and patriotism we need all across this land.  It is your duty to stand up for your culture first, especially when it is under attack from the communist controlled minorities.  That would be good racism.  If you are as morally corrupt as they are, then "you don't have a leg to stand on".  Bow to your new slave masters.  One should not seek approval...from one's enemies!!