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"He Who Speaks with Tongue"

posted Feb 25, 2019, 7:22 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Feb 26, 2019, 5:44 AM ]
Our President gave a great speech at the UN meant for conservative consumption.  He said that we will always stand for our sovereignty.  Then he says, out of the other side of his mouth, that we want a stronger UN!!?   So which is it Americanism, or Globalism.  A stronger UN means a worse education system, invasion of our country, and slave reparations.  One of the founders was Stalin and, his agent in America, Alger Hiss.  Think that would be an easy clue?  If there is anything bad going on for America, you can bet Russia, Putin, and the UN are behind it.

Trump could have supported the legislation that would have gotten the UN out of America, and America out of the UN.  But he didn't.  It is a Trojan Horse that needs to be kicked out of out country.  Neither did he support the bill that would have ended the Dept. of Education at the end of 2016.  I said in 2016 that if that department is still there at the end of his first term, he needs to go.  As Ann Coulter has indicated, this (useful)idiot needs to be replaced.  How many times have I warned about the communist control of the homosexual movement?  This "idiot" president has "lite my fire" with his stupid support of the latest movement to overturn all laws against homosexuality throughout the world.  This is truly "the mark of the Beast".  Legalizing it in America was an act of treason.  It has all but destroyed religion and morality in our schools....and our country.  This issue outbalances the good things he has done.   

I am not for harassing them or killing them.....unless they "trespass against us".  They are the ones not leaving us alone!  They should suffer the consequences of their choices without forcing them on the rest of us.  Forced association is a key characteristic of all groups controlled by our enemies.  They all work to take away our right to associate with the righteous(law abiding citizens), and not to do so with the wicked(criminals).  

The legalization of homosexuality(like that of marijuana) has been a major communist goal for a long time, supported by the UN.  Has President Trump done anything to end their dangerous indoctrination programs in our schools?  Has he done anything about Common Core, as promised?  This a major step into more pedophilia.  We really don't need this casino syndicate womanizer for another term.  We don't need a President that keeps calling our communist enemies "wonderful" people or good guys: XI, "Rocket man", or Obragon--the communist president of Mexico.  NOKO is already set to "pull the wool over his eyes" again in Hanoi!?  KJU will make another fake concession.  We need someone who can "fight Communism in America".  Not someone who over blows everything he does into a Peace Prize award.  This political "Jekyll and Hyde" needs to be replaced with a real American who understands the real meaning of virtue, the Constitution, and "the enemy domestic"