The 2011 GOP Convention has just ended and the campaign for the U.S. Senate has begun. This candidacy will be different from all others in that it WILL address the issue of internal subversion, from the White House to the Congress and state legislatures. From Arizona to Wisconsin, the signs are very clear. Do you have eyes that see and ears that hear?

My secondary goal is to re-establish A-FACT. We ARE in a battle with Communism within our land. Arizona is in such a battle, from the statehouse to the National Capitol. The fifth column hides behind the label of liberalism or progressivism,destroying the two great pillars our country is founded upon...religion and morality.

Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may be a worse fate. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves." (Winston Churchill)

Fabian socialism has all but destroyed our country. Their crest of arms at their headquarters in England is a wolf in sheep's clothing! "In the battle for the life of our Nation, to paraphrase one of our great presidents, we must look to those who enter the arena of active struggle; whose faces are stained by dust and sweat and blood; who strive valiantly to overcome temporary obstacles; who, supported by faith, enthusiasm and devotion, assault the enemy stronghold with THE SWORD OF PATRIOTISM." (J Edgar Hoover June 16, 1959)

Read the ACLU letter and flyer under the AFACT heading and see the difference even a few can make. Can you contribute as little as $5? A few thousand members would have great influence on our legislature. How about a million nationally?

Joseph Stalin said if they could destroy our spiritual,moral, and patriotic values, we would fall from within. Are you FREEMEN enough for the battle? If so, join us and contribute to the cause.

6/24/11 At a Manhattan fundraiser, our President has gone to New York to not only raise money, but to praise lawmakers for trying to legalize same-sex marriage. He says, "I believe that gay couples deserve the same legal rights as every other couple in this country." The CPUSA could not have said it better!

1/7/11 Comrade Obama(Fidel Castro's words) has finally delivered on his promise to the communist homosexual movement by removing don't ask, don"t tell. This amounts to nothing more than an open door to communist infiltration of the military. Of course, there is another way to destroy the effectiveness of the military--force women into combat roles. I thought Congress made laws not the Court or the Executive. In this case "the masses really are asses". (See the Homosexual issue.)

Should we call the Obama administration the "Chicago Mob" or the "Politburo Presidency"? Every major issue comes out of the communist controlled UN. Are you ready for slave reparations? If we see him as the communist and muslim he is, all he says and does makes perfect sense! We are an infiltrated country at all levels. Is it over? The C-gay community now seems to have absolute control. I hear Moscow laughing. Read the book, Sexpionage, by David Lewis.

8/3/12 Comrade Obama is not only trying to take away our 2nd Admendment rights through the communist UN Small Arms Treaty. Now by executive order he is establishing a different standard of discipline for blacks, in our schools. It violates two premises of the Constitution. All laws must be passed by Congress(and funding must originate in the House). Making a race law violates the principle if "equal treatment under the law".


President Obama has decided to promote the homosexual agenda bit by bit rather than immediately as the radical communist left would like. Fabian socialism has all but destroyed our country. Their crest of arms at their headquarters in England is a wolf in sheep's clothing! See our Homosexual issue.

Senators John Kerry and Al Franken(democrats) are trying to get the FDA ban on homosexual blood transfusions removed. What will that do for your health care? Is this the party that loves us? What would they do if they hated us!!?

President Obama now wants to bring thousands of Hamas into the United States. I wonder which country he is loyal to? Why bother protecting our borders?!

8/18 Guess whose sculpture will be added to the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia?......SOVIET DICTATOR, JOSEF STALIN!!? Is Winston churchill there? Read the famous Stalin quote under the Religion and Morality issues.

11/24 President Obama has now ordered the military to recruit gays. Who really wants to serve with such people? I'm glad I'm out and would never volunteer for such an army. The President is very proud his administration has already appointed more gays than Clinton did in eight full years. Gay men and lesbians until the 1970s were told by mental health professionals that they were diseased and depraved but in May 2008, The California Supreme Court allowed the homosexual community to marry.

9/2/11 Getting hard-up for votes, Premier Obama will use Backdoor Amnesty, even dismissing charges against a wide range of illegal alien criminals,including those convicted of violent crimes, under the guise of Prosecurial Discretion(code for drop the case), in support of the communist ACLU and La Raza organizations.