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Open Borders

posted Apr 13, 2019, 5:00 PM by John Schiess
The Cloward-Piven strategy is being used here.  The communists lead the world in human trafficking.  And that hasn't changed on our borders or in countries south of here.  We have heard of the abuses of women and children being lead here.  If they have so much money to pay a "coyote", then why can't they stay home?  They should be able to live for years on that amount of money.

Cardinal Robert Sarah says the migration is "a form of slavery".  He has it right.  How about the Pope?  Comrade Gov. Newsom, of the great soviet state of CA, is taking a trip to Central examine the root causes of the migration!?  Really comrade?  You know darned well who is behind it and why.....Russia(Putin) order to invade America.  

As the communists said years ago. "the way into America will be through Mexico"!  Putin wants to seize the Artic circle too.  The Democrats gave the communists the Panama Canal and the Wrangell Islands...and New York,LA, and Chicago.  They just love giving America away!! invaders.

Our president doesn't have a clue, but his popularity rating is moving up to 55% and more.  First he says we need more migrants.  Then he says we are full.  Which is it?  Now his big idea is to do just what the communists want....transport them to sanctuary cities!?  Send them to San Francisco?   Is he a "double down" dummy?  When does the government ever reverse anything it has done?  He might as well be a Democrat.  

A Guatemalan migrant recruiter says it is now easier than ever to get illegals into the US.  Is the communist president of Mexico....really subservient to Trump?  Our President doesn't understand the demographic threat anymore than President Reagan did.

Sen. Kamala Harris is sponsoring a bill that would allow (commie)"dreamers" to work on Capitol hill as interns.  Does anyone understand what subversion and infiltration are!?  Another Marxist presidential candidate, Julian Castro, is calling for amnesty for millions of migrants(invaders).   Do you really expect the commie-Dems to admit to an emergency on the border.  The only emergency for them is to make sure we don't stop the invasion..  I am tired of an ignorant conservative media asking that dumb question.  There are 100's of communist front organizations operating in America.  You would think they could find one!?