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Eagle Forum 2018

posted Sep 18, 2018, 6:33 PM by John Schiess
This is a great yearly event that all should come too.  I think of it as a great patriots meeting "under the liberty tree"!  So is CPAC.  Do we all perfectly agree on every thing?  No more than our founders did in the Constitutional Convention.  Actually I think we do better due to the years of experience.

This is what you could have enjoyed if you had come:
---- talks by Gen. Flynn, Sheriff Arpaio(got pictures with both), and Congressmen  and Andy Biggs(AZ) and Steve King.
---- messages of hope and good works.
---- great classes and information neither the media, nor our education system will give you.
---- good food!

Other "special guest" speakers were Ralph Reed, Steve Moore, James O'Keefe, and Col. Tony Shaffer, a Fox news contributer.  Two special guests came from Poland(MP Dominik Tarezynski) and Germany(MP Peter Bystron) recieved  "Eagle" did other main guests.  This is an organization with world wide out reach.  The 47 goals of communist subversion are being applied in all western nations.  Do you know them yet!?

While going through Wood Badge training as a Scoutmaster, we were assigned to be various animals.  Mine was....the Eagle!  It was brought out that Eagles mate for life.  Like them, many of us must fly high and alone, standing steadfast in the cause of Liberty.  Eagles also feed on "snakes"!  We have many deep state red ones out to get Judge Kavanaugh and President Trump.

Three of my favorite speakers were Paul Walter of Newswithviews, Dr Scott Magill of Veterans in Defense of Liberty, and Dr. James Robbins, author of
"Erasing America", because they addressed the topic dear to my heart.....the fifth column threat to our country!  Communism was once called the "essence of evil". Such are the deep state cells in our government.  They put on many faces,...but you can always tell them by their red heinies!

This event took place this last weekend at the St. Louis Airport Marriott Hotel.  You should put it on your calender for next year!!!