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posted Apr 21, 2019, 6:24 PM by John Schiess
Comrade Michael Moore says of white people..."their old tired privileged ways are over".  A black man purposely runs over two white children...and that's not a hate crime?!  Is the constant barrage of agitprop from the Soviet left in our country to blame for it?  Their constant cultural attack on "white supremacy" is meant to demoralize the virtuous white culture that founded America.

They know if they destroy "White" religion and virtue",  America will fall from within.  They hate morality.  They are now pushing for sexual orientation and gender identity to be added to our "civil rights" laws.  All modern day civil rights movements have come from the communist left, in support groups they control  In a nation under God, there is no such thing as a right to a sin.  Civil rights activists are usually the kind that violate all moral laws relating to marriage as defined by God. One of their Marxist goals is to destroy the family!

The communists always portray themselves as moralists, better than any who are really moral.  They pretend to be for what they are against...or against what they are for.  They are indeed the 'Masters of Deceit".  It can be very confusing if you do not know their core values. They are always the opposite of Christian good.  Fake statements from those we know are on the communist left may throw you off track:
     --Mayor De Blasio wants to sue the President...for doing what they really want done....move migrants to                   "sanctuary  cities".
     --Sen. Cory Booker says "nations should have borders"..just the opposite view of his party.
     --Sen. Bernie Sanders says we should build more tent cities on our border(for the "invaders").  Ann Coulter              went emotional over it and said she would vote for him!!?
    --Comrade Sen. Sinema of AZ is calling for the government to secure the border....just the opposite of her               party stand.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement Places has sent over 234,000 migrants(invaders) to all 50 states.  The Democrat sanctuary city party pretends it doesn't want anymore migrants....because our President is doing it? Which brings up the question: why is Trump doing so many things the left wants? lesson our 2nd amendment rights: bump stocks laws and RED flag laws.  They want more felons out of jail and voting(and committing more crimes)...our President is there for them.  Mexico helps the invasion...and he gives them a better treaty than NAFTA.  We need to stop USMCA!  Another meeting with NK?  When will you see that Trump is talking out of both sides of his mouth!?

Former President of the AZ Senate, Russell Pearce, spoke at a 'Patriotism over Socialism" rally there.  He spoke truth when he said: "it may take the shedding of blood to keep this Republic". "We  have stupid leaders, stupid politicians, and it's time we start replacing those who refuse to stand for the values we have shed blood for".  Within a week the Yuma mayor had to declare a state of "imminent threat" because of the migrant problem.  

Who are the real patriots here?  All of America is under imminent threat because of our waffling President. Militias are forming along the border because the government is failing in their duty to protect us.  Every governor should have one!  Some are made up of former military and police.  Why is the government arresting people for doing the job they aren't doing because of political intrigue.  Despite all the "programming" by the media and false conservatives, we need to replace this President!!  I have a couple good ideas who it should be.  Dream a little!!!  There are better people out there!