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Invasion Agitprop

posted Jul 24, 2019, 6:38 PM by John Schiess
Amidst all the cries for more Communism in America by the Soviet Democrat Party, are the "Squad of four" commie women; the President has the "gall" to call them....communists!  The leader of the red "Brat PAC"is AOC.  Trump's former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, calls them the the "dark underbelly of our country".  Yes, and a very RED one.  Sen. Kennedy of LA calls them the four "Horsewomen of the Apcalypse". The leader of the red "Brat PAC" is AOC.  Her communist party tantrums are getting way too much attention. She says "we will pick up where the (communist controlled)civil rights movement left off".  

The Communist left has decided that the middle-class(white people) must give up the make room for housing for our invaders(illegal aliens).  This idea started with the new HUD program that is designed to make more of our "white" tax dollars available to minorities.  In the name of "social justice", they would be able to live in more upscale(white) neighborhoods.  Whether its having children out of wedlock, or the need for education, housing, and healthcare; the plan is to "get pay for it.  It's part of the old leftist "breed and conquer" plan.

Tis sad to see.  But its worse when whitey wants to "get whitey" too. Enter our white women's soccer team.  Keeping a "Christian" player off the team might indicate that it has been Sovietized....calling her homophobic?  Their team captain can't abide that.  She can't seem to give proper respect to our flag either.   It is just too hard for her to hold her hand over her (red)heart in honor of those who have given their blood in defense of it...and their money so she can play on our(?) team.  True blue and white virtue are not a part of their flag... or agenda.

Rapinoe is becoming the Rachel Maddow of soccer.  Just another "madcow" dike.  What a coincidence!?  Yes, immorality does give you VD of the brain!  The redder heinie, the bigger the mouth!  We are in a sick moral state of affairs when she can win a poll against our President.  Her and her teammates, like the "gang of four", support the communist "equal pay" game for people that can't earn it in the free market.  But what care have they for that?   Heck with earning it; just give it to them FREE!   

Omar has the gall to say, "I love this country more than anyone that is natural born".  Such is the agitprop from the left, the overstatement of a lie.  Sen. Warren wants to increase refugee admissions by 800%!  Why doesn't she start in her home.  Maybe we then could arrest her for harboring fugitives?  Some polls are showing her as the lead candidate in her party?!  Illegals in France are  doing the same thing they are doing here, demanding work, housing, and citizenship.  The gall of thieves!?...whether alone or in large groups.  In the Soviet state of California, that makes sense!  CA has passed a bill to give illegals free healthcare.  It's also their official policy to block the work of ICE. So why hasn't our President cut off all federal funds until they comply with federal laws?  If they have enough money laying around to give to invaders, then they don't need any for disaster relief.

The enemy attack on behalf of our invaders continues.  Both mayors of Chicago and NYC are blocking ICE efforts to arrest Illegal aliens.  They will protect them from ICE warning them.  We just seem to be taking treason for granted these days!  The ACLU, once lead by that mild-mannered Fox news contributor(Dershowitz), joins the Democrats in coaching them on how to avoid ICE and deportation. 

They must be making tons of money from commie suing the government in behalf of all the invader victims.  Phoenix police did manage to arrest 16 in an ICE protest.  In Tacoma, WA police shot one for throwing an incendiary device(Molotov cocktail?).  It's about time!!!  Shots were also fired at police.  This fifth column treason is going too far when the invaders at an ICE protest in Aurora, CO replaced the American flag with the Mexican flag!! They also defaced the police "Blue Lives Matter" flag.  They have also caused the shutdown an ICE headquarters in Washington DC.  In support of our enemies the University of Florida is encouraging students to "come out as illegal aliens".  Time to defund them!

The NIKE farce continues. Now it isn't just the shoe. The Betsy Ross flag and the Gadsden flag(with a snake on it) have become symbols of "white supremacy".  All of our flags must go!!  Because the communist left(crazy Colin) says cotton reminds them of slavery, NIKE must also quit using that!  I think he has cotton for a brain!  We should all run a round naked for that reason?!  Like the "gang of four", he needs to follow President Trump's advice and leave the country. "Love it, or..leave it!!!  That goes for NIKE too.

They have always been a leftist "liberal" company. This was not a coincidence; it was all timed out for the 4th of July to steal headlines in their subversive behalf.  We have far too many companies that would qualify as "communist front organizations".  Too call them dupes or fellow-travelers would be soft soaping the threat.  We live in an age when half of our people are morally, economically, and politically loyal to Moscow..  Subversion and infiltration for over 100 years has caused this.  What are you going to do about it?

Gov. Ducey in AZ has revoked the million dollar incentive for NIKE to come to his state, but they are still coming.  They got a 2 million dollar deal from the city of Goodyear, AZ.  They are a suburb of Phoenix.  Needing jobs, they naturally put pressure on the Governor.  Ducey said the state economy is doing very well, inferring NIKE may not be needed.  Was this a decision based on principle...or money?  

The "really big" topic this week has been ..Jeffrey Epstein!!  He's as bad as MLK!?  Trump once called him a "good guy" who like him, likes beautiful women.  Trump and his family have flown on the "Lolita Express"...where orgies with underage girls have taken place.  Bill Clinton was a "frequent flyer"!  Who will this catch...and who will get covered for?  We are in such a sick state of moral affairs in this world!  According to World Affairs Brief, he has been running a deep state blackmail operation for years. Trafficking in young girls, he set up "honey traps" around the world in order to entrap the rich and powerful.  The purpose was to lure important people and politicians into illicit acts that they could be blackmailed for latter.  This is what the Communists do all the time!!  As I have said the Deep state is the..Soviet State!

Joel Skousen has written a "barn burner" report about this.  You should get it every week.  Epstein has faced these charges before, only to be covered for by the deep state.  What will happen this time?  Is it being used only to get our President?  Will there be a plea deal to get Trump?  Will deep state AG Barr really do anything.? Trump is out of his league on this.  The attorney that covered for Epstein the first time was none other than Sec. of Labor...Alex Acosta!?..and Ken Starr!  Acosta has just a decided to step down.  Someone blew it when clearing him for the position.  Epstein had trafficked in under age girls and boys in both Kosovo and Bosnia.  Want to guess who was President then?  Jeffery's longtime legal fixer was none other than...Alan Dershowitz!!  Fox news will not tell you ...the rest of this story.  You had better go to www.