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USMCA...Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

posted Nov 25, 2018, 4:31 PM by John Schiess
President Trump is again speaking out of both sides of his mouth.  He ran against the TPP and and NAFTA.   Now  he has lead us astray by touting the new USMCA  as a great deal when it has most of the aspects of the TPP, even 2/3rds.  He has traded our birthright(sovereignty) for a pot of stew(milk).  The milk deal does not offset the hidden iceberg of Globalism.  This a wolf in sheep's clothing.  This is some "art of the deal"!?

It is worse than TPP plus NAFTA.  This is just a backdoor to the North American Union.  TPP3 sets up commissions, particularly the Free Trade Commission.  The "deep state" globalists on the Presidents team have given him a bad deal!  Identical wording from the TPP are found throughout the USMCA.  There is still no restriction on the movement of foreign nationals.  

Globalists that criticized his renegotiation of NAFTA, praised him afterwards.  Even Sen. Schumer loved it.  The people of this country just seem to love being taken for "suckers".   This may destroy "right to work", via the back door, and further advance the LGBTO agenda.  This "treaty" will enhance the cross-border invasion.  Trans -Pacific commissions will be able to eliminate provisions it doesn't like and add others  it does...all without the consent of Congress!

Why is the sovereignty of Mexico protected over the other two, in regards to their constitution and domestic legislation; and their energy, i.e. oil.?  This treaty will do all the original one was meant to do...create a economic pattern for the NAU.  Like the EU it will destroy our sovereignty and our constitutional liberties.  It is designed to promote the international movement of people.

Now you know why they are coming!?  Guess who wants to appeal to the UN for help with the "humanitarian crisis"?  The same Mexican government that escorted them to the border is taking money to help them get there.  The protests of the mayor of Tijuana are just part of the show.  The want to appeal to the "fox in the hen house" UN for aid.  Guess who probably pays that !?  The UN has been behind this border problem from the start.  We need to get this "Trojan Horse" out of our country, or it will be" the death of US".

Trump says he wants a "merit based" system for immigration.  If we need any immigration, it should be Europeanin in order to counter the communist demographic war.  A French historian has said that a "multi-cultural society leads to multi-conflict society".  Following the edicts of the famous Chinese General to demoralize  the target population first, the Marxists are running  an agitprop campaign to make the West "guilty over its colonial past".   Their "Racism" campaign adds fuel to the fire for their planned "stampede. 

They say they have a constitutional right to invade us.  Has Mexico made a deal to keep them there until we process their fake asylum claims?  No they are not mostly deceived or just looking for a better life.  This is an army disguised as refugees, just as they are in Europe.  If all the hype about troops at the border and responding with deadly force are "fake", this "fake" president needs to be one-term Trump.