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posted Nov 12, 2018, 5:18 PM by John Schiess
If the election of Tammy Baldwin in 2012 was "the most embarrassing defeat in US history", what do we call her re-election...or the election of the first gay Governor in Colorado?  Putin's party in America has had success with the takeover of the House, and great victories with a number of firsts.  Now they can run "Politburo" show trials for two years and "sandbag" any conservative progress.

The fact that there wasn't much conservative progress there, may have cost them the House.  Thank Speaker Ryan for that.  Her's more concerned with helping the gays and the invaders.  Trump missed the opportunity to get rid of the Dept. of Education!...and the UN.  The new trade deal with Canada and Mexico is worse than ever!  So much for "the art of the deal".  He talks big about China...and gives them the islands.  He talks tough with NOKO...and now they want out and will have time to develop their missiles.  He talks tough on the border about shooting rock he just wants to arrest them...and overwhelm the already swamped legal system.

When I ran for Governor in 2010 I was allowed to speak at the state GOP convention...for the first...and last time.  I spoke of the communist controlled moral attack on our country.  They ignored it.  Look at the homosexuality gains they have made!  Look at the tremendous human trafficking problem we have because the GOP...did nothing.

I also spoke of the three things that the communists hate in our country: the FBI and J Edgar Hoover, the John Birch Society, and the House and Senate Un-American Activities Committees.  But so does the Republican party and the WI GOP!?  They could did not answer the question: Are you ready to fight communism in America?  And that is why they lost in WI and are losing in AZ....and almost lost TX, GA, and FL.

Here we have a candidate in AZ that is an admitted communist(a system set up for the purpose of overthrowing the United States government) and the GOP candidate can't answer the question either.  After debating both Vukmir and Nicholson in Appleton, I asked them both the same question.  What books have you read on Communism?  As good a people as they are, they did not have an answer!?  I told someone at the state convention that they are probably just competing for the '"privilege" of losing to Baldwin.....and that's the way it came out.  

I think that Kevin Nicholson would have done better!?   The party did all it could to rig the system, so they lost again. The theory that it takes a woman to beat a woman did not work.  All that money, all that political experience, and all the endorsements...again....could not beat a lesbian!!?  I would not have let Tommy Thompson anywhere near my campaign. He couldn't beat her last time; why use him now?  The "kiss of death"?  The subversive homosexual movement won again.  The GOP did not want the best candidate, just the most famous and rich one.  Again, they have "lost the country"!  

Subversion should have been the main topic of all the lost campaigns.  I suggested using the Archibald Roosevelt quote on infiltration to both the Ward and McSally campaigns in AZ.  They didn't, they both lost too.  Goodbye WI and hello AZ.  On to fulfill the final leg of a trifecta.  You will have someone there that can answer the question...if it isn't already too late?

The GOP and Gov. Walker lost for the following reasons:
                       1)  The Democrats are better at LYING than the Republicans are at telling the TRUTH!
                       2)  Freedom of speech no longer exists in the GOP.
                       3)  Failure to address the real threat within our country.( In 8 years, nothing from Scott Walker)
                       4)  RHINO support for Common Core, Amnesty, and open borders.

Either they come out and do what McCarthy would have done(and did), or they will lose for good.  We had a very narrow chance to win in 2016.  If the President doesn't get the courage to stop the flow of subversive "people of color", that chance may become non-existent.  Nothing will now get done at the state or federal level.  All they can do is block the "revolution" or make the wrong compromises with it.  The red manure is going to hit the fan in the state...and in the Congress.  We are going to find out who in the GOP will betray us!?