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White Supremacy and Reparations

posted Apr 13, 2019, 4:58 PM by John Schiess
"The Masters of Deceit" are so busy!  Day after day the "deep state" media and political machine leads us into another decoy emotional event.  To understand what is happening in America and on the border, and why, you must read that book. It was written almost a century ago by the man most hated by the communist left in our country....J. Edgar Hoover.  

He revealed their plan to Balkinize America through their control of the "minorities".  They now have "majority of minority" control over what I have called the two "traitor races".  Unfortunately, you can throw too many white people into that mix....their brother from...another "commie " mother?  While watching the Barr hearings, Mrs. Shaheen of NH didn't miss a chance to take a shot at Hoover.  He did such a terrible thing!?  He surveilled a student group(communist?) she was a part of.  Kim Fox dares to hide her crimes behind the charge of racism.  She calls the police the blue KKK.  How dare they prosecute a crooked black person?  That is so racist!

Democrats in NY killed a bill to wave tuition for "Gold star" families, but want it for illegal aliens!  Students at Georgetown University students have voted to pay a guilt tax for a Jesuit slave sale in 1838!(?) pay for slave reparations!  White diets are racist(?)!....and they want more white privilege diversity training classes.  KU has an "angry white male" class.  It's time to defund  them for such actions and get rid of all "white privilege" classes.  Joe Biden has sold out his culture to jump on the anti-white bandwagon.  He has the gall to blame white culture for America's problems...and violence against women.  Yes, white Democrats!  Hillary"can't keep her mouth shut" Clinton says MAGA is a "white nationalist" slogan.

Under American natural law, no one can be punished for the crimes of another person.  Communism reverses that logic.  Operating mainly through their control of the Democrat party, they are constantly waging an agitprop war against the founders of our country and their "White" culture.  They want revenge on innocent people.  

There will always be "White Privilege" for those who are....morally "White"!  These privileges and rights come down through the "seed of Abraham", but only if they are "righteous".  The wicked hate the fact that this culture was white....and that GOD is white.  Why answer to them?  They haven't earned the "right' to judge anyone.

MLK  said....white men are the worst!?  It was Marxist preacher Joseph Lowery and MLK who founded the Southern Christian(?) Leadership Conferenece(SCLC).  Who has the highest, by far, out-of wedlock birthrate?  MLK wanted to purge the country of "whitey".  That's one way to do it.  The old "breed and conquer" game.  Who are the real hate-mongers here?  

The best way to make reparations to "those who take offense" is return to them what they had before.  If we indeed did "take them"(no it was the British), we should return them...back to Africa!  Where they can do what they used to do there, but do here now...human traffic and kill one another!!.  Will the Race Racket" ever end?  Not as long as it is so lucrative...and it serves the Soviet cause of subversion.