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The Spirit of Christmas

posted Dec 23, 2018, 6:36 PM by John Schiess
A children's song in church goes as follows: "Dearest children, God is near you, watching over you day and night, And delights to own and bless you, If you STRIVE TO DO WHAT'S RIGHT".

A school principal in an Omaha,NE elementary school has outlawed candy canes because they symbolize "Jesus"!....the last person our schools listeneth to obey.  The ACLU had the 10 Commandments removed years ago.  It's obvious that human logic went with them and has been replaced by paranoia....the paranoia of their wickedness.   First year principal, Jennifer Sinclair has also outlawed the mention of Christmas characters like Reindeer, and the singing or playing of Christmas carols.   A famous comedian always said, "the devil made me do it".  Though mocking "White" religion, it applies well in this instance.

Why aren't these people(Democrats) very happy?  Because human misery, like tyranny, begins where God leaves off?  The scriptures indicate that if you live the  com-mandments(especially the moral ones), you will be blessed.  But if not, you will be cursed....not very happy.  Happiness is based on the family.  Yet they work through socialist welfare programs to destroy it.  They want an Xmas.  They want to be God; and they want you to worship them.  

Life is like a rocket ship with four rockets.  All have to be firing correctly at the same time in order to get to the chosen destination.  There are social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual elements to happiness. America is founded most importantly upon the last.   All of them are founded upon natural laws as sure as the "law of gravity".  If any of them is not firing in the same direction, the destination will be missed.  A reversed thruster will not get us to that state of happiness we may seek.

"Wickedness never was happiness", but some seem to think so. Rejecting the Savior's birth and it's attendant blessings: a new life and forgiveness, through repentance and obedience, traps man into an awful state of human misery.  Is that why the Democrats are so unhappy.  That is what it seems they want for everyone, fair and equal misery.  "Misery loves company".!?

They have outlawed God and stand for every debauched form of morality that is in opposition to that of the Creator.  Yet they dare try to hide every evil deed behind false interpretations of Bible verses. Comrade Democrat Cong. Gutierrez of CA has the gall to claim Jesus would been killed by our wall policy.  A great example of communist agitprop!  Nothing too low for these people. The scriptures tell us that the Spirit of Happiness/Christmas cannot dwell in unholy temples.  Our bodies are supposed to be the "Temples of God" where his Spirit may dwell.  That can only be if we are righteous and obedient. There are only two chooses; one drives out the other.

There is happiness from having all we need physically or financially.  Happiness can come from having a good education and a good social network(family).  But that will only be temporary unless the we live by the correct Spiritual values.  One can be alone and still have a Merry Christmas.  They suffered at Valley Forge, and in WWI & II.  Our troops suffer loneliness while away from home protecting us. Even sacrifices can bring happiness and the Spirit of the season when we know we are doing what we are supposed to be doing.  The combatants sang "Silent Night" on the front in WWI.  Many have given their lives for that happiness only Liberty can provide.

Though physical gifts are a nice tradition, only "doing what's right" will give us happiness this holiday season.  No matter what our circumstances, with the right attitude, we can all enjoy the spiritual blessings of the Savior's birth.  Christ was born to give unto all "peace on earth".."goodwill toward men".  Was he happy while he suffered for us?  Maybe so; he was doing what he wanted to us from eternal misery and giving us a chance of eternal happiness! 

Something the Socialists will never do.  They want to be worshiped the providers of all things.   The  false peace and happiness they offer is only that which comes from indulgence in vices rather than virtues.  Only Virtue will make families strong and bring the "Spirit of the season".  Thanks to  this President....we can still say... "Merry Christmas"!!