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posted Nov 12, 2018, 5:16 PM by John Schiess
"I care not who votes as long as I can count them" is a quote attributed to Joseph Stalin.  And so it goes with the "Soviet" Democrat party in FL and GA.  The CPUSA race game didn't quite work.  Now they want legal delays so they can count the votes of non-citizens.  Only an enemy party would want to do that.  The Marxist war of demographics continues.  

Brenda Snipes has destroyed ballots and mixed them in order to force the counting of false ballots.  She is just proving the "black point".  Putin is very happy with the election outcome.  The communist controlled homosexual movement put up strong opposition to Kavanaugh; and gained many "firsts" in this election, starting with the first gay Governor in the state of CO.  Too many people on pot!?

Soros groups are calling for Gov. Scott to recluse himself from the recount.  The traitor left is also playing that game with temporary AG Whitaker.  If the Governor does not have the courage to remove Snipes because of this, he doesn't belong in the office of US Senator.  It is his constitutional right and duty to do so.  No one should fall for the communist games of "recluse"...or "apologize".

One of their main goals as mentioned in my AFACT flyer is to protect criminals from their consequences...and allow felons to vote.  Our President is very dumb on this; he says they have paid their debt to society.  No they haven't.  Where is the restitution to the victims?  Part of the consequence of the crime was a loss of voting rights.  I think it should apply to all those having children out of wedlock!  That would really change the outcome of elections!!  The leftist democrat party would lose most of their races.  Most of the "former" felons are minorities that will vote...Democrat!  Florida passed a resolution to allow one and one half million to vote again.  That alone will destroy FL and take it out of GOP control.  It destroyed VA!  TX, AZ, FL, and GA are on the bubble and are about to come under the control of the "majority of minorities", the majority of which vote commie-crat because they are the party of free white money.  

Another dumb statement by our president is that he wants the caravan "invaders" to come legally...because we need them to work for the 100 companies that are supposedly coming to America.  Gov. Walker is gone ...because Foxconn(job) will be bringing in chinese workers!?  This also will destroy the white demographics of America.   The communist Atzlan plan wins.  Why doesn't Trump want white refugees to come and fill those jobs?  How about those from South Africa?...or Europe?  As I said before it is his duty to protect his culture first.  Let the communist controlled minorities cry about it all they want. If they lose, they promise blood in the streets.  That is a statement from traitors.  The civil war is on!  Get on the "right" side!

Trump's troops on the border seems to be just more "hot air".  They will only be allowed to help with "crowd control!?  If they get in, "the party is over"!  The Pentagon is refusing to stop the caravan...because the President has not granted them the "additional authorities" to repel an invasion?  Why hasn't anyone told him?  He really doesn't know what he is doing; he is clueless on the communist Atzlan Plan.