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McSally--Sinema and Feminism

posted Oct 19, 2018, 5:50 PM by John Schiess
Women are playing more of a role in the Soviet Democrat Party than in the GOP because they are the party of "minorities".  The goal of the socialist left is to destroy the family and push people into roles the opposite of what their Creator intended.  If you are a man, you must become a woman...or visa-versa.  Instead of a man leading the home, it should be the woman.  

The essence of the feminist philosophy is that women should put THEIR careers first and not be" slaves" to men.  It is well stated in an article written by my friend Betty Freauf of OR (with excerpts from Mallory Millett).  It may be found at  I will quote the best part of it.  The following is a typical communist exercise called " a consciousness-raising group; mimicking religious practice.  But this is the religion of Marxism.

“Why are we here today?” she asked

“To make revolution,” they answered

“What kind of revolution?” she asked“The Cultural revolution,” they chanted.

“And how do we make Cultural revolution?” she demanded

“By destroying the American family?” they answered

“How do we destroy the family?” she came back

“By destroying the American Patriarch,” they cried exuberantly

“And how do we destroy the American Patriarch:?” she replied

“By taking away his power!”

“How do we do that?”

“By destroying monogamy?”

Their answer left me dumbstruck, breathless, disbelieving my ears. Was I on planet earth? Who were these people?

“By promoting promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution, and homosexuality!” they resounded.

From Feinstein, Warren, Waters and Polosi to McCasskill, Sinema, Baldwin and Ocasio-Cortez; what a party of commie "Crazy" women!  Do we need to mention those on the View", country and rap singers, and the stars of Hollywood and late night TV!  So many unhappy women!!!  That's what you get when people are pushed into the opposite direction of what they are supposed to be.

I have a niece who is a fighter pilot and trainer.  She married right out of the Air Force Academy, putting off having children until she was 30.   Her husband was the better pilot and was offered "Top Gun" training.  Both are Majors.  With one new born, she is still continuing her ten years of service.  My "radical" view says she should be in the home while her successful husband provides the living!

Martha McSally, the US Senate candidate from AZ, is also a fighter pilot and "war hero".  She was the first one to do so under the new feminist movement provisions of Title IX?  She seems to have turned her race into a "cat fight".  I don't believe in women in politics...except under one condition.  This will probably end my "infamous and rising" political career!?  

Women should never be sent into combat.  That is as old as Plato and his demented moral views.  The Soviet system is carrying on the same ideas in countries they want to conquer.  They know it will decrease unit effectiveness.  When it comes to combat, anything a woman can do...a man can do better!  

The "draft-dodger" elites(the talented tenth) will do anything in order to promote a "professional military"; and anything goes as long as they don't have to serve their "equal responsibility".  That even means bringing "invaders" in to serve as a condition of citizenship.  More of them are headed our way.  They are being taught to do so in order to get the training they can use against us.  This basically occurred in the Star Wars movie--"Revenge of the Sith".
In the Bible, whenever their isn't a man righteous enough to lead, a virtuous woman is called to be a "prophetess".  Lord knows we do we don't have enough good men now...but we do have some good the GOP!  Is there a place for women in politics? 

 Of course there is.  I sure wish my friend in OR had become the Governor back in 1986.  I believe that "the hand that rocks the cradle" is the most important in the family.  It is crucial to the future prosperity of a nation!  There is a time and a place for everything.  But not at the expense of the woman's primary God ordained role,  a role that brings happiness to herself, her family!....and a grateful nation!