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Soviet Democrat Agitprop Show

posted Sep 27, 2018, 6:05 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Sep 30, 2018, 4:15 PM ]
With half our people loyal to the principles of Moscow and in firm control of the Democrat Party; it isn't too difficult to come up with a team of women to do their bidding.  They control the women's victims movement, the youth victims movement, and the minority victim's movement.  This hearing was used to pound home the usual victimology of womanhood, with trumped up unprovable charges. "Just step up and do the right thing" is their latest propaganda defense of tyranny.  This was nothing but a "Poliburo" exercise: Bolshevism done...American style?

Proof was not necessary.  The goal was to only cause you to hesitate to take positive action in the confirmation process.  Sen. Manchin says they are all undecided?  I guess it worked. All Democrats voted to have the President withdraw his name. Under Americanism, you are innocent till proven guilty.  Under Communism you are guilty till proven innocent. That is the tactic the Democrats used.  Personality over principle.  It worked in Alabama, and they hope it will be the pattern here on into the future.

I was not impressed with Mrs. Fords testimony.  She came across as being very immature or emotionally challenged. They questioned his lifetime of moral behavior.  Why didn't they do the same for Mrs. Ford?  That would have been very important information, especially at the time of the incident.  

The Judge was described as "Evil" and our worst nightmare by the Democrat left.  No, that applies to them.  They have again lowered the level of discussion in describing the alleged actions of Judge Kavanaugh.  Such language should not have been used in a open hearing. The Commie-crats are very proud of themselves on this.  Sen. Graham was correct to call this an unethical sham.  But that's "socialism" for you.

Judge Kavanaugh gave a strong opening statement, but didn't seem able to handle the questioning from the Democrats.  They got to him emotionally with the same question and he never really recovered.  He couldn't seem to respond properly to the same question on an FBI investigation. I expect better from a SCOTUS judge.  He reminded me of a youth in the principle's office trying to come up with an answer.  He should have stuck to yes or no; not longer unnecessary over-explanations. The facts were already there.  "I wish they had tried that on me!!"

Appointing Judge Kavanaugh would mean that the GOP stands for the subjugation of women's bodies?!  This is the party that voted out God and stands for every subversive moral behavior listed on my infamous resolution. Time to read it again!  I called both Sen. Grassely's and Sen. Cruz offices and said. "this would be a good time to use it.  Nothing happened?  This is the platform of the "Party" that dares hide behind their concern for the abuse of women. Sen. Feinstein sure went CYA in response the charges by Sen. Cruz.  Such a hypocrite!

The double standard of the left is in play here.This has been quite a Soviet Democrat agitprop disinformation show! The communists play that game with every group they seek to control.  This is the party of invasion, and the party of sanctuary cities in order to protect the rapists the murderers of our women(Kate Steinley and Mollie Tippetts).  Such hutspa!  This is what people should remember at election time....not this hearing.

As Lenin put it, certain classes of people are “insects” worthy of eradication.  Solzhenitsyn noted, categories of “insects” proliferated like vermin. Anyone opposing communist ideology was an insect(deplorable). The "insects" this time are the white male members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.