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King of Kings?...or Masters of Deceit!

posted Jan 27, 2019, 4:03 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Jan 30, 2019, 5:40 PM ]
"No one could be a better role model?!  For what?  Americanism or Communism?  Who is the better MORAL role model....Johnson, Kennedy, King. or Trump?  Neither of a nation under God.  One cannot criticize the first three, and not the last one.  Yet we took away a holiday from two who were moral in obedience to our Creator's moral commandments, for one who was not?  Sounds racist to me!  Any culture that worships such a man as their "Savior" is not worthy of this country.  In my church, they would be excommunicated....not worshiped!  I joined  it because it doesn't tolerate this nonsense, regardless of your station in life. Your choices determine the consequences; money and fame doesn't buy your way out of it.

When the MLK holiday was signed into law, Communism won over Americanism.  As an FBI agent said, it was like raising the red flag over America.  I would neither honor Kennedy, or King...nor Trump with a vote for public office.  They all had an "eternal flame" for the kind of women that destroy a nation.  I will have nothing to do with any religion that honors such people over those who kept themselves "morally straight", especially in service to their country.  Their moral behavior clearly shows which system they are loyal to.

This was a minister after the Spirit of the preacher in the movie, "Buck and the Preacher".  This man was nothing more than an agent of sex trafficking; representing all that the Communists, that controlled him, stand for.  Read the "Sex Resolution" again!  I am very disappointed that Ronald Reagan was the one to sign the MLK holiday onto law.  Was he spineless because of his own past womanizing?  When the pressure is on, they all seem to stick together, regardless of party,...against anyone who won't stick with them.  It's amazing how these "repentant(?)" people become better candidates than those who have not "flunked the test".  Money seems to make them more pure.

Why do I write such things as this?  Because as the "fake" moralist has said(plagerizing?), "There is a time when one must take a position because one's conscience tells one that it is right!!"   MLK forces declare the communist line that "the means justifies the end".  Don't think that will work "before the bar" for those who have lived long lives of "child abuse".  I am disgusted that society bows down to such "evil" men and honors them with holidays or public office.  They represent the wicked....not the righteous.  How many things have we named in this country...after the Masters of Deceit?

 If our nation has become so low as to keep out of office men and women that have passed the "Joseph test"(Egypt), for those who have flaunted virtue, then we as a nation will be conquered from within.  The same forces that honor this "King" are the same ones that hypocritically call for Cong. King's office.  Which was morally loyal to his country, and which one was not?  The MLK holiday needs to go...and Steve King needs to stay.  Can you "handle the truth"?!