Statement of Candidacy

                US Senate Nomination Form                     

                   APRIL 15th SIGNATURE DAY

We need 300 political "Spartans" to gather 10 signatures each.  Gathering of signatures can begin on April 15th of 2016.  In my simple dream world, I hope 300 people can run off this form and get just 10 in their neighborhood.  How about 100 get 30, or visa versa?  Individuals could run these of and just send in 2 or 3.  A thousand people doing that will accomplish the goal. 

Lets get it all done on "Signature Day", Saturday,April 15th. Pay your taxes, get mad, and get me on the ballot!  The goal is to have them mailed to my address by May 7th, one week before the state GOP Convention.  Please write "Petition" on the lower left hand corner.  It takes one hour to gather 10 signatures.  The best time is in the evening(except for Mondays) and Saturday mornings(lets give everyone Sunday off).  How about making Saturday the 15th, the day to do so? 

We need a Senator that understands the subversive threat from within and will not vote for TPA and the associated treaties that will open us to further invasion.  We need one who will vote to audit the Fed and defund not only UN-Planned Parenthood, but also the UN.

                       US President Nomination Form

This form is not yet ready.  Unlike other primaries, I cannot run unless the GOP leaders give "permission".  Only then can I gather signatures in the spring.  The other option is to run independent and gather signatures from July 1st to August 1st.  It would have been nice to do them at the same time as the Senate run.  Theoretically, Scott Walker could be the only one to be given permission.