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Obama Red Tears

posted Sep 9, 2018, 6:01 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Sep 9, 2018, 6:04 PM ]
BABO is back on the campaign trail trying to win the midterm elections for his friends on the Alt-left.  As we know Marxism calls for projecting what you do onto your opponents. Typical criminal behavior.  He says,"The GOP is projecting their sins onto Democrats"(him and his friends).  No, the Democrats are doing so to Republicans. And yes, this IS normal.  They are the party of "fear and resentment"...and of..".anger and division".  

Obama says the midterms are "a chance to return to sanity in politics".  He complains of President Trump getting credit for his(?) economic miracle.  Returning to his type of economics?  Now that's the kind of insanity we don't need.  Who used government agencies to punish political opponents?  Somehow he forgot about his history with the IRS!  

It looks like Cory Booker wants to be BABO Jr.  Him and Kamela, what big red tears they cry!!...while disrupting the Kavanaugh hearings.  Someone said they ought to be ashamed of themselves.  How sophomoric.  Do you really expect our enemies to be ashamed of themselves!?  The red trick now, is to call him a "closet white supremicist".  At least they can't complain that I am in the closet. I make a good "red baiter...don't you think!?  Sen. Booker says he's Sparticus!?  No, I AM SPARTICUS!!!