White Paper

Subversion and Treason in America....... Black Nazi DEMONstrations


When did subversion and infiltration begin? Maybe the Garden of Eden? There is opposition in all things. The serpent says, I am no Devil; there is no God. Such is the nature of "democratic socialism". The false philosophy of "leveling" has existed since colonial times. The experiments with religious communalism failed in both Jamestown and Plymouth Rock.

They failed because they both destroyed individual incentives. Those that worked the least got the same as those who worked the most. "Root, hog, or die" became the motto for the survival of the Plymouth colony. Each family was given their own plot of land. At that point, they had more incentive to work, and they survived. That should be the motto for our welfare state.

Today democratic socialism pays more to those who don't work at all! Government "plunder" is the same whether secular or religious. Federic Bastiat, in his famous book "The Law", describes it simply as taking from someone what they have earned and giving it to someone who hasn't earned it!

Governments do "legally" what individuals would go to jail for. If all powers derive from the people, then how can it be legal? You only have the right to give away what you earn, not what someone else has earned. Socialism is...a system of looting!! Not a system of logic.

The opposition of Communism versus Americanism has always existed throughout our history. Washington and the founders had to deal with "Jacobin"(socialist) societies. During the Civil War there were military leaders that were "leftists", even presidential cabinet members. The Marxists were there to oppose both World Wars. Their slogans have been around for a long time; "God is dead". "Make love-not war", and "If it feels good-do it".

The WW I gave Russia to the Communists, and WW II made them into a world power, thanks to our Lend-Lease program! Russia was getting better supplies than our own troops. "Major Jordan's Diary" describes this in shocking detail. This was all done with the help of wall street banking houses!...and White House "advisors". As some military leaders(Patton and Clark) said after WWII, more people are now enslaved than before we started! We basically funded the Iron Curtain!

Socialism/Communism took a sharp turn left with the election of FDR. He gave us a steady list of "alphabet" soup agencies concentrating power in Washington, especially over our farmers(AAA). Jefferson called those who work the land..."the royalty of America". It is they that uphold the individualistic independence of a country.

It is they that form the "chief obstacle to socialism". The first thing Marxists do when they take over is to destroy the independence of farmers....in order to take control of food production.....and thus the populace. Think Russia and the Ukraine. Farming requires the highest degree of individual responsibility. Socialist run cities, the opposite.

Toward the end of the 19th century, over 80% of our citizens were still farmers. Now it is about 1%! Only 1% serve in the military. That may explain our present state of affairs? The elites always want someone else to die for their country. City people have never been known for upholding the highest values of society....ie,Sodom and Gomorrah....Chicago and New York.

It was the farmer that saved Lot. And it was the Minutemen(farmers) that won our Revolutionary War. The citizen-soldier has turned into the great college draft dodger(Vietnam). They have managed to pass their equal responsibility to serve and defend to someone else. To paraphrase Gen. Patton, make someone else die for their country. The elites love their "professional" army!....of "suckers"?

In 1932, Russian 5-year plans were failing and the NY Times reporter, Duranty, was given the Pulitzer Prize in 1933 for lying about the wonderful experiment in Russia....and the famine in the Ukraine. "There is no such thing as an independent press in America.......It is the duty of the New York journalist to lie, to revile, to toady at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread, or.....his salary. We are the tools and vassels of the rich behind the scenes. We are marionettes. These men pull the strings and we dance. Our time, our talents, our lives and our capacities are all the property of these men--we are intellectual prostitutes." - John Swinton, editor of the New York Times, 1914. That also explains our present education and political system.

In 1933, Russia was again saved from their failed five-year plan with assistance from wall street...and our government. President Roosevelt gave their government formal recognition....for the first time! In exchange, they promised to never work for the overthrow of the United States government. They were already here working to do just that.

As Stalin said, "promises are like breadcrumbs, meant to be broken." Why have we kept trusting the words of a system based on lies. "We will spit in their faces, and they will call it dew."! As of the original "October Revolution", they have always had agents of subversion in our country. That pretty well describes the Democrat Party.

They are called "sleeper" agents. These subversives and "useful idiots" are especially drawn to the fields of law and education. They may be here for generations before they are called forth to serve Moscow's purposes. Think of all the judges blocking our President's efforts to enforce our borders. Think of folks like President Obama, NYC Mayor De Blasio, or CA Gov. Newsom. Our government is now full of Red termites!

Stalin is to have said many years ago, the way into the United States will be through Mexico"! Such goals were defined by them decades in advance. Does anyone remember what Russian Premier Kruschev said when he visited America....at the invitation of President Eisenhower? "America will fall like a ripe plum". You will not accept communism, but you will accept socialism a little at a time until you finally have communism. That video in in the Ronald Reagan Library.

They keep telling us what they are going to do. Why don't people listen? Why doesn't conservative media report it? Too compromised? Are they like Cong. Hunter(CA), now in jail, caught in a "honey trap"? There have been too many men like Ailes, and O'Reilly around "faux" news.

Mexico now has a communist President...to help keep the drugs and invaders coming in. Trump may have slowed it down, but they are still coming. As Ann Coulter has said, it may be too late by time they finish the wall! There is one group that does not have to seek asylum in Mexico first. The one most dangerous to the two pillars we are founded upon--religion and morality. The top communist cause our Soviet Supreme Court has just betrayed us to again! Homosexuality! Now all they have to say is.....I'm gay....and get a free pass in?! Why does our "Christian" President support it?!

This quote by Archibald Roosevelt came out over sixty years ago. It tells the true story about what has happened to our country....and why! Every GOP candidate should be able to explain it! They should be making an issue of it. Why not?!

"Most people don't realize that the KREMLIN HAS ALREADY INVADED AMERICA. The reason most Americans are not conscious of this invasion is due the fact that it has been going on for 39 years. The Soviet leaders have moved entire divisions of their political army into our country unnoticed by all except a few security-minded citizens.

These Red forces are a political army which is civilian in appearance and walk the streets of America indistinguishable from the rest of the population. Their weapons of war consist of infiltration into government, education, finance, and communication by subversion, disruption, poisonous propaganda, and espionage. They are largely an invisible enemy acting behind fronts, and therefore difficult to pinpoint. Operating as a disciplined and dedicated force they insinuate themselves into various sensitive and key areas of our society."

Lincoln indicated years ago that this could not happen without help from the "enemy within". "At what point shall we expect the approach of danger? By what means shall we fortify against it? shall we expect some transatlantic giant to step the ocean and crush us at a blow? Never! All the armies of Europe, Asia, and Africa combined could not, by force,take a drink from the Ohio or make a track in the Blue Ridge. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up from amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we ourselves must be its author and its finisher. As a nation of Freemen, we must live through time, or die by suicide."

The suicide of all Christian nations has always been lead by immorality, especially homosexuality. It destroyed both Israel(ten tribes) and Judah in the Old Testament. All it takes in America is the rejection of our two founding pillors--religion and morality.

Communism/socialism has now become overwhelming in our time. Why? Because human character tends to go down hill. "Tyranny begins where God leaves off"--Wm. Penn. Tyrants need a morally debauched citizenry in order to rule. So do the mob syndicates in this country. Think Casino gambling and Vegas. Paul Harvey once said, "if I were the Devil, I would take the bookies off the street and put them in the statehouse." Now we have one in the White House. His vice...is still a vice! Why does that "Christian" support homosexuality?

Half of our citizens are choosing Socialism over Americanism, moral depravity over virtue, dependence over independence. States and cities are "falling like ripe plums", wherever the majority makes those kind of choices. What can you do when the majority choose evil over good?! At the founding of our country, we started out with a very high level of religion and morality.

We are now at the lowest level in our history. The out of wedlock birth rate is a national disgrace, especially amongst those complaining about "White Supremacy". Blacks-75%, Latinos-60%, and White-40%. Too bad they're not twice as moral as white people. The darker the skin..the higher the rate? The more they call our "White" God racist.

These are, in deed, inferior societies! They are fulfilling the Soviet plan of moral subversion....and the goal to destroy the family. It may be a four step process: first God, then morality, family, and the free enterprise system. Then free all the criminals. That all equals "Death to America"!


1946.....In that year, Sen. Robt. A Taft said what the Democratic legislature requests, borders on Communism. House minority leader, Joseph W. Martin, called for a Republican sweep of the communists and fellow travelers from office. That applies even more so today!

Republican national chairman, B. Carroll Reece, accused the Democrats of adopting the precepts of Karl Marx. NY liberal Governor Thomas Dewey, said the Democrats were subject to "adventurers", and owe their allegiance to a foreign ideology. MT GOP candidate Zales Ecton's campaign was framed as "a battle of the people of MT against the communistic people of America".

Dewey also said the Democrats had abetted communist inroads into our government. The Truman administration was accused of being soft on communism and coddling communists. This was before Joseph McCarthy came into prominence. This is also where our China problems began. Bill Clinton was "bought and sold" by them. The so-called Democrat Party hasn't changed much since then, has it?!

Harry Dexter White was the communist agent that delivered China into the hands of Mao, by denigrating.the leader of the freedom forces based on Taiwan. Because of this, and the animosity of Gen. Marshall toward that leader, promised(and paid for) military aid was not delivered by President Truman. Our infiltrated State Department will always trade an imperfect leader(Batista in Cuba, or Kai Shek in China) for a worse Marxist one. So Mao won China. Now China is getting ready to invade Taiwan. Bet our President does nothing!!

He promised big things in regard to NOKO and Chinese island building, but it all ended up to be a "nothing burger". The Chinese have even taken Phillipine territorial assets. The "silk" highway is on schedule and their military is overtaking ours. They now have more ships and missiles than we do. They may beat us in space weaponry and 5G. The problem goes back to Gen. Marshall and Bill Clinton.

Back in the 40's, there were still a few real conservative Democrats that understood the threat and stood against it. Martin Dies(D-TX) was the first head of the House UN-American Activities Committee. Two of his books are listed on my website. They have "golden" information found nowhere else.

Trotsky was willing to come before his committee and name all their agents in the Americas. Since FDR would not provide security for him, Cong. Dies declined to bring him in. Weeks later he was murdered in Mexico. This was a golden opportunity missed. Maybe, a great crime against humanity. FDR did not like Dies and unsuccessfully sent government contracts(and workers) into his district, trying to replace him. It didn't work, but he finally retired.

The communists tried to smear the committee's work. They said it was polarizing, in the U.S., the technique of "guilt by association". The Dies committee had "named names with a vengeance". They were accused of pioneering the whole spectrum of slogans, techniques, and political mythologies that would later be called "McCarthyism".

After the election of Truman in 1948, he countered the committee by "comparing the anti-communist hysteria to the Alien Sedition Acts of President Adams. That sounds like the type of "agitprop" that eminates from the ACLU(American Communist Lawyers Union). They, and the National Lawyers Guild, were eventually successful at getting rid of those committees. There are three things they hated and wanted eliminated.....the UN-American Activities committees in both the Senate and the House, J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, and the John Birch Society!

In 1949, China fell to the communists. Russia exploded their first nuclear bomb. Thanks to FBI undercover agent Herb Philbrick, 11 leaders of the American Communist Party were convicted for conspiracy to advocate the overthrow of our government by force and violence. Mr. Philbrick revealed the nature of the ACLU as follows:

"I say it is dirty red. It is not even a clean red...in some areas you will find that the policy of the Civil Liberties Union is to go straight down the Communist Party line all the way. Now, this is not a statement of opinion; nit is a statement of FACT. And if anyone wants to question that fact, I will challenge him to prove otherwise at any time. In other words, if you take the list of Communist party objectives, and if you take the policy of certain chapters of the Civil Liberties Union, you draw the parallel right across the page. They are identical all the way down." And so it is with the NEA....and the Democrat Party!!

British physicist Klaus Fuchs was arrested on charges of espionage. That led to the exposure of Alger Hiss and the capture of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in America. The judge sentenced the Rosenbergs to death for giving the Russians our atomic secrets. They got Uranium, through a lend-lease base in MT with the approval of, Truman advisor, Harry Hopkins.) He said it was "the greatest crime ever committed against humanity"! You might throw Gen. Marshall's sellout of China in that category also. Even today, the communists are trying to overturn their conviction and that of Hiss. They are great heroes to the Party.

It took the Alger Hiss exposure to prove the existence of a subversive network in our country. The first communist cell uncovered in America was the "Ware cell" in our federal Farm Bureau, consisting of former law professors from Harvard law school, including Hiss. The deep state media and education system of that day did all they could to discredit HUAC and set him free. Alan Dershewitz, former head of the ACLU, and Harvard Law School,(and now Fox contributor) carries on the tradition.

At this time, the Army was running an espionage program(Verona project) that broke the Russian code and later verified many famous names(Hiss, White, and more) as communist agents. After both FDR and Truman ordered it ended, they continued it in secret; knowing the White House could not be trusted. Joseph McCarthy wasn't wrong after all!

I imagine J. Edgar Hoover was also well aware of how subversive the Democrat Party had become! Hollywood always plays him up as that evil man keeping "blackmail" records on powerful political figures. He sure was right about Kennedy and King. Nothing has really changed since then!....has it? Except that the Hoover FBI has been neutered.

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent." - J. Edgar Hoover

There is opposition in all things. And that also applies to both parties today. The Marxists disbanded their "Progressive Party" in the fifties because of their success in infiltrating the Democrat Party. Their goal of infiltrating and taking over one or both parties has been very successful! Why? Treason is the reason! I hope this "White Paper" answers the questions of who, what, where, when, and why.

Any revelation about infiltration and subversion is always treated as "McCarthyism". All I write in the following article may be called that by the "left"....or most likely racist! What was smaller in the 40's is now large enough to control the Democrat party in a 50/50 country. Thanks to our John Dewey subverted education system, half of our people are now morally, economically, and politically loyal to Moscow. The Marxists goals, assisted by traitors within, have been fulfilled.. What follows is a "White" paper about Treason and Subversion in America! No media will ever report it....not even "faux" news.

This plan of subversion was implemented decades ago. First they came for the poor, then they came for the old people, then the blacks(minorities), the women. the gays, girls in showers, and the transgenders. Now the children! CA leads the way in promoting pedophilia. Socialism preys on the weak, morally and economically. Or as I say, "the poor and the whore" crowd. In order to rule, tyrants/criminals need a morally corrupt people.

Their goals are stated as follows: #24 Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them "censorship" and a violation of free speech and free press....#25 Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, TV, and radio....#26 Present HOMOSEXUALITY, degeneracy, and promiscuity as normal, natural, and healthy....#40 Discredit the family as an institution.

Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.. #17 Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks. Talk about sleeper agents!! What are you doing to "aid and abet" their cause?

Back in September at the Eagle Forum events and at CPAC in February, we were warned to beware. The radical left and the deep state are going to "pull out all the stops" to keep President Trump from being elected. We are surely just beginning to see that play out. Glen Beck is running a series on just how this will be done. It will hit its peak on election day.

The deep state helped Mao take over China in the fifties. The deep state is really our "Soviet state". They want to move us into World Government and away from American sovereignty and independence. Their code phrases are interdependence, globalism, and "world citizen".

That same deep state(CFR) set up the Wuhan labs in China with the help of....Dr. Fauci! Yes, he needs to go. Why should he run this country? This is a planned crisis, and he has also planned another one "that will really get their attention"! This coronavirus was set up to destroy our economy.

Now we are getting the RED coronavirus in the streets of America, designed to destroy our police protection. Our enemies are using the Marxist BLM group to take over our country. No, enemy lives do not matter! Black(evil)/Bolshevik Lives do not Matter!! Remember, a socialist government....is a lying government!

The Black Cultural Revolution

The "get Whitey" Red Racism Revolution that began decades ago, even before the sixties, may now be in its final stages. Former communist professor at UC-Davis, Angela Davis, supports Antifa and BLM; and says their riots are dress rehearsals for a USA Revolution. They represent the early stages of a larger far-left revolution. The "civil war" is now destroying 48 out of 50 major cities. Do you have ears that hear...and eyes that see?! Or do you have VD of the brain?!

Black people are still too "Black", and White people are still not "White" enough! Black, brown, yellow, red, or white; they make up the Marxist Rainbow Coalition of traitor races, determined to bring about a "Cultural Revolution". They want to cancel our culture and replace it with a Red one. The revolution is led by their 75% black and 60% Latino out of wedlock birth rates. They have not yet overcome their slave morally.

Unfortunately, too many white people have also adopted the morality of our enemies. It gives everyone ...VD of the brain! Ears that don't hear...and eyes that don't see....truth! Black hatred is aimed at all things "White", especially that of WASP(White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) morality. God, religion, and morality must be destroyed, then America will, as Kruschev said, "fall like a ripe plum" from within. Stalin said, "America is like a healthy body and its resistance is three-fold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within."

The Kremlin called for that many years ago. They also decided that America would not fall from within unless they could take control the Black race and set up a black nation in the Southeast. Real-life Wakanda(whoever that is?) calls for a Pan-African superstate. Black families are buying 97 acres in GA to build a "safe haven" for blacks. It must be for the "talented tenth". They sure haven't succeeded in big cities like Chicago. They want to use HUD to move into white "safe havens". Evil always needs a host!

"The plot to use Negroes as the spearhead , or as expendables, was concocted by Stalin in 1928". They also control the Latino invasion of the Southwest. That region will be called ATZLAN. "Black rebellion is what Moscow wanted. Bloody racial conflict would split America"! They got that in the 60's...and they are getting it now!!

The goal of the communists was to set up a black(autonomous zone) nation in the Southeast. This is documented by FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover in his book, "The Masters of Deceit". They have already done so through the SEC football conference. They are using the Latino invasion for the purpose of another "autonomous zone" in the Southwest. Both have been accomplished by their "cowbird" morality and our "bred and conquer'" welfare programs....at the expense of "white privilege".

They want white people to deny their racism(culture). It's a one sided deal. Only White power and our White God can be racist. Both our national and political identity must be destroyed! They don't like the virtue of our (Good)"White" God.

He must be destroyed and replaced by their Black(evil) God. That god visited Malcolm X in his cell and set him on his mission. He was correct about the difference between liberals and conservatives. The former is more deceitful and hypocritical, especially in regard to their false concern for the black race. "White Communists have no respect for Black communists".

Their cause has always been disguised behind a "civil rights" movement. That means the right to do evil under government protection. It was designed to take away the basic freedom to associate with whom we chose and force us to accept those under the control of the Kremlin.

It also took away "free enterprise" human competition, except in the area of sports. The Civil Rights law reversed the ruling order in America and made "White" whites subservient to "Black"/Red blacks. There wasn't a single moral black leader in that movement. There wasn't a moral white leader either.

Lincoln once said that either the white (moral)race will rule over the (evil)black race...or the black(evil) race will rule over the white(evil) race. The Civil Rights Bill of 1964 accomplished the later. Now white people can't do anything or state truth unless it is approved by their new black masters(commissars). Why should an evil minority be able to control the majority?

A UMASS white dean of nursing was fired for saying, "all lives matter"...and young mother shot by them for saying that too. Their agitprop guilt trip is so successful that UCONN student leaders have stepped down to open their elected positions to Marxist "indigenous" peoples. The UN is using their "indigenous peoples" campaign to take away lands controlled by white cultures.

BLM is now saying "white people might want to go back to Europe". If "whitey" is such a problem, maybe...they should go back to Africa!! Make it into the "safe haven" it hasn't become yet! They should just stay away from white people for a year and prove their point. That they don't need us! They would all be out of work or dead by then! Everything they have....they owe to the good white people that helped them. Are you feeling any gratitude here?!! Over the last 150 years, their record of treason is very clear.

The Marxists will speak of human/civil rights but never "inalienable rights", because they don't believe in God's morality laws. The former are determined by the "state". They call all their moral subversion..."human rights". Their "free love" campaigns, since the 60's, have created a huge angry "bastard" race. The communists make your hates...their hates. Hating is all they do! Hating America is not an oath of allegiance!

Manning Johnson

In the early 30's, the NAACP was set up at Howard University in the DC area at a conference chaired by the black communist university president. Rush Limbaugh refers to them as the NAACCP. They have now come up with a "black national anthem", one by Bill Withers--"Lean on Me". It's twisted logic is all anti-American. One of their "Bishops" in MA says the wrong Trump died. There is a system of KGB/GRU front churches set up all around our country.

Author and former high official in the Communist Party, Manning Johnson, says it stands for: "The National Association for the Agitation of Colored People". "Like the Communist(Democrat) Party, the NAACP has collected millions of dollars through the exploitation of race issues". "The main danger and handicap to the Negro is........the persecution and hate complex the NAACP and the reds are trying to create".

Johnson has a different definition for an "Uncle Tom". He applies it to sell-out blacks that support the Communist cause. They of course reverse it and apply it to those, who like him, no longer support their Marxist goals. I believe he was one of he eleven taken down by Philbrick. "Red trickery" places "the blame for all the Negroes' ills at the door of the white leaders in America...to remove all responsibility from the negro."

"This tends to make the Negro: 1) feel sorry for himself, 2) blame others for his failures, 3) ignore countless opportunities around him, 4) jealous of the progress of other racial and national groups, 5) expect the white man to do everything for him, and 6) look for easy and quick solutions as a substitute for the hash realities of the competitive struggle to get ahead."

"The result is a persecution complex -- a warped belief that the white man's prejudices, the white man's system, the white man's government is responsible for everything." This all comes from his book. "Color, Communism, and Common Sense". "Under the guise of struggling for Negro rights, they have created all the explosive material for racial violence by making impossible demands, resisting sane and just decisions, opposing compromise and adjustment and demanding that everything must be done forthwith or not or all". Wonder if they can repent that quickly! We now have color and communism, but very little common sense. The redder the heiney, the worse that gets.

Black Panthers/BLM/Antifa

"The reds and so-called progressives never spend money on projects to help the Negroes unless those projects pay off in race conflict and animosity." That well describes Bernie Sanders and the rest of the Democrat Party!! The Black Panthers were organized to bring that about. They have now added BLM and Antifa for that purpose.

They are both involved in Seattle. BLM was in part founded to glorify a convicted cop-killer, Assata Shakur. After the terrorist Weather Underground(Bill Aires and Bernadine Dorn, now teaching at Chicago U) helped break her out of jail, she fled for refuge to Cuba. "The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution".

The BP came to fame in the 60's in LA under the leadership of Eldridge Cleaver. He visited many communist countries for training, but later converted to Christianity...and then on to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. During his time as a BP radical, he wrote a book titled "Soul on Fire", hating America. This reminds me of Michael Moore's website: "I Hate America". When one reject's God, all emotions turn to hating.

After his conversion, Cleaver wrote a book titled "Soul on Ice". He spoke about why he now loved America and said that "it is better to be in jail in America than free in a communist country". He wasn't as popular with the black community anymore. He later went on to run unsuccessfully for US Senator in CA on the GOP ticket. Here is the example of real change, one that BLM(Black Lies Matter) is not willing to make. Eldridge Cleaver chose to transform himself into a real American, rather than transform the US into another socialist country.

Civil Rights Movement

The Soviet civil rights cause was fulfilled in the 60's with the help of their puppet womanizer, MLK; and another great "Christian" from the great state of TX, by the name of Lyndon Johnson, who got a few of his staff members pregnant. King, Kennedy, Johnson...the three "amigos" of adultery. They gave us the Vietnam debacle. What a time for my generation grow up in! There was nowhere to look for moral leadership. My generation was turned into a bunch of "losers" and "suckers" by them. They never intended to really beat communism in Vietnam.

King was one of many black ministers "delivering the Negro into the hands of the communists", says Manning. "King is doing considerable harm...King is absolutely wrong when he is advocating to the Negroes a program of civil disobedience. Such a program can only lead to violence and bloodshed in which Negroes will be killed. He is nothing but a dastardly misleader, and he is leading the Negroes in the South down the road to bloodshed and violence." This is another good reason to get rid of the MLK holiday.

"If the Southern Negro, under the leadership of King, developed the idea that all white people in the South hate him and are out to destroy him, it can only create a psychosis of hate. When a psychosis of hate develops among the people, it can be molded and fashioned into instruments of rebellion. Such a policy can only lead the Negro down the road of bloodshed, violence, and revolution."!

Blacks hate all "White" virtue. So does Satan! What a coincidence! They love the white ones who hate it too. The more America gives them, the more they betray us. All the demonstrators and rioters only prove the point. The redder the heinie, the bigger the mouth. Their goal is the total enslavement of the United States, especially the "White" race. "America must be destroyed", says BLM. That is the change that false black athletes and politicians are calling for.

As Rush Limbaugh has said, the "white privilege" movement is designed to intimidate people and get them to shut up...and get them to admit that they are guilty of doing things they haven't done. What could be more fascist than that?! It's part of the Sun Tsu demoralization plan. It follows the line that white people are guilty of everything... and black people are guilty of nothing....because it's always the white peoples fault!

The basic forms of mental illness play a role here: transfer and compensation, and rationalization. They rationalize others as the cause, instead of themselves. Criminals transfer blame for what they are doing to someone else; and compensate for their lack of morality by pushing other false political causes(like climate change or homosexuality). They create a lesser cause to cover for their lack of character for a higher virtue. Socialism is a form of mental illness...spawned by moral illness!

When it comes to white people, they always follow the half empty glass of bad ones. They never follow the good ones. That way they don't have to make real change. The change they seek doesn't include the word "repentance"...a change from crime and immorality. Righteous people don't attack people, destroy property, or blame their sins on someone else. Only the wicked do that!

Both the demonstrators and the rioters are under the same control, the former(like King and Lewis) set up to role play the "good guys". Both want the same result. Enslavement of the white race is the only acceptable "slave reparation". They are both involved in Seattle. BLM was in part founded to glorify a convicted cop-killer, Assata Shakur. After the terrorist Weather Underground(Bill Aires and Bernadine Dorn, now teaching at Chicago U) helped break her out of jail, she fled for refuge to Cuba.

The billionaire founder of BET(black evil TV) says we need to pay out 15 trillion dollars to them. There is too much WET out there also. Can tyrants be bribed? That stops bullies?! This is only the beginning. The city council of Ashville, NC has betrayed that city into their hands. Providence, RI plans to do the same. Proof again of the infiltration quote by Archibald Roosevelt. All of this falls within the concept of "bullying". "The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution".

Trump's "unconstitutional "bribe" to black colleges may not buy him the votes he needs. Is this their payback? Yes, racism is in the air...and blacks have their knee on the neck of America.! It has been there for a long time!!!....ever since the 60's. It's time we take it off!!

There isn't any logical sense of justice that can link one black criminal dying in Minneapolis with the destruction of property across the nation, and the murder of others. This can only be done through the logic of pure evil. MLK never got the response the latest black criminal is getting. The worldwide network that is making Floyd an international "hero", also did the same for Rodney King, Barack Obama....and Mao, Castro and communist agent Alger Hiss in earlier years.

Minneapolis, MN

The Minneapolis city council wants to disband the police department..and hire private security for themselves! It's probably a Marxist front organization. The Communists have infiltrated many school boards and city councils over the years. And have fulfilled their goal of taking over one...or both political parties. Due to infiltration and subversion, especially of our teachers unions, half of our people are now morally, politically, and economically loyal to Moscow. This "civil war" proves the point.

Communist Party-USA head, William Foster, wrote a book in 1932:"Toward a Soviet America", in which he brags of their successes in MN and CA. The two leading icons of MN were Senators Hubert Humphrey and George Mondale. Both were believers in the "Secular Humanist" church of faith, the church of socialism. MN remained stubborn and dumb, the only state not to vote for President Reagan to his second term. The communists know how to disguise Marxism behind religion. They knew they could not sell it outright. The subjects of homosexuality, social justice, and invader amnesty give them a way.

Over 7000 black men died at the hands of other black men, compared to nine killed by police. A police officer is 18 time more likely to be killed by a black male than the other way around. The violence in MN was planned by the Sunrise Movement long before the Floyd shooting. They are "building an army of young people" similar to the old Communist Youth Leagues of the 40's.

They have been planning riots and to "defund the police", for a long time. Hitler disbanded the police so his "Brown Shirts" could take over. Now this is being done in order to call in the "red shirts" of UN to replace them. Their fight against climate change exists alongside white supremacy and colonialism. The plan is to exploit the unrest to accelerate the dismantling of the "inequality generated and maintained by law enforcement". Soros is supporting this revolution with multi-millions of his ill gotten gain.

George Floyd is still at fault for the result. HE broke the law, HE committed the crime, and HE disobeyed the police. He disobeyed numerous police commands. Another black dummy in Atlanta has been shot.....because he didn't follow instructions either. Both MN Muslim AG Keith Ellison and his son, a Minneapolis City councilman, love Antifa. That should disqualify the former wife beater from prosecuting the policemen accused of murder.

WAB(World Affairs Brief) reports where this can lead. The verdict needs to be unanimous. Will the jury bend under threat from the present enemy insurrection, like our US Senate did? Will a mistrial or lack of conviction be timed out to happen just before the fall elections in order set off another round of demonstrations?! Since last September, all the conservative confabs have been warning that "all the stops" will be pulled out to keep Trump from getting a second term. How about voter fraud?

How about another round of the virus...or even new one! Gates and Fauci hinted at it before the first one ever happened. It's a good way to force everyone onto vaccines promoted by Gates and Big Pharma. The great "false" philanthropist wants to control populations through them. His vaccines caused more sterilization and polio in African nations than natural conditions did. This, too, is being used to take away our liberties.

The demise of George Floyd is just another excuse for the communist left to continue their assault on effective police work. This started years ago with their demand for "citizen review boards"(controlled by them of course). Police are getting real tired of black criminals hiding behind the communist police brutality shield. The left is always using one black criminal to start a riot. From Watts to St. Louis and now MN, the M. O. is always the same. The poor "pure as the driven snow" black man was abused by the "evil racist" white policeman.

These demonstrations are also taking place across Europe. This is all coordinated by our "friends" in Moscow. Putin, Obama, Clinton, and Biden must be rubbing his hands together with glee! All of this to honor a porn star and a criminal who has a rap sheet that includes robbery, and drug possession over the last 20 years. This includes pistol whipping a pregnant woman in her home. Their latest "hero" sex pervert was the excuse for burning Kenosha, WI.

The upside-down triangle with an R in the center was the symbol used to identify the communists in Germany. It should be on all Democrat material...and some Republicans too! SCOTUS deserves it for their decisions on homosexuality, healthcare, and abortion. Quisling Democrat(and Republican) leaders, Hollywood celebs, and leftist businessmen are now suggesting cutting police funds...to give them to...our subversive black enemies!...and to our "Soviet education system. That's where they learned to be so moral and patriotic!?

Businessmen are donating almost one trillion dollars to BLM and such groups as the ACLU. "Hanoi Jane" Fonda is all in for this too. Both the ACLU and the National Lawyers Guild are "communist fronts", providing them legal assistance. The IADL(International Association of Democrat Lawyers) is in on this too. The only good police are the ones that will let minorities get away with their crimes. Treason is in the air!

The Soviet Democrat Party wants to disband police departments and release more criminals into our streets. Comrade Gov. Newsom is releasing 18,000!! That amounts to nothing more than another invading army. The "Squad" wants to abolish agencies like ICE and drug enforcement through the new "Breathe Act", and use the funding to pay slave reparations!

The Marxist goal is to create a national police force controlled by the communist UN...KGB style! Next they will want your guns? They already do! The UN will be investigating the US for ..."systemic racism"! That means...for being white. Their Council on Human Rights is a haven for dictators. The Red fox will be in charge of the White chicken coop.

UN Troops?

To destroy America from within, you must also destroy law enforcement. You must destroy local confidence in the police and thereby local control. Remember.... concentration of power is the basic definition of tyranny. It is looking like our President is going to help the commie-rats set up a national police force? A Soros backed prosecutor in St. Louis released rioters and looters that shot four policemen. His "useful idiot"/sleeper agent is prosecuting the couple in St. Louis for defending their home.

This is happening in other places like Manhattan,NY. In Madison,WI, as in Portland, police were commanded to "stand down", let the riots continue, and the city burn. They were not even allowed to arrest a known sex criminal. Need we mention Kenosha, WI? The mayor of Portland and the Governor of OR are demanding that the feds leave!? There are too many Soviet Democrats running cities and states that are...."falling like ripe plums". OR, like CA and others, is just another Soviet satellite state!

The more police quit, the more police departments are abolished, the more ineffective they are made by banning their weapons of crowd control, the greater the opportunity for the Democrat Party to ask the UN to send in the "Red Shirts". Is that why our fifth column leaders won't use our own military? Biden wants the military to remove our President. He seems to wants a Marxist coup!

All democrat socialist parties around the world are working for that, united under the UN. The UN is behind all of our subversive problems. Our President doesn't seem to "have a clue". All he wants to do is remove a few leaves from that tree. This communist Trojan horse needs to removed from our soil. Any one wonder why they support Antifa?! Do you want to "quarter" their troops?!

Democrat mayors and Governors are acting like their counterparts in Russia. Policemen are now quitting in droves. The ones Kneeling to BLM are a disgrace! Send social workers in!? That doesn't stop wars. Only armed defenders can do that. When a Hitler or an Al Capone show up...call your social worker!? Really!? This just another communist agitprop idea.

Useless lawyers everywhere; what are we to do? Do we want a country for and by the lawyers?...or the people? Too many Cat-House lawyers around. Jefferson used to call them vermin. Do you want to work and die for them to control your country? Such an age of treason we live in! "The Judiciary of the United States is the subtle corps of sappers and miners constantly working underground to undermine the foundations of our confederated fabric." - Thomas Jefferson Think ACLU.

Black rioters and the NFL are proving to be America's Hamas, living up to the stereotypes of the past. Living up so well to the N-word; they are indeed...the great traitor race! The NFL is sponsoring a one hour special on TV about Social Justice. By throwing money at the NFL, you are just sponsoring your own demise.

Antifa tried to come to Coeur d'Alene, ID and Snohomish, WA. The local "militia" show up with AR-15's(ID), and ran them out! A crow bar was taken a way from one of the "peace" demonstrators. In WA they had the support of the Police Chief. The city council reduced him to patrolman.

These patriot militia will need to respond in like manner all across our country. That would be a good thing! Treason all around us! The red left has a new slogan for this: "white men with guns are vigilantes"! The red left doesn't like Vigilante Justice. Our President doesn't like it either?! Blacks who shot police are "heroes"? Hooray for the Portland "patriots"!

We are now in the fourth month of the Treason demonstrations in America....100+ days in Portland. They are using the same methods they have used in Algiers, Cuba, and China. "Lock arms" and sing "we will overcome" in the cause of "civil rights". And sing, "give peace a chance". Sen. Romney, like his mistaken father, has marched with them!? Charleton Heston also committed that error. This is the moment they have waited and planned for, for decades.

Their new slogans are: "Defund the police", and "I Can't Breathe". The NBA plans to wear that on their shirts...and are emblazing it on their basketball courts. They are threatening to cancel the season! "Make my day!" That's a lose of multi-millions that will not go into subversive causes...or to their wenches! Our Americanism is suffocating their Marxism!

Barack Obama was literally "commie" bred out of wedlock by two communist parents. I would compare his rise to power to the theme of the old movie..."Omen". In the movie, we see a system of evil protecting a future president from the consequences of his actions...just like Bill Clinton?! While in college, I read a book about Chinese subversion: I believe it was "The China Syndrome".

It called for creating a large "mulatto" race. This would overwhelm the ruling powers in America. A future president could not be totally black at first. The Mullato culture is played up by the left as coming from white plantation owners and black slaves. It really comes from black men "getting white women". Most people would not...and just cannot...understand how evil...evil is! Getting white women is the key to the "breed and conquer" plan. Have you noticed how black men like flaunting their white blond women? Think O.J. Simpson, Bill Crosby, and "Tiger" Woods.

The left accomplished their goal of getting a "black" communist in the White House, using the racism charge, if you didn't vote for him. The foolish personality voter just wanted to be a part of history......even if it would destroy our country. Comrade Obama opened the door for millions of invaders across our southern border. Ninety-five percent of the black race was evil enough to vote "racist" for him. Romney just did not represent their kind of family values! BLM(Bolshevik Lives Matter) continues to push for State-sponsored illegal immigration(invasion).

And "autonomous zones"! They want to: 1) abolish the police, 2) make college free, 3) empty prisons, 4) ban the armed force entirely, 5) no riot shields, 6) no chemical sprays, 7) all arrested protesters must be released, 8) dismantle the prison system, 9) put that money into our (soviet)schools, 10) end ICE operations. This is only a part of over 30 demands made by those in the Seattle a-zone.

This is all led by the Soviet Democrat Party. The party that stands for every moral perversion in the world.: adultery, promiscuity, pornography, homosexuality, pedophilia, etc. They can't keep their pants up...or their big mouth shut!! They just won't "clean their own dirty doorstep"!

They love the morality of the black God. Black meaning...evil. The Black...black plague is hitting America. The Bible speaks of a black plague in the final days. My religion defines that as the plague of immorality. It makes good sense and describes what is really happening today. It is destroying liberty, freedom of religion, and families all around the world!

Julia Brown

As a another undercover FBI agent reported, "to say the communist party encourages sexual immorality is to understate the facts: more appropriately may it be said the party demands it!...the party not only tolerates, not only encourages, it demands that members engage in illicit sex acts."

"I often wondered how women.....could so debase themselves..... The party tells them to recruit men, to hold men within the Party, to make them do the Party's bidding. The Party has their souls, their minds-it demands they give their bodies. They do."

Talk about women on PMS! Talk about the "Squad"! Emotions always seem to over ride principle. What an army of minority women they have! Such big teeth!...and big mouths! Mrs. Brown also countered the lies of MLK. Whenever she showed up, Dr. King cancelled his engagement. She said giving MLK a national holiday would be like raising the red flag over America.

Looters are saying they are just burning "slavery money". Socialism is...looting! Sounds like a good excuse for robbery!?....and murder! Businesses are being blackmailed, and even children shot. BLM demands people give up their homes to them. Burning them is alright...because they are insured. More Black logic.

BLM is moving into the suburbs. Biden wants to abolish them. As a FL sheriff inferred, BLM needs to be blown away. This is an enemy insurrection and should be treated that way. I bet if they try that in the country, on farmers, they won't be getting home. If the police won't carry out their delegated authority to defend us, then it reverts back to us. In fact, we don't lose the right of self defense just because we hired someone else to do it.

All of this, in their evil twisted minds, is being called proper "slave reparations". Obama praises the rioters, saying it is a way to pay for the "Sins of Society"! Under Marxism, there are no sins. "The end justifies the means". His wife Michele tells future Marxists to "protest, mobilize, and vote for change". That means: destroy White morality, economics, and government. Not practicing socialism, especially in the bedroom, is a sin against society.

There is only one culture that has ever set up a free system of Liberty that all other peoples wanted to immigrate to. It has never been black, brown, yellow, or red. Coincidentally, only the White seed of Abraham culture ever does that. Scripture says all peoples will be blessed by that line. So if they want to play the "cancel culture" game, and destroy all things White, they will extend the hell hole life they are now living in, in cities like Chicago....to the eternities! And to the rest of us. Misery(evil) loves company.

NPR(nation Proletariat radio) is banning books by white authors and social media giants want to censor anyone who doesn't "toe the party line". That's what happens in a 50/50 nation. How Nazi of them!?

Black comedian, Leslie Jones, says they want to "burn the F...ing Constitution down". Spike Lee says, F our flag....MF Confederate statues need to come F..ing down". They are obsessed with F.ing America...and our women? And, "F...your Jesus. What could be more Satanic than that? I think it's his favorite word. The Marxists are so proud about what they can do with the lower holes in their body! They have to tell everyone about it! Their brains don't get much higher than that.

Kathy Lee Gifford and her young black "friend" have become the wrong example of black relations. Believe she was a famous news "wench" in the 60's, and later worked with Regis Philbin on a morning host show. As one black expressed it at work, get those H%#&y white women. Lost my Brazil audience over that article. They couldn't handle the truth! Conquer their women....conquer the culture. Have you noticed how many black Marxists like flaunting their white women?!

Many other black traitors are expressing subversive sentiments. Like "Kill the Police"!..Samuel Jackson. "What do we want? Dead cops now"! Capital One is a good example of corporate treason. He says the rioters are like the water breaking when a woman gives birth. And adds, now we are in labor to give birth....to Soviet America!? Talk about "Black" logic!

Black traitors are coming out of the wall work, proving their "sleeper agent" status. Gen. Colin Powell is going to vote for the commie-rat presidential candidate..."crazy" Joe Biden. So is G.W. Bush, John Kasich, Christie Todd Whitman, Cindy McCain, and 100's of former Bush and McCain staff members.

Lew Alcinder, ashamed to be an American, changed his name to Kareem Abdul Jabbar. We were so racist that we let him get rich playing with a basketball. Guess we never should have done that. He is obviously using his money and platform for subversion.....to build a Caliphate? The communists in Algiers used the Muslims to take over.

They used the same "dog whistle" smears and causes they are using here to divide the people: racist, fascist, Nazi, civil rights, social justice, etc. The leftist Soviet Congressional Black Caucus is, naturally, calling for reparations and police reform. CBC-Kamala Harris is now Biden's running mate They are going to PUSH the envelope as far left as they can.

Jabbar says "racism in America is like dust in the air". Would that be RED dust...or red gas? There is indeed a thick cloud of of red BBS hovering over America. The protester's cause is not wrong, but they're riot is right. More "Black' logic!? His comment that "racism is deadlier than Covid-19" is a "golden" agitprop statement, being used by others in the "fake" media.

MI Democrat chairwoman, Laura Barnes says, "if you support Donald Trump, you are a racist". She uses all the lingo of the communist left. Trump is a fascist and such "oppressors must be held accountable" for their "hate crimes". It's a crime to hate communism. Anyone who is not profligate and communist..is mentally ill! Sir Winston Churchill warned that someday the radicals would call themselves...anti-fascists.

The "International Criminal Conspiracy" is out to protect, revere, and honor their own. KGB Rev. Al Sharpton wouldn't have missed the funeral of George Floyd for the world. And Obama didn't miss that of John Lewis. Both are being milked for all the agitprop opportunities it provides.

With all the attention this gets, it sure pays to be a dumb black criminal in "Amerika". His family is "commie" suing the city of Minneapolis for wrongful death, and is also petitioning the UN to disarm the police in our country.! You may be next!! Some municipalities are removing the right of police to use tear gas and other crowd control techniques.

The Minneapolis City Council President says, (white people) calling the police on (black)burglars "comes from a place of (white) privilege". How do you argue with such stupid "commie" logic. Last year's 90 million dollar man at the box office wants to be the new "big buck" black Nazi. With that and 70+ million this year, that's a lot of money for subversion.

The Red Devil sure pays well! Former football player and wrestler, Dewayne Johnson, is giving all his support to the communist controlled "Black Lives Matter" crowd. That's scary isn't it? How about him or Kanye West for President?! Supporting BLM is the "dog whistle" for treason.

Perhaps the red "Rock" has had one too many..."commie girls"! "Overdosing" on them gives you VD of the brain. BLM and Antifa are red "Bro" organizations. Both want to disband the police.

Maxine Waters wants to "get rid of racist, ignorant, stupid cops". She has said nothing about racist, stupid, ignorant politicians like herself. If no police, the ICC(International Criminal Conspiracy) communist UN will take over. The Nazis were so obvious in Germany, and they are here too. Only their skin color has changed. The Democrat Party is as dangerous to us as it was in Hitler Germany.

As WAB reports: it is becoming increasingly obvious that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is not about protecting blacks from police brutality or creating more opportunities for blacks for so-called racial balance. Those are simply the verbal justifications for a much more evil and dangerous agenda. This movement is really all about destroying the rule of law and free markets and replacing them with rule-by-decree and radical socialism, and placing blacks before everyone else on the opportunity list, ahead of all other races.

To do it they will have to destroy our entire system of justice which doesn’t allow favoritism by law or government. This is the worst kind of racism—elevating one race above the other without merit. In the process, the very fundamental rights of everyone else is being defiled. No one who demands balance or even fairness based on merit has any right to speak anymore, or even hold high position in government or private corporations. You either kowtow to the ideas that put black lives in a superior, untouchable position to whites or you are shouted down and attacked—sometimes physically. The Antifa and Black Lives Matter movement is full of radical student activists of the Marxist variety mixed with criminals from the lowest segments of society."

"The real sponsors of this attack on Western culture is the Deep State, which is an integral part of the globalist conspiracy to destroy American sovereignty, religion and Western culture. The globalists have a long history of funding communist revolutions in order to break down the social order "so they can better present their globalist government controls as a solution—always at the expense of your liberty and national sovereignty."

Joel Skousen of WAB further reports: "There is no official Black Lives Matter Organization There is a front organization, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that is NOT tax exempt. It, in turn, gets money through a non-profit organization called Thousand Currents that gives it “loans,” which it never repays. As Insider.com writes,

Thousand Currents is a 501(3)(c) non-profit that provides grants to organizations that are led by women, youth, and Indigenous people focused on building food sustainability, fighting climate change, and developing alternative economic models for their communities across the world, according to its website.

In reality, Thousand Currents is a Marxist front for many other revolutionary Marxist groups like BLM whose goal is the destruction of America. Its Vice Chairwoman is Susan Rosenberg, a convicted domestic terrorist. She spent 16 years in prison and was given a last minute pardon by Pres. Bill Clinton, along with other criminal globalists like Marc Rich, who helped set up the Clinton’s illegal and secret Swiss Bank accounts."

The purpose of their insurrection is to activate UN troops. It's time to give up their movies and sports. Rich basketball players are giving 100 million dollars of "white money" for the cause of "soviet' social justice! Many dumb white people want to keep making them rich!? They even want to shine their shoes while they "brown" their noses!

I've got a slogan for us. Time to say, "to Hell with the NFL"...and the NBA too. Join the boycott...especially of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. We are suppose to be decoyed from the real problem and be programmed to be excited about anything Rodgers does. Looks like he has traded Danica Patrick for a new "commie girl". She is now going through "emotional" therapy?! Wonder if "repentance" is any part of that?

Corporate Treason

Corporate America is flooding almost a trillion dollars into the Floyd protesters, even funding their bail. American Airlines will only allow attendants to wear...BLM pins. The corporations sold out to Hitler, and it's no different here. The "draft-dodger" college culture of business and education always sell out when it comes their turn to risk "family, fortune, and sacred honor". Think Vietnam.!

The CCC used to stand for the Civilian Conservation Corps set up by FDR during the Great Depression. My father once told me a story about a woman granting permission for her son to join it. She posed the question, "Will you guarantee my son will not have to go to war? It may have been used to determine who would become the officers and sargeants in the next war...WWII. Obama wanted his civilian corps too, didn't he!? Today CCC stands for something else.

The Vietnam "draft-dodge" CCC(commie college cowards) grew up to destroy our nation. Their children are carrying on the tradition. Equal responsibility to defend our country is not in their make-up. They tend to paraphrase a statement by Gen. Patton in WWII. Make some other dumb citizen die for his country! They are the CCC(Commie Cancel Culture) of today. They grew up to be businessmen, lawyers, teachers, and even priests.

Walmart(traitormart?) has pledged $100 million for a soviet "racial equity center"(a black communist propaganda center). I bet they implement the social scoring system of China. Sam Walton, a former West Point officer, would never have gone along with this. Sony is also giving $100 million, Netflix $120 million, Nike $40 million, Spotify, Facebook, Target, Verizon, United Health, and Goldman-Sachs...$10 million. Uber, McDonald's, Intel, Starbucks, Microsoft,...$1 million. And Disney, Proctor & Gamble, Cisco, and Lego...$4-5 million.

They are charging way too much for their products. Low pay for the workers and "gorilla" profits for the company managers. Just like in Russia with Putin. Wendy's is shelling out half a million dollars in bribe money....and one of them gets burned down. Poetic justice! So is the Antifa and BLM attack on the home of the Portland mayor.

Whatever happened to "family, fortune, and sacred honor" for them? They must be afraid of the big bad "boogie" man!? They should be!!! The rioters are demanding "protection" money out of businesses. You don't beat the threat by joining it and giving it money. Leave that up to the likes Soros, Gates, and Oprah.

A famous Russian patriot once said of us, "quit selling them the rope to hang us with"! Looks like we are paying for our own "gulag"! These businesses are all part of the CFR(Council on Foreign Relations) group that funded the UN World Government plan, in order to destroy American sovereignty. Communist agent Alger Hiss was a member. That CFR family of companies has also funded communist revolutions around the world. But, that's another story. Yes indeed, the enemy within is our greatest threat!!

Fascists, racists, homophobes, white supremacy, social justice. These are all "dog whistle" signs of subversion in America. Only cowards call this red "spittle....dew". Stalin said, "we will spit in their faces, and they will call it Dew". The Supreme Court just did so, siding with the communists on homosexuality...and now their Popular Vote plans! Many white "Quisling" leaders in the KFC GOP are too chicken to use the National Guard or military to quell the riots?!

And yes, the President can! George Washington did; he lead it. Why are they doing nothing?! How about Gen. "I don't care who you sleep with" Mattis, or our Sec. of Defense? Nothing so "patriotic" as those who "whore and kill" for their country!? Are they patriots...or patsies?! A new position of Chief (Soviet)Diversity Officer has been set up, reporting to the Sec. of Defense. Confederate flags will be banded and the communist LBGTQ agenda enforced! An "Operation Inclusion" seminar email was sent out by the Army.

It said the following are signs of "white supremacy": 1) celebrating Columbus Day, 2) talking about American exceptionalism, 3) saying there is only one race(human race), and 4) denying "white privilege" exists. This may violate the Hatch Act, but it has never been prosecuted. If "White" refers to virtue, that leaves them out. All the armed services almost require debauchery in order to get promoted! How Soviet all this sounds!? The deep state...is the Soviet state!

A few shots in the right place will put an end to these riots. They are only out there because they know they won't be. Banishment laws would be a simple solution. They would be outside the law(outlaws) with no protection. The Floyd situation would not exist today under this old "Israelite" law. We don't need to build more prisons...we need to bury more criminals! But then all the cat house lawyers would go broke!

Is President Trump dividing the people? That is what Democrats are doing. Criminals always accuse you of doing what they are doing. Does Gen. Mattis want to unite God and Mammon!? What has Americanism to do with Communism? That just gives you a "pinko" Republican party. Treason is in the air!

G.W. Bush cheers them on, calling their violence a sign of strength"!? More "Black" logic?.....like... "first we have to destroy the economy, before we can save the economy". Moscow must love that man! Bush should move there? Maybe the GOP thinks "it is better to be red, than dead"!? Are they "sleeper agents" refusing to protect our communities? Time to call out our "militia"! If Texans were really smart, they would remove all honors to both Johnson and Bush.

President Trump says he will put Antifa on a terrorist list. How about BLM too? It should have been done by now! How can President and AG Barr do that when the FBI betrays us and claims that there is "no intelligence indicating that ANTIFA had a role in fomenting the riots that have gripped the country".!? If the UN supports them, it's a sure thing!! What a useless FBI!! Don't get fooled by the Bill Barr show either!

If they are on the list, that should mean they are "outlaws" that can be shot on sight! Our communities should have banishment laws! We need more Sheriffs like the one in FL that said blow them away. Our President needs to say the same thing.

MN better not get any federal funds...for letting it happen. That would fall in line with Lenin's statement about forcing the United States to spend itself into destruction? They have had the gall to ask for federal funds, but our president has turned them down. Hope he doesn't change his mind like he is doing on DACA "dreamer" amnesty.

Drew Brees/NFL

Drew Brees has the gall to talk about the patriotism of his two WWII grandfathers, and say he would never dishonor the Flag. Then he chickens out when his Marxist teammates threatened him. Rather than "divide" the team, he chose to go over to the dark side. He decided to kneel and kiss their royal red ring...and shine their shoes?! Him and his wife are running "doublespeak" excuses for it. Too many will fall for this pseudo-religious agitprop.

He should have quit the team, but I guess this "wonderful Christian man" would rather sell out for money. Going to both kneel...and stand for the National Anthem? Sounds like "Black" logic to me! Drew wants to serve two masters...the Soviet left and the American right. He was going to retire, but now he is back spouting their agitprop.

The West Point Ranger Captain in Pittsburg should have quit too. Sports teams are doing a very good job of fulfilling the Marxist goal of getting the youth away from religion and interested in sports and sex. They actually hate their rich "plantation" team owners, but they do love the money! Their pay is beyond ridiculous!!

Thanks to Colin Kaepernick, kneeling is now the new symbol of the communist left, along with the clenched fist and the "chicken tracks" peace symbol. Kneeling is something prostitutes do. Kneeling is just the way Marxists want their subjects. I should just call him "K". K says the 4th of July is a "white supremacist" holiday.

Oprah and Disney want to give him a deal in which he can spread more of his Marxist propaganda. Ben Carson agrees that BLM is a Marxist organization. Brett Farve has inferred that BLM Kaepernick is a hero ....like Pat Tillman!? Hardly. Tillman gave up millions to serve in uniform; and it cost him his life. Brett must have VD of the brain.

Burgess Owens does not! Al Sharpton demands a job in the NFL for the "Kneeler". Burgess says this would amount to affirmative action for a Castro loving Marxist. If the NFL kneels or hires him, he will reject them both. Good for him! We all should follow his example. Burgess also says there should be no "black national anthem". When does the black agitprop ever end?!

It looks like many white quarterbacks in the NFL are going to get "brown" noses! They are playing the communist party "apology" game. Remember what John Wayne said about that!! "Never apologize'; it's a sign of weakness". Especially when you do so to our enemies on the left!

But with all that is going on, we are supposed to get excited about Aaron Rodgers beard!? Too much "free" lovin from Danica before the games.? She once stated that, in an interview as the reason Rodgers just lost a game. As in racing, the NFL is always turning ...left! Do you really want to pay a KC quarterback $450 million over 10 years. Someone's priorities are way off!

Cong. Andy Biggs(AZ) has said, Democrats are kicking in the door to Marxist totalitarian rule...and the Republicans are turning the doorknob! Though they pretend to be kneeling to a "White" God, it's to the other one...the black/red God. Immoral people kneeling to God is a blasphemy! Who was the black player that said, "there are no virgins in the NFL?!

Only white cowards, especially in the media, would say the rioters represent only a small segment of black culture. It is only a very small segment that is not all on board for Comrade Obama and his subversive army. This type of cancel culture crowd is behind all the monument desecration of our nations founders and heroes. Maybe we can thank the "great" former governor of SC. They first struck there...and she failed to stop them. Now she deserves the Presidency??!

The radicals want airports renamed. Get ready for those bearing the name of Ronald Reagan. John Wayne is the present target for his "racist' and "homophobic" comments. In 1971, he said, " I believe in white supremacy until blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don't believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people". Amen!!

Judging by the present immoral and violent behavior of blacks on display today, they still haven't learned! Maybe they should ask the question of themselves: will this improve race relations...or make it worse? VD of the brain is probably keeping them from "figuring it out "!

John Wayne has used all minorities in his films. Now if he meant White as relates to virtue and religious morality, he would be right on the mark. But, he was a little lacking there himself. He fought the communists in Hollywood before Ronald Reagan did. Another reason for the Marxist left to hate him!? Wayne said of Reagan, "he was a Johnny come lately".

He is the only actor to ever do an anti-communist movie with James Arness. Situated in Hawaii, he lost the battle...and his partner(Arness). In the movie he meets a Catholic woman and lives with her. They were "lucky to find each other". You don't beat them...by living their morality. He wasn't very lucky with women. In one of his movies he said, "women marry you just so they can make you miserable the rest of your life!"

Why doesn't Fox report on what's really behind the insurrection? Calling an all out Communist revolution...just "cancel culture"....doesn't cut it! Tucker Carlson talks of the leftist mobs, but doesn't reveal the subversive foreign forces behind them. The tremendous subversive fifth column, set up by the Communist International.

Maybe they don't really want to offend Russia?.....or their plans to conquer us from within! Maybe they are just a "1984" conservative station? All the "experts" want you to believe outside agitators "hijacked" a good cause. It is all about World Government under the UN.

"Democrat" socialist parties around the world are coordinating these events, and tearing down statues of American heroes. One Soviet agent can control hundreds. If your representative doesn't know their plan of subversion(45 goals), he or she should not be in office. How about these GOP candidates in close US Senate races, "begging" for your money?

McSally(AZ) couldn't deal with that issue last time...and lost. Her "big" issue now is to give vacationers...a tax credit!? Is she getting Democrat fever? The GOP is complaining that the Democrats are out raising them. The Democrats still lie better than Republicans can tell the truth! If they would out principle them, they wouldn't need as much money. Quit acting like "Pinkos"! Former presidential candidate Joe Walsh is working to throw the Senate over to the Democrats!? More "Black" logic.

Our Senate let us down and made a KFC move by appointing a BLM General to head up the Air Force. Like the election of Sen. Tim Scott in SC, it was made under mob threat. The USAF also had a BLM Command Sgt. Major. Now it's a woman? The AF academy won't allow the mention of God or Christ in their chapel. Why have one?

Have they become the leftist PC military branch? PC means the propaganda of communism. Think that service has been Sovietized. The positioning of minorities is always played up as good for America. But it really amounts to subversion. They are only there for" liberal" political reasons. Multiculturalism has destroyed all great nations. Do communist countries practice that ?

We keep offering immigrating POC(people of color) cultures citizenship if they will serve in(infiltrate) our armed forces. So white playboys can avoid it and become future Presidents?! POC(people of communism) are doing so to learn skills that can be used against us.

Minorities now represent 43% of our services. That is not good. Rome fell that way. They may represent the "Empire" in Star Wars, infiltrating the Federation( of Liberty). That unfortunately is our situation today! The captain of a military unit in CA lead his men in "kneeling". Guess that proves the point. He needs to be removed for violating the prohibition against making political statements.

Black, yellow, brown, red, or white; you can always tell dupes, useful idiots, and sleeper agents by their red heineys! Do you think the moral leadership of people like Trump, McCarthy, Hunter, white country singers, Fox news stars, and Hollywood actors will save us?! Don't bet on it! Is this mess what you call "Making America Great Again"? Are you calling this insurrection..DEW? If you want to MAGA...you need to listen to MAMA(Make America Moral Again).

AS Abraham Lincoln stated, America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves". As William Penn said, "Tyranny begins where God leaves off". What about your "family, fortune, and sacred honor"? If you are not willing to risk them...you will lose them anyway!

This is now an all out war on our Liberty, and all the White symbols of that. Which banner will you follow? The one that says worship us, sleep with us, and steal for us? Or the one that says God, family , and country? You only need to look at South Africa to see what will happen here. The country is collapsing into an orgy of violence, rape, torture, racial killings and economic collapse.

The left is all for multiculturalism. It has destroyed every nation that ever went that direction(even Rome). Communist countires don't practice it. Sen. Edward Kennedy, who used to talk like Sen. Biden does now, and his party cut off the immigration of European stock in the 60's in favor of POC(people of color). That policy, the racism of the past, needs to be reversed!

Our first duty is to....our family and culture. If you can't do that, then you probably can't put "America First" either! It is time for every individual, family, and culture to be held accountable for what they are doing to....or for America. The higher the immorality factor(out of wedlock births), the lower the their immigration numbers should be!

General George Washington called for an army of Christian soldiers. "The enemy rejoices in our lack of virtue. Cannot our common country defeat them?"!! Are you FREEMAN enough to deal with it?! Blacks are showing their true color....RED! They are indeed...the great traitor race!!! Are you ready to fight Communism in America?! Don't let the "Black" Nazis get you!!

This White Paper shows not only why MLK should never have had a holiday, but also why black culture doesn't deserve reparations. It is white people that deserve reparations from them. Maybe they need to kneel to white people and apologize for the damage they have done.

They must deny their culture of evil and take down all black statutes. Payment for damages should come from all the multi-millionaire athletes who endorsed the "Death to America" radical BLM crowd. That would include Shaq and James. How about Oprah and Fonda?

The steps would be as follows:

1) apologize.

2) restore all statues damaged or taken down..

3) all professional leagues, athletes, corporations(Walmart), and individuals that endorsed BLM, pay for all the damage to businesses and property.

4) All charges of white supremacy would be treated as a racist hate crime and fined, with the possibility of deportation.

Does that sound like a plan?!!

Subversion in America/Black Nazi DEMONstrations