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posted Aug 20, 2018, 1:57 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Aug 20, 2018, 2:25 PM ]
I am not familiar with Navy jargon, so I don't know what that is.  But San Francisco seems busy building minnie ones.  Ronald Reagan once referred to a politician giving a Republican speech from a Democrat Party platform.  Their platform wants to destroy God and Christianity.  That in turn both lowers economic prosperity and human behavior to that of animals.  "And what greater calamity can fall upon a nation, than the loss of worship?  Then all things go to decay".(Ralph Waldo Emerson)  "Tyranny begins where God leaves off".(William Penn)

The left is filling the country with their "red poop" propaganda...or should we say Red bravo sierra.  How would you like the job of cleaning up that mess?  SF should only hire their "progressives" to clean up the city.  They sure won't let Republicans clean up this country.  Let them clean their own "dirty doorstep".

The "poop deck" progressives had another big week of dropping their F-bombs.  Michael Moore says, F..Hope, F...Trump; he will be the last President of the US.  MD Gov. candidate, Ben Jealous-D, responded with the F-bomb when asked if he was a socialist.   Antifa had fun with their bombs in Charlottes-ville(F..the police).  The number one communist party slogan easily rolls off their tongues.  The Communist black left has had a busy week...proving the stereotype.  

Antifa has been declared a terrorist organization by DHS, but a cartoon by Steve Benson of the Arizona Republic only shows the KKK and the NAZIs as "pinheads" at the top of a white hood.  Our President does the same thing, calling out the same two, but leaving out the black alt-left.  What are they afraid of?  Antifa and BLM are outright calling for war with lines like--"it takes a bullet to BASH a FASH(ists)".  Black people are still too BLACK, and white people are not WHITE enough!

Omarosa, faking that cross on her neck, double-crossed the President and tried to play the commie-N game, accusing him of racism and use of the N-word.  Is this the gal that offered sex to win on the "Aprentice"?  She complains of his "lily white inner circle".  He sure isn't "lily WHITE' on morality. And neither is she..or her stone throwing culture.  It's hard to be lily white if your charcoal black. ` If Trump has had affairs with black women too, how can he be a racist?  Trump has been friends with Sharpton and Jackson?!  The "Devil" will sleep with anyone.  He sure isn't a "racist".

The redder the heiny, the bigger the mouth.  Serena Williams came out for "red kneeler" Kaepernick; the Packers are supposed to hire him!?   Kareem Abdul -Jabbar, the alias Lew Alcinder, came out of his "sleeper agent" cover to say that our national anthem is a slave song!?  ESPN will not be showing the national anthem before the games. An Atlanta school tired to drop the "Pledge".  Bet they all worship the profligate MLK.  But who can cast stones when so many whites worship our profligate President?  It seems neither wants a moral leader.  They are so Christian!?  I don't follow that "womanizer/adulterer type of..... "religion"?!?

Gov. Coumo, from the highest taxed state, says, "America was never great".  and the New York Times calls for replacing the US Constitution.   Maybe they have spent too much time with Michele Obama?  The Cuomos(or their party) have never been great for America.  In typical agitprop fashion, Mayor DeBlasio says Fox news is the channel of "hate and racism". Brennan says taking away his security clearance was done to cover up for Russian collusion.  Now he wants to "commie" sue Trump.  All the other loud mouths supporting him are just showing us what a serious problem infiltration, subversion, and treason are in our country.  All Bennan has to say is typical of an "Alger Hiss" agent.

Hunt(from CNN?) says the GOP is becomming the anti-black party.  No, it just looks that way because so many have betrayed us to subversion.  As Stalin said long ago, we cannot take over America from within unless we can control the black community.  That has been true for so long!  Their "get whitey"(to pay for it) program has paid huge dividends.  "Breed and conquer" through the welfare program and the border invasion..

This may be just a lot of "hate speech" by a "racist, nazi, homophobe".  Why let the radical left define it?  Hate speech is anything that exposes groups of our citizens that are controlled by our enemies.  All these terms and any involving the use of "white supremacy" are all attack "war words" from the Soviet left.  Hate speakers are all those that believe in God, morality, and national sovereignty?  The left hides their evil behind the "love Trump hate" movement.  And they hate Trump...because he is not as evil as they are!  They love...hate....and hate God's love!  "Social Justice Warriors" is just code for the huge communist controlled fifth column party.

So much "poop deck" and agitprop politics from the "democratic socialist left"!  Instead of "Trust in GOD", it's worship the "Red Devil".  To bad commentators can't tell the truth..and just say, "are you ready to fight communism in America!!!