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The Essence of Evil

posted Apr 28, 2019, 5:49 PM by John Schiess
A Catholic nun once used this phrase to describe communism. The real essence of evil is to intentionally do all things in opposition to God's Commandments.  It's political manifestation leads to Socialism/Communism....the opposite of Americanism.  It leads to the destruction of the family and the highest levels of human misery.

I am reminded of this by the latest news and statistics about human trafficking.  Russia leads the world on this and we can see it's effects on our border and throughout our nation. The world is becoming so demonically evil in this regard!  Is there no end to human lust!?  For three years now, I have been getting email offers from Russian women.  Pity poor me? No.  But many are just "children".  If you want to learn more about this read "Sexpionage" from my book list.

The sex trafficking of children is becoming big business in America, says one headline.  The very young are kidnapped and forced into a brutal life of humiliation, torture, pain, drugging, and endless rape.  These people deserve the death penalty!!  Some states are passing anti-pornography laws, but only with certain restrictions. Why not totally?  Our Congress is getting ready, especially with Democrat control of the House, to pass a Special Rights for Homosexuals bill.

This evil never gives up.  There is a bill being considered to add the categories of sexual orientation and gender to so called "civil rights" laws.  It would also legalize pedophilia.  The goal is to get the children!  Are we really protecting them?!  The Soviet Democrat left says it is when it is really destroying them morally and religiously.  

They promote pornography, homosexuality, adultery, and promiscuity as...normal, natural, and healthy.  Evil may be somewhat "normal" and "natural", but it is not healthy.  Sex education in our schools are just grooming them to be prayed upon....turning them into "Swallows" and "Ravens" for sexpionage purposes.

"God help the little children" is a famous line from a song.  God help those who abuse them!  In the eternal prospective, it would be better that they had a millstone tied around their necks and were drowned..... than offend one of these little ones.