PC means:
          a).  Promote Communism
          b)   Protect Criminals 
          c)   the Propaganda of Communism
          d)   progressive communism
          e)  ACLU
          f)   Democrat Party
          g)  protect Comrades
          h)  People of Color
          i)   all the above.

PC is also CP, communist propaganda; it is their stand on any political issue. Could that be PCP?....political communist propaganda..... from the secular-progressive left.  It is an agitprop attack on all that is good in America, especially religion and morality.  Only the KGB infiltrated religions are acceptable. They learned long ago that they could not sell communism outright; they had to coat it in the sheep's clothing of Christianity,  and even the religion of "peace".  Their religion includes homosexuality, invasion(cleverly disguised behind refugees--women and children), the war on women, and amnesty.  Everyone living like hell gets into socialist heaven--a welfare program.  America's motto is God, family, and country.  Theirs is worship us, sleep with us, and we'll steal someone else's property.  Their moral decay seems to give them VD of the brain.  They become too SSS--sexy, stubborn, and stupid!  Doesn't that sound like a democrat!?...and some GOP rhinos?

The four basic goals of subversion are: destroy God, destroy morality, destroy the family, and PC.  That can mean protect criminals.....or communists from the law. PC is the CPUSA stand on any issue. It is always the opposite of America's religious values.  PC is really CC--commie correctness.  It is the stand of Moscow on every issue it wants to subvert in the United States. It follows the pattern of "get whitey" and "white privilege".  If it's white it's bad, if not, it's good.  We are seeing that play out in San Bernadino(the first city in which the Catholic church was bribed into taking in the "children" on the border) and the US Attorneys office. The communist ACLU, BABO, and Loretta Lynch have filed suit against Dallas, TX for refusing to take in refugees.  To our disappointment TX backed down.  Why did they do so?

Was it because the UN has more authority over us than the US Constitution?  The UN has commanded the US to take in refugees.  Will Paul Ryan support the "get US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US" legislation?  He's too aligned with his mentor in MA-Barney Frank, and the UN supported Special Rights for Homosexuals Bill.  Getting out would solve a multitude of domestic problems.  America cannot survive a Red Trojan Horse organization any more than the body can survive a cancerous growth.  And don't expect Sen. Johnson of WI to do anything either.  Few seem to know that the UN was founded by communist Alger Hiss with the help of America's fifth column of money provided by the Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie foundations, just to mention a few.  There is so much evil money in America supporting leftist causes, especially those famous gay ones, and such people as Gates, Bloomberg, and Soros.

The PC left is always worried about "blow-back".  Loretta Lynch has told Muslim children in our schools that she will prosecute any "bullying" of them...by white people?  I know that she won't be doing any thing about the bullying of the white people in Salt Lake City.  Only white people are "evil".  If white people respond to attacks from the communist controlled minorities, it's called racism.  With an out of wedlock birth rate of 60-70%, they should clean their own "dirty door step first".  The redder the heiny, the bigger the mouth!   They can't seem to keep their pants up...or their big mouth shut!!!   They are indeed an internal enemy force to be dealt with.

Who will save America?  Will it be the rapine "religion of peace", or the rapine cultures from south of the border?  You have got to read Ann Coulter's latest book....ADIOS AMERICA!  It will turn your insides and inspire you to stand up against these debauched invaders. They fulfill so well the communist goals of uncontrolled(by religion) love---promiscuity, homosexuality, adultery, pornography, and rape.  Maybe we should ask each Presidential candidate if they support such behavior...or take money from such people?

In light of all of the attacks on white society from the red left, what will the "Col. Sanders GOP" do now?  They seem to have forgotten their heritage.  There is nothing wrong about GOOD white people being proud of their culture.  The majority of minorities are so debauched, they don't belong here.  If they hate white America they should go to a better country...maybe their country of origin that they destroyed and then ran away from. 

There was only one culture that founded America and became a new light onto the world.  It was a culture that had its origins in the "Camp of Israel", Anglo-Saxon blood, the Magna Carta, the Mayflower, and Jamestown.  It was a culture that TRULY followed a Savior.  The common name they called themselves was....FREEMEN!!  Only such people will save America now!!!   That culture needs to "WHITE" up and put an end to the hate whitey campaign of....COMMUNISM in AMERICA.

Turning Red?

posted Jul 29, 2018, 6:53 PM by John Schiess

Putin is refusing to own up to the FACT that he is"deploying a vast network of Russian assets to direct the movement of millions of illegal immigrants across the Sonoran Desert, through dozens of checkpoints, into our country....as part of a master plan to attack American financial viability, national security, and future prosperity: will the media, the Democrat Party, or corporate Republicans ever energize from their stupor?"

No, immorality gives then VD of the brain!  The whole system of socialism is based upon it.  Putin and Communist Internationle are doing so to all western countries. This has been going on for decades through legal and illegal immigration in order to overwhelm "European" cultures and force western countries to "spend themselves into destruction". Their vast network has been infiltrated into our country for 100 years with the goal of taking over the Democrat Party.  Slowly we turned..and there is was...in full Red bloom.  

O-C says democratic socialism(communism) is surging in the age of Trump.  No, it has been surging since the age of FDR!  Embrassing socialism(communism) reflexs the desperation of a party losing control of the Judiciary and the regulatory state?  Not much of that has happened yet.  The corner may have been turned, but there is much more to do.  James Comey says they should not rush to the socialist(communist) left.  They have been their for years....and are now just "coming out of the closet".

The Soviet idea of "free love" seems to give then "eyes that don't see and ears that don't hear".  "The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and your ears.  It was the final most essential command.", George Orwell.  Such is the new Soviet Democrat Party.

Red "*itchy" Women!

posted Jul 4, 2018, 2:14 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Jul 7, 2018, 8:47 PM ]

FBI agent Julia Brown warns in her book, " I Testify", "to say the communist party encourages sexual immorality is to understate the facts: more appropriately may it be said the party demands it!...the party not only tolerates, not only encourages, it demands that members engage in illicit sex acts."

"I often wondered how women.....could so debase themselves..... The party tells them to recuit men, to hold men within the Party, to make them do the Party's bidding. The Party has their souls, their minds-it demands they give their bodies.
They do."  Whether the Party commands them to live together, marry, or divorce; they do. That pretty well describes...Hollywood!  It, of course, takes "*itchy" men to make "*itchy" women.  Micheal Moore, with his "I hate America" website, is saying that they should "put their bodies on the line".  Fine talk for a "former"(?) Catholic altar boy and boy scout.

After communist training, they are call "Swallows".  They "honey-traped" Gen. Petraus...and many others.  FBI director Wray admits adultery is a significant vulnerability for counter-intelligence agents.  FBI director J. Edgar Hoover required the "Law of Fidelity" for all his agents.  What has happened since then?  The Secret Service is sure failing us on this issue.  Our top General says, I don't care who you sleep with"!?  Are they really going to "make America great again"?  Moral "traitors" will always become politically so.  A bad tree cannot bear good fruit.

There used to be a song about :"*itchy women" long ago that I can't quite remember.  The Soviet Democrat Party is full of them, from Klobachar, Warren, Gillibrand and Harris to Feinstein, Polosi, Waters, and Ocasio-Cortez.  They are too numerous to enumerate.  It comes with their territory.  Then you can add many Hollywood types like Fonda, Behar, Griffin, Sarandon, Winfrey, Bee, and Goldberg.  They all seem to have"commie" PMS as a condition of their existance.  The redder the heiney, the bigger the mouth!  

If our President goes low, they can go lower. They are always obsessed with their "lower brain".  They can't make a political statement without obsessive use of their lower body functions. Do what?...in somebody's food!  Whoopi says the government should stay out of her V...and out of her behind.  Is that "black" humor?  "Potty mouth" is their M.O.  Does she always have to prove the stereotype?  Bet she her lower brain has a lot of "visitors without a word of complaint!  That's what a good commie girl does. Share their communal bodies... for the "good" of the Party.  Sarandon has been a good Party recruiter for years.  

WG says Republican control of the Supreme Court, the Congress, and the Presidency is leading us into a dictatorship.  But it didn't when the Democrats had total control of them under Obama?!  The new SCOTUS pick has them all in a Red tizzy.  "Democracy(communism/democratic socialism) may come to an end as we know it". Good.  Then we will be a Republic again.  

These women have hit the streets again for the July 4th holidays in hopes of making it the last one!!!  Their SAW attack is now directed at DHS and ICE. These "comrades" want to 1) eliminate all interior enforcement immigration laws, and 2) stop the detaining of most people who cross the border if they have children with them.  Sen. Feinstein is promoting a bill that will stop the arrest of any of our "invaders" within 100 miles of the border!?  One Sheriff in AZ says that border is now I-10.

Their cry of Liberty means liberation from "Natural Law", whether governmental or religious. They do not "delight in the law of the Lord"(Psalms 1).  They are like chaff driven by a "red" wind.  Why should they stand in judgment of our nation?  They amount to nothing more than "Soviet' political commissars.  Their "mouth is full of cursing and deceit and fraud; under (their) tongue is mischief and vanity"(Pslams 10:7)

Nothing like immoral women protesting the "immoral" policies of our government.  Our usual fifth column has rallied to the "abuse" of the children of illegal immigrants in their "Families belong together March".  Still hiding their causes behind "the children".  Do they want to save them from immorality, no, they want them to be saved from....VIRTUE!  The battle cry of "abolish ICE, gives them all away.

The Soviet-crat party has become the "Center for Caucasion Control". "Get whitey" has now been turned into get white Republican women.  Will Freemen Stand?!  Their concept of "Liberty in Law" is really outside the law.  Their behavior is only natural...for the wicked.  No, this country wasn't made for you...and me.  Love it...or leave it!

Trump Bows to Fifth Column

posted Jun 24, 2018, 7:39 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Jun 29, 2018, 8:25 PM ]

The Communist run "Resistance" operating through the umbrella fronts of MoveOn and the Democrat Party, have another victory.  Trump wimped out under the "fellow-traveler" media pressure and the huge cult" of famous celebrities.  They are all part of the "legal insurrection".  They constitute a huge Soviet fifth column Army.  We are living in such a time of treason and subversion that it strains the patriotic heart. Due to 100 years of infiltration, it seems half our people would rather have Communism than Ameircanism.  They love the "free" love of the former, and not he virtue of the latter.

That has not only created our welfare(commie-fair) state, but also the problem on the border.  Trump plans on rewarding two million "commie" babies with amnesty.  The "open borders" campaign of invasion will turn other red states blue.  With the help of Speaker Ryan our "borders, language, and culture" will be destroyed.  Marxism has always preached "free trade" and "open borders".  If you don't have the rights that come with borders, you don't have the power to protect your homes from invasion nor yourself from your enemies.

The huge fifth column of propagandists is giving themselves away by the use of the usual name calling campaign.  The cry of Nazi, terrorist, or racist is used on all who stand against Communism and their invasion of America.  Obama said in 2014 " Don't send your children to the border with smugglers(that's what all the "parents' really are)....they will get sent back". Though the conditions were worse under Obama, he is excused....because he is a communist.  Mexico is so complicit with this subversion and invasion that we should be declaring war on them and "freeing" their citizens from the drug cartels.  Then they can pay reparations(like Germany) to America to build the wall.  No, we don't need the wall, just a loyal neighbor, instead of one who acts like an enemy.

Mexico is becoming like Columbia.  Their leading presidential candidate advocates massive immigration into our country.  "Migration is a human right". It definitely is not an inalienable right, one that comes from God.   Though stated in typical communist fashion, it is no such thing as a human right to invade a country.  A Mexican airlines will unite (invader) immigrant families for free.  There they go again...with that "free" word again.  Due to President Trump's naivete, the "Atzlan" plan of invasion is working.  It was in effect during the Reagan years too, but he also was too naive.  Any "real" candidate should be talking about it.  The controlled media sure won't!

Comrade Sharpton just had to prove the point, and say white families wouldn't be treated this way.  The two "traitor" minorities are playing that card to the hilt.  All families are separated whenever they are involved in a crime.  They just don't like it if the person doing it is a "real" American. CPS is constantly doing so, especially to Christian families.  The big lie "is in; they sold it well behind the cry of "Separation"...making a "mountain out of a mole hill".  We must not separate Soviet "criminal" families, just American ones.

The World Affairs Brief suggests a simple solution is to immediately deport them to Mexico, the nearest country they came through. Let them apply for "refugee" status from there. Our President is correct to say "no judges, no court cases".  Only citizens should have a right to that.  If you "don't feed them", they won't come.  We have no obligation to corrupt societies or people.  What we need is more porn at the border!?  Enter Stormy Daniels.  All comrades stick together.  They all seem to have a "Harley's heart"(Harley was played by Henry Fonda in the movie "The Cheyenne Gentlemen's Club).  Here are a few more "commie" sex nuts:

--"Crazy red Maxine Waters says the Methodist church should kick AG Sessions out.  She calls for the harassment of all Trump administration officials at resturants, stores, and gas stations. Sounds like a declaration of war to me.
--(Sin)Cynthia Nixon of "sex in the city", and GOP hopeful in NY(?), says ICE is a terrorist organization.  
--Kevin Costner, that bastion of morality, says on the Joy Behar show that "I'm not recognizing America".(or is that Amerika?)  "We are acting really small".  Has he ever made a movie that wasn't violent ....and pornographic?
--Polosi(CA) demands zero border enforcement. "Detention is a form of child abuse".  NO, but what your party is promoting in our schools for sex education is! 
--Feinstein(CA) is promoting a bill that would prevent almost all federal arrests of our invaders.
--Sen. Kamala Harris(CA) says it is "a crime against humanity".  Under communism, virtue is a crime against humanity!
--Bono(another bastiuon of virtue) agrees with the Bushs(Jeb and Laura) when they talk about our heartless child border policy. Bono says were Nazis and F...ing kidnappers: we are torturing children.  They couldn't have done better then if they had been part of a local communist agitprop pro-cell.  Maybe they forgot it was the Democrat FDR that incacerated the Japanese.  It's only good if a commie-rat does it.
--Then there is the Coumo family. The NY Governor is one of many that want to "commie" ACLU sue Trump over the "separation of children".  He says ICE is a terrorist organization. His son on CNN says Trump is "treating kids like c**p".  He is a "chip of the old block".
--Former CIA chief(and supporter of the communist party), John Brennan says Trump's "incompetence is seriously damaging the nation". He calls for the White House cabinet to revolt against the President.  Putin could not have said it better.
--Mitt Romney had to jump on the same band wagon and say that "it puts America in a terrible light around the world".  The author of our "ATZLAN" invasion problems, Putin, would love that too.  He's probably the only one listed here that is moral.

All of this has been disquised behind the false Marxist interpretations of the Bible.  The real goal is to replace Trump voters with illegal immigrants.   The Communists are expert at infiltrating all religions and "twisting" passages out of context to promote their agenda.  Yes, Jesus said to bring all the children onto him. That means teach them VIRTUE, not traffic in them as the real child abusers do. He didn't say "cowbird" drop your children for someone else(the state) to care for.  The battle cry for America is:  God, family, and country.  Not do as the socialists do: worship themselves, sleep around, and steal from someone else.  So,..."Are you ready to fight...Communism in America!?

"Most people don't realize that the KREMLIN HAS ALREADY INVADED AMERICA.  The reason most Americans are not conscious of this invasion is due the fact that it has been going on for 39 years.  The Soviet leaders have moved entire divisions of their political army into our country unnoticed by all except a few security-minded citizens.  These Red forces are a political army which is civilian in appearance and walk the streets of America indistinquishable from the rest of the population.  Their weapons of war consist of infiltration into government, education, finance, and communication by subversion, disruption, poisonous propaganda, and espionage.  They are largely an invisible enemy acting behind fronts, and therefore difficult to pinpoint.  Operating as a disciplined and dedicated force they insinuate themselves into various sensitive and key areas of our society."          
Archibald Roosevelt


posted Jun 16, 2018, 8:51 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Jun 17, 2018, 5:48 PM ]

Beware the "GOP cult", is the latest battle cry from the Soviet/Democrat left.  Again, a case of calling your opposition what you are.  The main sign of a cult...is too much sex, sex, sex,...all over the place.   Too much pornography, promiscuity and homo-sexuality gives them VD of the brain....eyes that don't see...and ears that don't hear.  Reason is truth and truth is eternal.  Socialism is the opposite.  It yields no reason(common sense)...or truth!

Those on the left over use their "commie" brain and then shout their favorite F-word at President Trump and anyone else who doesn't bow to them.  They can send you such "terms of endearment"!  Since our President also falls into that style of behavior, you could say there is a "Trump Cult".  At least he's against abortion.

That brings us to the second characteristic of a cult.  And that is to shed innocent blood.  Is it any coincidence that the name callers all support abortion?  We have cults like the "Bohemian Grove" and the "Skull and Bones".  Many famous politicians and reporters have belonged to them...from both parties.  The Bible refers to the "Groves", symbolic of debauched moral behavior where false priests practiced orgies in worship of Baal(actually Satan).  In worship of the "Golden Calf"?  They descended into human sacrifice...of even children.

The "golden" brothel owner of the Bunny Ranch has now won the GOP nomination for the NV legislature.  Neither party has moral standards for their candidates.  There are "cults" within both of them.  Heidi Fleiss of Washinton D.C. fame was there to give "comrade" Dennis Hof her "moral" support!  To bad we were never able to get her list of clients years ago.  What a revelation that would have been.  Whether a brothel or a "dating" service, it is done to compromise and blackmail government leaders.  

By the way, all those "russian women" can quit sending me their emails now.  It's not working!  Russia is known for setting up visiting officials.  The Trump story is false, but symbolically correct.  With the type of Secret Service we have, who needs enemies.  The leader of our military says he doesn't care who you sleep with...as long as you can do the job.  That is our UN-American military for you!?  It doesn't quite fit the definition of: "will Freemen Stand"?


posted May 22, 2018, 6:14 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Jun 4, 2018, 7:36 PM ]

Faith and Reason make us men.  Take those away, what are we then?....mere animals!  A WI assemblyman was rejected by the state Rebublican Party and all of it's leaders because of his comment about women raping easy.  But they failed to mention the rest of the story.  He also said the goal of our schools is to "turn our children into animals!"  This could have been great teaching moment for all those who rejected him, including Mitt Romney.  They didn't reject him for his past moral transgressions, but for actually for telling the truth.  The GOP doesn't have any moral standards for it's candidates either.

Our schools are literally being used as transmission belts for communist propaganda, encouraging the profligate lifestyle of Hollywood, the MOB, and most leaders in sports, academia, business, and politics.  Communism calls for maximum homosexuality, promiscuity, adultery, and pornography(read the Barron Co. Resolution...again!)   Public schools teach graphic sex without parental involvement.  In Tucson, this includes anal sex and Necrophilia!  This all started with the "Soviet" Siecus programs of the mid-fifties.  

We have the animals of Nazi Germany and their blonde haired and blue-eyed "love camps" producing a "superior race".  Then we have the Soviet system where everyone is an animal; no racism here!  Sounds like the Democrat Party.  What kind of a country trains its soldiers to "whore" and kill for their leaders?!  An UN- American country?  It doesn't matter who you sleep with!?  Tyranny has many rear ends!  Will Freemen stand?  That term only applies to a virtuous people.

Not much our President can comment on here, without showing gross hypocracy.  It has all built the welfare state...and the DACA invader baby army.  This kind of immoral behavior has definitely "forced the United States to spend itself into destruction"(Lenin).  Stalin called for the undermining of our religion, our morality, and thus our patriotism.  This is why Kruschev knew "we would fall like a ripe plum".  Without this plan of animal behavior, it would not happen.  And neither would all these school shootings.  

They are going up for the same reason that out of wedlock births have increased.  Our new "Soviet" school system, especially at the collegiate level, are turning our children into animals.  They have done so with slogans like: "God is dead", "if it feels good do it", and "make love not war".  Under socialism, God is replaced by man, and intellectualism.  The lives of animals become more important than those of human beings(abortion and death panels).  The subversive means justifies the gross loss of life.  School shootings justify destroying 2nd amendment rights.

The name calling from the right surely bothers the left.  They are used to doing that; it's their battleground.  But if our President calls MS-13...animals, that hits their immoral nerve.  Jorge Ramos of Univision TV and Luis Gutierrez(CA) say this puts him in a master class of racial demagogery. Nothing like the red "pot calling the kettle black".  This is a culture of rapine activity, even of young children.  The so-called Democrat Party loves them...and Hamas!  The party of treason and invasion, the party of homosexuality and multiple genders, the party of the MOB, the party of give away America, gets all self UN-righteous!  Too much "commie" sex gives them VD of the brain!

The party of "Sanctuary cities" and sports betting(gambling) has become the party of all fifth column betrayal.  Unfortunately they have help from the GOP version.  Former President Fox of Mexico is in on name calling too.  He says AG Sessions is a "little mouse" because of his work against invader sanctuary cities.  In CO, the ACLU is running "resistance training" for them. I smelll a big Red rat"!  He likes to use the F-word  word a lot, on people he doesn't like. I bet he's the biggest drug dealer in Mexico.  

The Constitution was set up to outlaw four basic activities or crimes:  monopolies, vice, debauchery of public morals, and high crimes(such as murder).  Now our government protects all of them.  One could say the mob has thoroughly infiltrated our government.  Mob morality begets mob control. They have done so through gambling, girly joints, and professional sports teams.  The worst "mob" of all may be all the "soviet" bureauracies, 90-98% of which vote Democrat.  Of such is the "Deep State".

MS-13 and all the other animals coming across our border(and the borders of Europe) qualify as a "culture from the other side of the Jordan River".  The mob has used under age assassins and the communist left does too.  The recent shooter in TX will only get life!?...because of our "Soviet" Supreme Court that likes to rule in favor of criminals and communists.  They decided in 2005 that to execute anyone under 18 would be "cruel and unusual" punishment.  Never mind the "cruel and unusual" crime!  In 2012 outlawed life without parole; no more than 40 years.  Actually TX countered with that one.

The same goes for the illegal immigrant that raped a 13 year old girl(40 years?).  Deadly force was appropriate at the time of the crime.  To not do so now just rewards them for "success" and punishes us financially by warehousing them for long periods of time.  Just declare them "Outlaws" and throw them out.  Unwanted..dead or alive!  And shot them on site if they return.  Maybe a bounty would be appropriate?!  We don't need to waste so much legal time on them in our courts and prisons.  They are an enemy invasion army...and should be treated as such.  And no, all these lives do not matter!!!  Animals were created....to be killed by man.


posted Apr 15, 2018, 5:59 PM by John Schiess

George Washington and others warned America about "entangling alliances".  They said Europe's interests do not coincide with our interests.  We have ignored their warnings for the globalist objectives of world government and international treaties, like SEATO that got us into Vietnam.  That war was fought under false pretences, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, and so is this one in Syria. 

The goal is to bring all countries under the control of the "Soviet" UN. Any country that will not comply will suffer a regime change at the command of UN resolutions, using the United States as the "whipping boy".  We have lost every war under the control of their aupices. They have taken away our right to a Declaration of War, without which traitors cannot be prosecuted, ie. Jane Fonda.

Our state department has been controlled by those who would subvert us from within for many decades.  Alger Hiss, that "innocent" law professor from Harvard, set up the UN with the help of many of his pro-cell friends.  All of these wars and trade treaties give them more control over us and limit our individual liberties.  UN wars are unconstitutional.  As our Founders would say, we are not traveling the world looking for dragons to slay.  We are not the worlds police force...and neither is the UN.

Syria poses no threat to us.  We did not want anyone interfering in our Civil War.  Neither should we in the Middle East.  We do not need to be in an never ending "UN" war that forces us "to spend ourselves into destruction", constantly raising the national debt.  President Trump has been confused a second time in regard to Syria.  His "swamp" advisors talked him out of getting out.  Assad, an eye doctor married to a Britian, doesn't seem to fit such harsh words as used by the President or Nikki Haley.  She sure seems to like sounding tough.  Too bad she wasn't so in SC when the communist left hit her state and started the new "Civil War".

There have been at least three other unverified chemical attacks reported.  Given time, I believe the truth will come out.  I would advise going to World Affairs Brief,com and reading their report on this issue.  Is this a fabricated event?  When the "rebels" left they could not take their prisonors with them.  They may have been cruelly used to serve propaganda purposes.

Lindsey Graham and John McCain have been well pleased with the air strikes. The "fake" media is too, even Sean Hannity has jumped on board.  He is not right all the time.  Tucker Carlson is the only one there who isn't. Contributers like Tomi Lahren and Ann Couter stand with him.  I tire of the "heroes" safe at home proclaiming how proud they are of our nation and the airstikes. Are we a nation of immoral people putting on a false act of virtue by hiding behind "chemical weapons"?
The UN under investigation for gross moral abuses and sex slavery does it all the time.  Communism reverses what is really important.

Our only allies were Britian and France, hardly the examples of virtue.. the royal family sure isn't. Pedophlia seems to be a problem amongst their leaders.  What is France known for?...a nation of" lovers"?  Macron based his decision upon reports by the White Helmuts, allies of the Army of Islam, supplied by both the US and Saudi Arabia.  The Army of Islam is tied to the al Qaeda rebel forces suppoted by the US.  Regime change did not work out well in Vietnam, and it will not work out well in the Middle East.  Italy and Germany did not join us because this will only increase the refugee migrant invasion of Western countries.....a key goal of international communism.  Moscow would be very happy with that result!

The Gullibles!?

posted Mar 25, 2018, 3:17 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Mar 25, 2018, 3:20 PM ]

Has President Trump turned the Deblorables into the Gullibles?  The Never-Trumpers are most deplorable to the gullibles. But as time passes, they are looking better and wiser all the time.  Gullibles would "buy the Brooklyn Bridge", believe it's sunny out when it is raining, and trust Donald Trump when he says he will never do it again!?  "I had no choice; I will never do it again!".  I think that is what he told each former wife about adultery.  Didn't he just commit political adultery? "I had no choice" is the time tested excuse for rhinos and neo-cons like Speaker Ryan.  Who helped Ryan win his seat?!

Isn't he just a "conservative" Democrat?  President Trump just gave Schumer a victory to brag about.  Hiding behind the military disguise, he sold us out to the left again.  He did it on bump stocks, he did it on DACA, on the border wall, on Obamacare, and he did it for the new communist youth league.  He did it when he fell for a meeting with the "Rocketman"; he fell for their buying time game to fully develop their missiles. More hot air and no results.  Another trillion added to the national debt in six months!  He went along with 500 million for Planned Parenthood!  He is acting like "One Term Trump"!

Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and others rightfully took him to task.  The art of the (republican)deal became the art of the (democrat)steal.  It's too bad he didn't have the privilege of a line-item veto.  Had I won a Senate seat in 1984, Reagan would have had that tool.  Sen. Hatfield, who gave away the Panama Canal like a good Democrat, voted against it. 

President Trump should have gone for a government shutdown.  This was a "pig in  a poke".  Do you still believe a man that cannot remain faithful to his wife, will remain faithful to cause of liberty?  I would stand by him every step of the way in his fight with the "Soviet" deep state, but he had better get some more backbone.  Better start looking for a replacement in 2020.   I wonder if the "Christian" community can find a "Joshua" or a "Joseph" to replace him?  Maybe a "David"?  No, not enough money or win-ability?  Nothing like those Christian former(?) womanizers to save our country!  Can't find a just and virtuous man?  Might as well keep him.  I still believe in "One Term Trump".  Only the gullible would believe otherwise!

"One Term" Trump

posted Mar 17, 2018, 4:00 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Mar 22, 2018, 7:33 PM ]

President Trump spoke at CPAC  announcing his 2020 candidacy and candidacy slogan: "Keep America Great".  He spoke of his support for the 2nd amendment and then called for the things the communist left(Democrats) want: eliminate bump-stocks and raise the age of purchases.  "Take the guns first, then have due process"!?  He speaks out of both sides of his mouth.  Though a conservative one, he may be a different kind of snake?  Tyranny's banner calls for worship of the leader, moral decay, and robbery(socialism). Some like President Clinton flash a Bible and do the same thing.

When he first ran for President, I referred to him as Caesar Trump, and considered him just a "Mob" candidate.  All the mob did was supposed to be confined to Vegas. Gambling has now become a national pastime supported by state governments.  It was promoted by Governors, such as Tommy Thompson, as the solution to all our budgetary problems. That big lie, along with girly joints and professional sports, gave the mob control of most of our states.  Most all their vices have been made legal.  One should google Paul Harvey's commentary,"If I were the Devil" from 1965.  "If I were the devil, I would take gambling off the streets and put it in the statehouse".

Does the mob want a strong military to protect its' interests?  Sure it does!  Donald Trump got in the White House because the GOP didn't have anyone with real backbone.  It took an egotistical profligate casino owner to beat both corrupt dynasties and the "fake" media.  The low moral character of America makes her ripe for a "Caesar" to step forward with his solutions.  "Romans" will always sell their vote for money.  Has the GOP become the home for Vegas casino owners like Trump and Finn(was head of GOP fund raising)?  The porn and gambling vote definitely went for Trump.
President Trump neither knows the Constitution...or the Enemy Within.  Neither is he the moral leader our country really needs.  His alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels puts him in a class with Clinton, Kennedy, and Schwartzneggar.  Daniels plans to act our her behavior with a Trump imitator.  They all have brought America to a new low, hiding behind "Christian" cloth.  Baptist Pastor Jeffries of TX says that Trump's personal life is irrelevant!  "We are not choosing a minister-in-chief." That was quite shocking to me.  Look what that has given for us..wars we should never have been in! Think of "Camelot"!

The founders of our country said that we should only chose moral and religious leaders(did you know that there once was a time when lawyers were banned from public office!).  What did God tell Moses about choosing "Judges" to rule over the affairs of the people?  They were to be honest, just, and moral men.  Pastor Jeffries, like many others, said that didn't matter...because of Trump's strong policies?. "We are all sinners!, said the good pastor.  

No, we are not so in the manner of our President. Moral transgressions are not the same as a parking ticket. I know there are many good moral men still left in uniform, but they are not allowed to compete.  Is the country ready for such leadership yet?  Only "compromised" candidates need apply.  It is not the poor or the rich that lead morally, but the middle class.  Joy Behar agrees with what the Communists say, "Christian views make you mentally ill".  And that is why the communists need to eliminate the middle class.  The middle class is leaving CA.  So rich profligate oligarchs can rule over the poor profligate masses! 

I came away from CPAC with another slogan on my mind; "One Term Trump"!  We can do better with someone who won't compromise away our liberties. Did someone say something about removing the two term limit on the Presidency?  Does some one want to be Caesar....Emperor for life!?  Remember...One Term Trump!


posted Feb 25, 2018, 7:08 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Feb 26, 2018, 5:30 PM ]

Communist youth leagues were formed in America in the early part of the last century..  "Peace"  groups existed in Portland, OR  high schools back in the early 80's.  Now we hear of such groups taking over high schools in Tucson, AZ and banning the American flag, replacing it with the Mexican flag, or refusing our Pledge of Allegiance.  It is not uncommon in CA schools for teachers to put up with F-bombs every period. 

In my first teaching position in Phoenix, AZ, in 1977, I had to put up with that nonsense until I finally went down to the district office and told the person who hired me that someone had better get that liberal principal out of my way, or find a new teacher.  Using the paddle the next Monday solved a multitude of problems.  We didn't hear any more F-bombs.  Good luck trying that today.  I turned down a math teaching position in Portland in 1982, because it seemed I was targeted by an agitator "off the street" the school didn't want to do anything about.  That was the last time I tried to teach and eventually went into "politics".  That definitely ended a teaching career.

'Useful idiots' is a term use in J. Edgar Hoover's book, "The Masters of Deceit"(on my book list).  By the fifties, the left had such groups organized in every race, sex, age group, and profession.  Now the Communist Internationle has shifted its tactics to the children and youth groups worldwide to push their agenda.  They definitely did not let a crisis go to waste in Parkland, FL  They have destroyed 1st amendment rights on our college campuses, now they are after the 2nd amendment.  The Bernie Sanders worshiping website Moveon.org has this to say about it.

"The students who survived the Parkland massacre have pierced America's conscience with their moral certitude and fierce determination....Young people in communities around the country are leading the way--just as they've done in every breakthrough social movement in our history.  We simply must seize this moment and do more to stand with them."  There you have it, right from the horse's Red mouth!  They also brag of having 551 local Revolution groups and counting.

President Trump has allowed himself to become a "useful idiot" by allowing them to use the White House as a propaganda platform.  FDR used to do that all the time.  And then he gave them what they wanted and issued an order against bump stocks. What will he give them next, DACA...and single payer?...a national registry?  Is he, like Gov. Scott of FL, open to confiscating firearms? Thankfully, he doesn't agree with Gov. Scott  on not allowing teachers to be armed.

The students were well trained and coached to threaten us if we didn't do what they asked.  Dana Loesch should not have walked into that CNN commie trap.  She was called a murderer and a bad mother.  If students were that insolent in my classroom, I would have thrown them out.  If you don't know the meaning of the word "Civil", keep your mouth shut till you do.  At one point she was advised by the host to leave right away with her security team.  As she latter said, if she hadn't, she mostly wouldn't have gotten out safely at all.  That event was nothing more than a communist party rally.  Have the parents no shame?!...using their children's death for leftist political causes.  That's the way the "evil empire" works!

The "youthful idiots" were used for protests across America.  The women's march leader fueled the Parkland protests.  Sheriff Clarke called them Soros astro-turf.  Soros loves his Red politics. Oprah, Spielberg, and Katzenberg gave half a million to the cause.  Our youth are not only commie trained to "love" each other up, but to destroy the NRA and the Pledge of Allegiance.  

Our "Loyalty Oath' states:  "I do solemnly swear(or affirm) that I do bear TRUE FAITH and ALLEGIANCE to the United States of America and will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all its enemies, foreign and domestic......I do solemnly swear(or affirm) that I do not believe in, and am not a member of and do not support any organization that believes in or teaches, the overthrow of the United States Government by force or violence or by any illegal or unconstitutional methods."

Many of us have taken this oath in military service to our country. I also took that oath as a teacher in AZ years ago. Wonder if they still do that?  Am I  overstating the obvious when I say that leaves out the NEA, Hollywood, the Democrat Party,...and these youth?  What a fifth column we have!!  Are you ready to rally against all this internal subversion?  You should join CPAC and other patriotic groups listed on my website.

The left has tried to define this as a right to life issue.  That is what the Constitution protects.  The right to life as defined by them does not trump the Constitution's right to defend ourselves.  It does not trump the right to protect life. The real problem is one of virtue. Education without moral training leads to the atrocities of Nazi Germany and Communist Russia.
....and the shootings taking place in America now.  Laws only work for a moral and religious people.  As some have said, our God needs to go back in the classroom.  "Tyranny begins where God leaves off"..Wm Penn.



posted Jan 24, 2018, 9:01 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Jan 27, 2018, 9:33 PM ]

Secret societies have been in the world ever since Cain slew Abel.  They operate in darkness and form satanic cults. Virtue is not a characteristic of them.  They demand the sacrifice of virtue...and the shedding of innocent blood.  To advance into the top levels of the Mob, as one FBI agent told me, you have to murder your best friend!!  People join satanic covens for the promise of power, wealth, and "pleasure".  There is opposition in all things. Many people make covenants with God....and many do so with Satan.  You can always tell them by their works!

So has the FBI has formed a secret society to take down the President!?  Stzok and Page got caught commie-mating....and deleting emails?  This is something the communist left has always accused J. Edgar Hoover of doing.  The "deep state" was so corrupt and complicit with the Red left that Hoover had to kept records of their commie-coupling in order to keep his job, protecting us from internal subversion.  The Kennedys and King  were the KKK of profligate communist moral behavior.  If you haven't read Hoover's book, "The Masters of Deceit" by now, you should have.

The Communists hated three things: J Edgar Hoover and the FBI, the congressional committees on Un-American Activities, and the John Birch Society.  The JBS is probably the number one pro-Constitution and anti-Communist organization in America since 1948.  If you have the courage to take their New American magazine for a year, you will be amazed what you will learn!   The communist founded ACLU was used to shutdown the Senate and House committees. The communists launched a false moral narrative about Hoover that many still falsely believe today.  The Communist Daily Worker came out with an agitprop attack against JBS that was also proven to be false. Why does Hannitty always have it's leader on his show?  You  should read the ACLU letter under AFACT at this website.  The FBI used to define Communism as the International Criminal Conspiracy(ICC).

The "deep state" of his day took down Joseph McCarthy.  He was right about all he said.  Read McCarthy: Betrayed by History by Stanton Evans.  The Soviet shills of the so-called Democrat Party were in on it along with President Eisenhower.  As they do today, neither he nor FDR or Truman would co-operate with the committees.  They hid records in the White House under "executive privilege".  The famous Alger Hiss, a law professor at Harvard, was just one of the famous communists protected by the Democrat Party.  Many of the Democrats on the Senate committee that harassed McCarthy, including the famous philandering Sen. Hays, were defeated in the 1952 elections that put Eisenhower in the White House and gave the GOP control of the Senate.....and the House?

What are the characteristics of secret societies?  They whore, they lie, they steal, they covet, and they murder.  Secret societies have been with us all through the ages, acting in opposition to freedom.  They work to subvert the will of the people.  They study and plan secretly to destroy our liberty: our morals, our religion, and our patriotism.  The Bible says, "we struggle against the powers of darkness".  As I have said the banner of freedom is God, family, and country. Tyranny has many faces, freedom only one!  Their banner is: heck with God, worship us, sleep with us, and steal someone else's property(money).  Criminals always work secretly in the dark to commit a crime.  Some in Congress seem to do so openly.  Do the people have "eyes to see and ears to hear"? Moral decay is the key to their works. It gives people "VD of the brain".

There is a system of tyrannies fighting for power within our government.  They are all marked by their red moral turpitude.
Where do you find the element of freedom in our government?  Is there some with in the GOP conservative movement?  Is it enough?  All it takes for our fifth column to conquer us is a majority that chooses evil over good....that says we will have no God over us, nor moral accountability.  This is indeed "a time to choose".  May all that we are now hearing about be brought into the "light of day".  We are tired of this combination within both parties protecting themselves from justice.  We need our AG and the good men of Congress to follow through and root them out.  Clean out the swamp!  And, I might add,..."we the people"...need to clean our dirty doorstep too!

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