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Language of Communism/Race Agitprop

posted Jul 24, 2019, 6:36 PM by John Schiess
Unfortunately the Soviet left is controlling the" war of words"(agitprop) because the American right is not American enough, and seems to be compromised by the "body shamming" of the left.  Not only that, but by acceptance of their morality: promiscuity, homosexuality, adultery, and pornography.  Gen Sun Tsu's principle of demoralizing them before you conquer them is working very well with the help of the Democrat socialist party.  Their "breed and conquer" program(welfare) is a great success.  The basic plan is one of name calling and one of demanding an apology for offenses committed by others.  They like to hide behind various names.  As John Wayne once said, '"you can call yourself a liberal, a progressive, or a socialist.  But your still nothing more than rotten commie!"

Marianne Williamson, a "fake" minister, is playing the communist apology game.  White people are supposed to apologize for past and present offenses...that black people have committed too.  Think she missed the scripture  about the sons not needing to pay for the sins of the fathers.  Are black people going to apologize for the O. J. decision, their vote for a black communist president, or a 75% out-of-wedlock birth rate that others have to pay for?!

The Communists have said they could not conquer America from within unless they destroyed our religion, our morality, and our patriotism.  They also said they could not do so unless they gained control of the black race.  That happened long ago, verified by the highest out of wedlock rate in the country.  Their main hero is still the communist controlled MLK, now well documented to have been every bit as profligate as Epstein.  In the 70's, they were lead by the communist "get whitey" movement.  It was very successful, getting them a MLK national holiday at the expense our two greatest presidents. As a black FBI undercover agent said, "it will be like raising the Red flag over America". (So was the recent incident in Aurora, CO at the ICE detention center there)

They have continued to raise that flag with such people as Bill Crosby, Tiger Woods, Samuel Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Loretta Lynch, Maxine Waters, Colin Kaepernick, Barack Obama, and  many others playing the "I hate America" reparations game. It is now very obvious that the vast majority of black voices puppet the communist party line; 95% of them voted for "Comrade" Obama.  They have decided that only they can define what racism is.  Anyone who doesn't support communism(and that would be mostly white people) is a racist, a Nazi, and a homophobe.  That was proven out with the Tea Party rallies that began in 2008.  The cry from the left was that there weren't enough minorities there.  No, they were not there because they have become communist subversives.  They didn't like giving up their control of street demonstrations.

Now they are trying to blunt the fact that they at least "useful dupes" through a new agitprop campaign that says the word "Communist" is code for the N-word. They are saying that it is a huge "dog whistle" for racism. No, it's a dog whistle for traitors.  President Trump's approval rating has gone up since he called them communists.  He says the "SQUAD" will destroy the Democrat Party.  Bee Newsome Bass is joining the "Squad" in the agitprop take-down of America.  She doesn't like MLK being called a communist.  Neither does AOC.  She says "calling people communist has a rich history in "white supremacy".  The Squad is much bigger than those defined by our President.  You can add Rapinoe to that too.  Joy Behar says Trump was brought up on "hate speech".  What a long list of commie crazy women they are developing!!  Of course hate speech is anything that is written that exposes those who have betrayed us to our enemy fifth column.  Maybe I'm number..1!!?  Mayor Butt-gig follows the agitprop Iine by saying that all Trump supporters are racists. 

My first experience with a black teacher was in the fourth grade, a very unusual occurrence in those days in Milwaukee.  So was having a Japanese teacher.  The black teacher cleared the air by defining the N-word.  He said that it wasn't racist, but defined it as meaning a person very low moral character. He may have been the exception for good character, but the record of the black race since then has proven they well deserve the N-word moniker.  Unfortunately, so do so many white people!  That may explain the "Communism" of Democrat party!

Who is going to win the commie race game?  They have used a broad brush to smear a whole culture.  What does that mean?  Maybe it proves their betrayal to our enemies?  The "minorities" are all communist controlled. POC really means "People of Communism.  Are we supposed to apologize for telling the truth?  Should this new agitprop name calling attack from the left wipe out all anti-communists?  Moscow would love that!  It is they that are the "Dog Whistle" for subversion...Red Racism in America.  To stand against it is good racism.  And the duty of any "European" whose culture is under such an attack!