PC means:
          a).  Promote Communism
          b)   Protect Criminals 
          c)   the Propaganda of Communism
          d)   progressive communism
          e)  ACLU
          f)   Democrat Party
          g)  protect Comrades
          h)   all the above.

PC is also CP, communist propaganda; it is their stand on any political issue. Could that be PCP?....political communist propaganda..... from the secular-progressive left.  It is an agitprop attack on all that is good in America, especially religion and morality.  Only the KGB infiltrated religions are acceptable. They learned long ago that they could not sell communism outright; they had to coat it in the sheep's clothing of Christianity,  and even the religion of "peace".  Their religion includes homosexuality, invasion(cleverly disguised behind refugees--women and children), the war on women, and amnesty.  Everyone living like hell gets into socialist heaven--a welfare program.  America's motto is God, family, and country.  Theirs is worship us, sleep with us, and we'll steal someone else's property.  Their moral decay seems to give them VD of the brain.  They become too SSS--sexy, stubborn, and stupid!  Doesn't that sound like a democrat!?...and some GOP rhinos?

The four basic goals of subversion are: destroy God, destroy morality, destroy the family, and PC.  That can mean protect criminals.....or communists from the law. PC is the CPUSA stand on any issue. It is always the opposite of America's religious values.  PC is really CC--commie correctness.  It is the stand of Moscow on every issue it wants to subvert in the United States. It follows the pattern of "get whitey" and "white privilege".  If it's white it's bad, if not, it's good.  We are seeing that play out in San Bernadino(the first city in which the Catholic church was bribed into taking in the "children" on the border) and the US Attorneys office. The communist ACLU, BABO, and Loretta Lynch have filed suit against Dallas, TX for refusing to take in refugees.  To our disappointment TX backed down.  Why did they do so?

Was it because the UN has more authority over us than the US Constitution?  The UN has commanded the US to take in refugees.  Will Paul Ryan support the "get US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US" legislation?  He's too aligned with his mentor in MA-Barney Frank, and the UN supported Special Rights for Homosexuals Bill.  Getting out would solve a multitude of domestic problems.  America cannot survive a Red Trojan Horse organization any more than the body can survive a cancerous growth.  And don't expect Sen. Johnson of WI to do anything either.  Few seem to know that the UN was founded by communist Alger Hiss with the help of America's fifth column of money provided by the Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie foundations, just to mention a few.  There is so much evil money in America supporting leftist causes, especially those famous gay ones, and such people as Gates, Bloomberg, and Soros.

The PC left is always worried about "blow-back".  Loretta Lynch has told Muslim children in our schools that she will prosecute any "bullying" of them...by white people?  I know that she won't be doing any thing about the bullying of the white people in Salt Lake City.  Only white people are "evil".  If white people respond to attacks from the communist controlled minorities, it's called racism.  With an out of wedlock birth rate of 60-70%, they should clean their own "dirty door step first".  The redder the heiny, the bigger the mouth!   They can't seem to keep their pants up...or their big mouth shut!!!   They are indeed an internal enemy force to be dealt with.

Who will save America?  Will it be the rapine "religion of peace", or the rapine cultures from south of the border?  You have got to read Ann Coulter's latest book....ADIOS AMERICA!  It will turn your insides and inspire you to stand up against these debauched invaders. They fulfill so well the communist goals of uncontrolled(by religion) love---promiscuity, homosexuality, adultery, pornography, and rape.  Maybe we should ask each Presidential candidate if they support such behavior...or take money from such people?

In light of all of the attacks on white society from the red left, what will the "Col. Sanders GOP" do now?  They seem to have forgotten their heritage.  There is nothing wrong about GOOD white people being proud of their culture.  The majority of minorities are so debauched, they don't belong here.  If they hate white America they should go to a better country...maybe their country of origin that they destroyed and then ran away from. 

There was only one culture that founded America and became a new light onto the world.  It was a culture that had its origins in the "Camp of Israel", Anglo-Saxon blood, the Magna Carta, the Mayflower, and Jamestown.  It was a culture that TRULY followed a Savior.  The common name they called themselves was....FREEMEN!!  Only such people will save America now!!!   That culture needs to "WHITE" up and put an end to the hate whitey campaign of....COMMUNISM in AMERICA.


posted Sep 10, 2017, 5:28 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Sep 13, 2017, 6:33 PM ]

Did our President, who is half Democrat, just sell us out?  No matter how many good things is does, it won't matter if he doesn't remove all incentives to invade our country...and deal with the national debt.  He just gave the "government shut-down" game to them again and put them in the driver's seat on it in the future.  The same old GOP capitulation game.  The Democrats want to destroy the dollar by "forcing us to spend ourselves into destruction"(Lenin).   

Wars, social programs, and....natural disasters will do that.  They want to establish a world government under the UN with an international currency.   It is not the role of the federal government to provide relief for natural disasters.  That is the role for private individuals and businesses.  If we would get rid of all the socialist taxes, there would be plenty available.  

Our President won't prosecute Lois Lerner?!... neither Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, nor Barack Obama.  Is this the action of a Republican....or a Democrat?  Key talk show hosts that supported him from the beginning are very upset with the deal he has made, i.e. Michael Savage and Mark Levin.  Did he even get a guarantee of funding for the border wall?  That's not a great deal.  He could have ended DACA as it began, with an executive order.  Instead he gave the opposition more time to resuscitate it and waste our time fighting over it again.

The usual Rhinos have come out attacking Trump for what he did with DACA.  Tom Brokaw says the GOP is running a war against Hispanics.  Gov. Kasich wants the (commie) dreamers to come to OH for protection. Like CA, he wants OH to be a sanctuary state. Former comrade governor of AZ, "the mother of DACA" Janet Nepolitano is joining in a lawsuit to protect it.  Polosi says that Trump will sign a Dream Act....with the help of Ryan?...who says to them, "rest easy".  Senators Graham(SC), Flake(AZ), Murkowski(AL), and Gardner(CO) will support it, as do Jared ans Ivanka.

The fraud in DACA is at a 40-50% level. All socialist programs are at that level.  Pushing them down to the states would cut the expense in half. All welfare is unconstitutional and needs to be brought to an end. Local control minimizes the problem. This President neither understands the Constitution, nor the enemy domestic.  But neither do most of our citizens...or he wouldn't be in office in the first place!  You can have much better next time!

P.S.  A BLM leader says that they need to change their communist slogan from "white privilege"...to "white supremacy". They should be declared a terrorist group also.

Red Attacks on America

posted Sep 4, 2017, 6:23 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Sep 13, 2017, 6:29 PM ]

Maybe I should just call my commentaries the "Red Attack Weekly".  They are just fingers in the same glove(fist), from Antifa, SPLC, and the NFL, to the Democrat Party and the "Deep State".  Since the left can't make the Russian connection stick, they have turned to the white supremacy agenda-normalizing left-wing hate groups, in order to bring President Trump down. They staged a 10-day march from Charlottesville to Washington D.C. for that very purpose.  They say they want to repair the damage to the country and its people that he and all white people have caused.  

They are working on their version of "No-Go" zones called the "no platform" strategy.  The communist free speech movement began at Berkeley and now they have ended it at Berkeley.  That's free speech for Communism, but not for Americanism.  They attacked the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville and recently the "No to Marxism in America" prayer meeting in Berkeley. Their tactics are the same as those the brown-shirt Nazis used: gang up on individuals and beat them with clubs...and bike locks hidden in socks.  Could we call this another attack on Christianity?  As in Germany many years ago, our Nazis are rising up.  What are you going to do?

The Democrats laughed about it and the police did nothing.  And Pres. Trump wants to give them military weapons?  Who will they use them on?  It won't be our enemies in the streets shutting down free speech!  The FBI and DHS have finally labeled Antifa "domestic terrorists", but Elizabeth Warren won't denounce them.  Some Commie-rats(like Polosi) put on a show, just denouncing their tactics...not their philosophy.  The devil does love his own!  Did Sen. Rubio really once say their's was justifiable violence?  After meeting with Antifa, the Phoenix declared itself a Sanctuary City. They had a gay mayor when I left in 1999.  What else is new in the big cities?

The SPLC warns of more bloodshed over Monuments and Middle Schools. I guess they are talking about the middle school with the name of Robert E. Lee.  The cowards of education immediately backed down and took the name off!!?  I call that cowardice in the face of the enemy. They say there are 1500 more to go!  "All white voters are supremacists".  If that isn't a declaration of war, I don't know what is?  Some of them are calling FDR a racist which he wasn't.  Some of his age would have called him a communist. He helped enough of them infiltrate our government!...and implemented their "social security" program.  NYC wants to rename the island named after him.  I could go for that...but for different reasons.

The "get whitey" communist attack of the 60's took the form of degrading our Founding Fathers as just...."Dead White European Males".  Destroy it's heroes, destroy a country.  When they say they must confront or destroy "white privilege", they mean."White" morality(since they have none): God, family, and country.  They're culture has done an excellent job of destroying all three.  Remember, Stalin said we must destroy their patriotism, morality, and religion.  They're motto is the opposite: worship us, sleep with us, and we'll steal someone else's property.  And that requires the "slave reparations" of all property owned by white folks!.

Then, there is their DACA issue.  Will Pres. Trump back down because 300 communist front ministers want him to?...like the black minister in Chicago who wants to remove the name of Washington from a park?  How about the "Rev. Jesse Jackson", a chip off the old block of MLK.  It surely takes a womanizing minister to determine who will see Jesus!?  If DACA remains in force, up to 2 million more illegals may get to stay here.  The TN atty gen. has backed down...because he has feelings.  We are not based on feelings(communism), we are based on the rule of law.  Our enemies known how to take advantage of the former.

The communist left is using the old argument that if we do it, the GOP will lose Hispanic votes. Even Jeb Bush fell for it. Many GOP Senators and Congressmen have betrayed us on it.  Good people do the right thing, and that is not based on race, but principle.  I will gamble on that and not the agitprop.  If the threat were real, that would make them racists. Of course the communist controlled minorities are in the streets protesting it's removal!  What else could corrupt people do? Hope our President has the backbone not to do what Obama and Hillary would want him to do.

"How about those Cowboys!?"  Who needs them?...or the Packers?...or the NFL?  Are they"fisting" us?  They support the communists on DACA, homosexuality(actually any kind of sex), climate change, and illegal immigration...just to mention a few.  Yes, when I was younger I was addicted too.  But, I finally learned how to think!  I once posed the question: If they wore Nazi helmets would you still watch them?  How about if they wore the "Hammer and Cycle" on their helmets?  I bet you would, because the conditioning dependency on them has become so great!  

Well, symbolically, they are.  The clinched fist has always been a symbol of communist agitation.  Are black players now "forcing" their white teammates to do the same?  Tis sad to see!  Cowardice?  Maybe they would like to stand up and apologize for their whiteness?...as was done to white students by a black teacher in a middle school in NC!  Can this really be happening in America?!

What else can you expect from a organization founded on immorality.  Remember, except for Tim Tebow, "there are no virgins in the NFL"(National Fornication League).  Mob morality gives them control of your country.  Should I spend hard earned money so players so playboy quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers can live comfortably with their commie-girl(mistress)?  Can you make rational judgments?  If the NFL wants to give us the fist, we should leave their stadiums empty...and show them whose running the show!?  Hope they enjoy playing BY themselves.  Maybe they can get in on the "Patriots" gay game?  There goes my candidacy.  If I don't come out and worship the Packers, can I possibly get elected?!!!

Remember, "White" power..and John Schiess for U.S. Senator!

America's Hamas

posted Aug 19, 2017, 8:52 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Sep 3, 2017, 9:14 PM ]

Red Racism has hit America again in Charlottesville, VA.  Now it's looking to strike in Richmond, VA.  It's the newest red plague spreading across our nation at the hands of the Black communist left.  It started with the confederate flag in SC and now includes all Confederate heroes of the Civil War, especially Robert E. Lee.  The final step includes all our founding fathers!..especially Thomas Jefferson...and George Washington.  If an enemy army had invaded our country and done such, we would have shot them.  Now a home grown subversive army does so, and we do...nothing!?  To let this continue would be like letting Lenin out of jail in Russia, a great mistake the world regrets. Both Rush Limbaugh and Patrick Buchanon are predicting a second civil war.  

Stalin once said, "we spit in their faces, and they call it dew!"  Our cowardly fake news and college intellectuals can't bend over and apologize fast enough to please our enemies. The fifth column "elites" are jumping on board the commie train in droves trying to be fellow-traveler false heroes  The whole situation in Charlottesville has the ring of a "deep state" involvement.....in order to set up Trump?  The leader of the legal demonstration once supported Obama and Occupy America.  The leaders of the illegal demonstration also supported both.  The communist BLM and Antifa came with rocks and clubs. At which point the traitor black police chief withdrew his force from the scene. It reminds me of Russia. The same tactic takes place in all communist controlled countries.  Americans demonstrate at the ballot box, Communists demonstrate in the streets...especially when they lose.  Did the Democrats hire actors again?

Antifa stands for anti-facist!?  Really?  The moral reversal of evil is always amazing.  Antifa says attacking a Nazi is not a crime.  But attacking a communist is?   ACLU also has the gall to blame the police saying they wanted it to happen.  It is not conservatives that are "making America hate again".  It is them.  This is all tied into the LGBT movement and the destruction of marriage and gender.  "Tyranny begins where God leaves off"--Wm Penn.  The true story lies in the title of Michael Moore's website: I hate America!  Those that are angry and hate religion, morality, family, and the American way are the true hatemongers. They are the real hate group, not those of us who oppose them.  Peace only comes to the virtuous, those who truly understand the meaning of the word FREEMAN.

This whole event was set up in order to broad brush all white GOP conservatives into the usual communist propaganda grouping of Nazis and KKK white supremacists. They then forced our President to denounce them...but not the black supremacists! You should never apologize to the enemy left.  As John Wayne said,"its a sign of weakness".  If you do, they win the psyops war. They follow the admonition of the famous Chinese General Sun Tsu very well.  "We must first demoralize them."  That means make them feel guilty and ashamed of....the past actions of others.  

President Trump went PC on us. He said both sides were at fault.  Wrong!  Only one side was legal and only one side wasn't.  Only one side came to do violence...the black supremacists!  Our President did not have the courage to call them out.  Was it because he has been a past contributor to the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  He said that "we are all Americans and we salute the same flag". Wrong again!  Almost half of our people salute the Soviet flag morally, economically, and politically.  All racism is not wrong.  To stand against those cultures that refuse to accept our values and are a threat to our communities, whether Muslim, black, brown, green, or white...is good "racism".  They should not be allow in and those here should be banished.

As one former black FBI agent once said, "giving MLK a national holiday would be like raising the red flag over America". The "racist"election of Barack Obama did the same thing.  As Jane Fonda of the democrat party once said, "Communism is the goal."  That is the goal of the ult/liberal/progressive/communist/democrat left.  In my last run for US Senate against Tammy Baldwin, I said all minorities are communist controlled.  When a culture has an out-of-wedlock birthrate of 60-70%, they are obviously in the "soviet" orbit.  Those who are marching in the streets probably practiced communist morality the night before. If you don't understand, go read the "Resolution" under issues.  The streets have been theirs for a long time, but thanks to the conservative tea party movement, not anymore.  And they don't like it!  

If I were in the White House, I would throw MLK's bust into the street...and see how they like that?  All Confederate soldiers, sailors. and marines who fought in the Civil War were declared US veterans by an act of Congress 23 May 1958. So when they desecrate a monument, headstone, or statue; they are disgracing a..U. S. veteran, some of which were black.  I don't see them complaining about blacks that owned plantations and kept slaves. Neither are trying to take down the statue of Lenin in Seattle.  They have let themselves become part of the greatest slave system in the world.

Stalin said that in order to take over America, he would have to control the minorities, especially the black community.  They did so in the 60's and they are doing it again now.  Nothing has changed. Their dream was to form a nation in the Southeast.  They seem to have done so in our major cities.  Stalin knew our country would not fall from within unless they could undermine our strengths: religion, morality, and our patriotism.  Nowhere is this been more successful than in minority communities.

Should groups who are allied with our enemies really be allowed their supposed right to freedom of speech in the streets of our country?  Where did this false idea begin. In recent times, we need only to go back the 60's when the communist ACLU, putting on their "wolf in sheep's clothing" act, joined in a lawsuit before the Supreme Court that said that the Nazis did have the "right" to march in the Jewish community of Skokie, IL.  They just put their support behind the event in VA.

Ever since FDR stacked the court with his "liberal" friends, they have always ruled in favor of the communists. This whole case was just a cover for all the communist controlled riots that have occurred since then.  The Court nullified the Smith Act under which communists could be deported.  We need that law back again.  And the congressional subversive committees that the ACLU and the Democrats(even Dr. Spock) worked so hard to get rid of, thus lessening our security and abetting the infiltration and subversion of America.

Where is the political leader that can lead out on this?  Yes, our President is in the woods on this one.  The communist left may get him by hammering the white supremacist theme. If they do, it will be his own fault...for having been so two-faced and compromising in the past!  He needs to expose this "get whitey" attack on America..before it brings us down from within via a civil war lead by BABO and his red minorities.  Will FREEMEN stand!?

Commie-Nester Attacks

posted Jun 11, 2017, 8:05 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Jun 12, 2017, 9:23 PM ]

Reverse Homophobia?

Just when I didn't feel like writing much, the Homo-Nazis have held rallies across America in our major cities.  Many floats have pulled out of the gay parade in LA because they are honoring the Cuban terrorist pardoned by Obama just before he left office(he also lifted the embargo against Cuba). They have combined with the Anti-Trump crowd.   Same DEMON-strations, different name?  

Texas Governor Abbott has called a special session to consider 20 issues, but transgender issue seem to be the main reason, according to the LGBT community.  If Abbott, Pence, or anyone else opposes that community, Al Sharpton calls them the "true enemy of civil rights".  Well, BOO-HOO commie black people.  The conservatives support the TX Governor, but not the business community!?   After all, money does come ahead of principle for them. 

Civil rights does not necessarily coincide with inalienable rights.  In a nation under God, sins are not protected by natural law....but they are under communism.  Debauchery of public morals is not protected by the our Constitution....but is protected by the Soviet constitution of the UN.  That's why they have so many pedophilia and sex slave charges against them.  Communism is just the political expression of Satanism.  The goal is to turn people into animals.  Nancy Polosi says people that voted for Trump just did what "mammals would do".  The old communist reversal attack again.  No Nancy, your the party animals!

The US is thinking(correctly) that we should withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council.  May President Trump do so...and withdraw us from the UN altogether.  That Trojan Horse needs to go.  All it does is coordinate all the demonstrations that seem to be going on at least monthly.  Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak may become the UN head of Counter-Terrorism.  That might be a good idea?....since Russia trained most of them over recent decades.  All the UN does is put the "fox in charge of the hen house".

One hundred House GOP representatives have co-sponsored a bill to grant amnesty to the illegal invaders if they join our armed forces.  Really?!  Taking into account what happened in TX and what just happened in Afghanistan, what a great idea???  That way all the Muslim "refugees" and border invaders can infiltrate and ...conquer or armed forces?!   Is this another example of treason?  Anything is better than the elite college leaders of the future having to serve equally.   Guess they just don't want to compete for the "privilege" of dying for their country.  They would rather sell it out.

Have you ever heard of a military unit called the fighting college professors!?  During the Vietnam Era, those that went into education could keep getting draft deferred as long as they went into teaching and were good enough to advance to higher degrees.  The liberals sure went for that...and eventually ruined our education system.  The 2-S deferment system for college students declared people that work with their mouth are more important than those who work with their hands.  All this did was create an elite "draft-dodger" ruling class passing the buck to others.  These are the kind of people that now control business, education, and the legal profession. ( Let us not leave out the political arena).  And we wonder why our country is so messed up...and our leaders seem to have very little character?

I didn't last long as a teacher because...because I was too idealistic?   I came to the conclusion that the first requirement of an administrator...was a yellow streak down their back.  You sure see it on our college campuses now!  No discipline, reward without work, and offense without punishment!  The only ones getting punished are those who believe in God, family, and the American way.

I have a idea for a new song:  Don't let you kids grow up to be..Comrades!


The Soviet "March for Truth"!?

posted Jun 3, 2017, 10:23 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Jun 7, 2017, 7:43 PM ]

This falls into the same category as the Occupy America, March for Women, and Black Lives Matter demonstrations.  All coordinated by agents of the CP-USA and the rich traitors in our country who fund them.  The fifth column "47%" will not give up until America falls from within.  Michael Moore's Hate America game continues.  "Progressives" have planned marches in 130 cities and call President Trump a false president.  Such is the game of so many soviet thinking false citizens.  Calling it the March for Lies would be more truthful.

Masquerading as mild-mannered Democrats, they are plotting a revolution to circumvent Trump's stand on Climate Change. The accord has never been ratified as a treaty by the US Senate.  As World Affairs Brief reports it, we cannot apply to pull out of the accord until November of 2019.  and it wouldn't go into effect until November 4th 2020...one day after the next presidential election.  There is no enforcing mechanism, so it doesn't matter.

They call their revolutionary front a Coalition of States(and I might add, cities).  They are not only forming an alliance for climate change, but also an alliance for Sanctuary cities.  They are calling the GOP a terrorist group.  What else is new?  It's standard procedure for anyone who stands against communism in the USA(unfortunately the GOP doesn't really stand against it).  Their  "parent" organization, the UN, is calling the United States a "Rogue State"!?  That's about all the UN is made up of.  They have enough on their hands just to deal with pedophilia and sex slave charges made against them by whistle-blowers.  They define the "three stooges" that won't support climate change: Nicaragua, Syria, and...the US.  Maybe that's another reason the UN wants to take down Syria?

Macron, the new President of France, is offering american commie-flakes a "safe" place to flee from Pres. Trump's Macro-agressions.  If only they would take advantage of his offer of refugee status!  Please go.  Some are already fleeing to Canada, why not France.  Why not go all the way...to Russia!?  There is no such thing as reasoning with such twisted minds.  Socialism definitely is a mental illness. 

"Family, fortune and sacred honor" are terms unfamiliar to them  Their family is the family of moral decay.  The Party tells them when to marry, divorce, live together, or separate.  Sounds a lot like Hollywood doesn't it?  This destroys religion, morality, and the family.  Dr. Dobson of "Focus on the Family" says, "a family can live without a country,,,but a country cannot live without the family".  Interesting thought!  Tyrants need a morally decayed people in order to rule!

The only ones that have a fortune are the rich socialists that fund the activists in the streets while they seat back safe at home.  As my father might say: they don't have a pot or a window, but they always have a big mouth.  And I would add: a hot red rear end.  What honor is there in that?  Honor refers to having highmoral standards.  It means you don't cause problems for other people to pay for!  Honor is a covenant with the "author of Liberty.  

The red flakes march for just about anything that is not the truth.  What is truth?  It's found in nature's God and Natural Law.  It's found in the Ten Commandments...not in the ten planks.  It's found in Virtue, not in all their twisted moral behaviors!  They over use the word LOVE to substitute for their HATE of all the good ideals America is founded upon.  They pledge their lives, but they have no fortune or sacred honor to give.  May we always be a "Rogue State", different from the rest of the world.


"Free" Racism

posted May 28, 2017, 7:22 PM by John Schiess   [ updated May 29, 2017, 8:31 PM ]

This Memorial Day as always should be a day to honor those who died for our Liberty. Listening to their stories as told by family at the Saturday evening Memorial performance in Washington D.C. could bring tears to your eyes.  Unfortunately, there are those who are past feeling.  Partying on the beaches is more important. The 47% are part of that, care little about American sacrifices, and know little about why this is a special holiday.  

There are those who want to use this occasion for their "hate America", get "whitey" campaign.  The slave reparation theme was promoted all week long, leading up to the holiday.  Whitey owes the communist left free education.  And if he won't concede to that he should be killed.  The blatant threats from minority professors increases while "Freemen" stand idle. These people should be gone and/or deported.  Instead, our leaders bow to enemy "white privilege" classes.  

The disconnect between those that serve and the general populace becomes greater as America becomes more Sovietized(demoralized).  America! America! God mend thine every flaw, Confirm thy soul in self-control, Thy liberty in law..., Till all success be nobleness, And every gain divine...does not fit the new morality of the millennial generations...or the objectives of our fifth column.  

The best experience I had this weekend was listening to XM Sirius host Jonathan Gillium.  He talked of the threat of subversion in our government....from the intelligence agencies to education, media, and political parties.  Has anyone been telling you that before?!  My cousin "shocked" me recently by saying there are communist cells throughout our government.  And I thought I was the "McCarthyite"?!  How right she was!!!  You should review the quotes on my homepage...and the subversive quotes under that section.  Maybe read a good book about communism from my book list?

If the so-called Democrat party is not the party of subversion, then why are mayors like Rahm Emanuel rising up in defiance of our laws?  He says all commie "dreamers" are welcome in his city.  And who pays for that?  I bet it's going to be whitey.  NYC has shown us what kind of patriotism they represent by electing a Communist to be their Mayer.  De Blasio will gladly be desecrating this Memorial Day by riding in a parade that will honor a Marxist terrorist pardoned by Comrade Obama.  Why is our fleet honoring NYC with a visit on this special occasion?  Are they patriots...or patsies?!  (try reading that issue or commentary)

Our racist enemies within are dishonoring our holidays.  Their latest tactic is to go after the statues of Confederate heroes. This is continuing because Gov. Halley did not have the character to stand up to them in SC.  The "bloom is coming of the rose" for me whenever a holiday comes up.  We just about lost our country to the subversives this last election....and we may lose it yet.  So you will have excuse me if I as a veteran am not all goo-goo and excited as I should be...when so many stand idle.  God bless Jonathon Gillium and the few others that see the real threat.  And God bless all the truly noble patriots of America!

Trump Nearly Perfect!?

posted Apr 30, 2017, 7:10 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Apr 30, 2017, 8:26 PM ]

He hasn't even addressed the three issues I always lead with:

     1)  The Federal Reserve System
          If he was really serious about reforming a "fiat money" system, he would have appointed Ron Paul to be the                       Secretary of Treasury instead of another Goldman-Sachs "bankster".  The FRS gets to loan money it doesn't have, 
          creating it out of thin air.  Don't you wish we could do that to pay your taxes? If you don't pay back the "funny                     money", you may lose your home, car, or other possessions.  If you  really want an education, read the book,"The             Creature from Jekyll Island.

     2)  The Department of Education(Soviet indoctrination)

          The idea for this came from a book written in 1932 by the head of the Communist Party: Toward a Soviet America.
          Jimmy Carter with the help of all people, Newt Gingrich, signed it into law in 1979.  It passed the House by only 
          three votes.  What a curse it has been on our country!  Especially when indoctrinating our youth in the communist 
          moral agenda: Homosexuality, promiscuity, pornography, and other sexually decadent behaviors now summarized
          by the letters LGBTQ.  Need we mention "Commie" core?  No matter the topic, it now propagates a steady stream 
          Marxist ideology no matter the subject, especially in our colleges.  Where is the plan to get rid of it?!!

     3)   The United Nations

           Good thing it wasn't around when Joshua crossed the Jordan River.  It's here to teach us "matters of the heart"....
           all in favor of international socialism.  It is a Trojan horse and needs to be defunded and removed from our soil.
           It provides a "safe house" for subversive activities, undermining our Republic from within.  Our President is far from 
           perfect here.  Get US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US!!!

If our President is near perfect why are refugees still coming into our country at the same rate as they were under Obama? Why has he failed to deliver on the promise to protect Religious Liberty?  Because he hasn't done so yet, a 70 year old grandmother, along with others, may lose her business, home, and life savings.  Religious Liberty was supposed to be his first priority.  Is he acceding to the homo lobby?  He is being called upon to appoint 1000 new federal judges.  Hope they won't be of the "lavender' variety. 

The Sec. of Agriculture says President Trump won't deport illegal farm workers.  Mexico is warning us not to build the wall because it would be a "hostile and deeply unfriendly" act....and an "aggravating action".  And what do you call Mexican troops shooting across our border or crossing the border to protect drug trafficers?  Who encouraged the invasion of America?  These should be causes to declare war, not just alter NAFTA.  To build the wall would "violate the rights of Mexicans"!?....to do what?...invade and attack us?  Their actions are an act of war and so is their hostile propaganda.  We need to take them down before they take back the Southwest.  

Whenever a politician uses the word "everybody", you know he is not telling the truth.  As President Trump spoke of protecting 2nd Amendment Rights, he spoke of how everyone has the same red blood in their veins.  No, not everyone's blood is red, white, and blue.  Some are just red...and they all don't deserve to be taken care of.

Lou Dobbs was the only commentator warning us about the North American Union and the problems it has caused on our border.  The elite want to combined Canada and Mexico with our country.  That's why they don't really want to solve the border problem.  Communism calls for "open borders".  Do you want to combine you family with another so you can assume their financial obligations?

I have always thought highly of Mr. Dobbs until he said our President is "nearly perfect".  Yes he may have had more successes in this short time frame than any other president.  But he is still just a 50/50 president.  This kind of praise is over the top.  Every time you like what he is doing, he does something wrong.  And every time you get upset at him for doing something wrong, he says something right.  If he can't address the issues I have just written about, he is a long way from being perfect!


posted Apr 24, 2017, 8:44 PM by John Schiess

Tonight Sean Hannity is reporting on the language of the left..  Why doesn't call it what it is....the Language of the COMMUNIST LEFT?   You don't fight back by "soft-soaping" the truth.  Calling it only "Facism of the left" isn't quite truthful.  As I have written before, everything coming out of the mouth of a Democrat is nothing but the PURE language of the Communist left.  "Hate whitey" is still the battle cry that has come out in several issues during the last week.

The latest Communist slogan is "White People, Can do Better".  Such was the title of a work shop at Northeastern University Law School.  Sounds like the condescending judgement of a lesser culture that needs to "clean it's own dirty doorstep".  "White" people are doing just fine.  It's "Black" people that need to do better.  Of course, I am talking about my usual topic of Virtue.  The redder the heiney, the bigger the mouth!  Those with overactive rear ends are always saying such things as:  capitalism leads to racism, healing spaces, or social justice.

According to them, capitalism drives racism, imperialism, and economic exploitation.  The election of Trump re-invigorated bigotry, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and the hatred of Mexicans and illegal immigrants.  The crackdown on the border is based upon the "Principles of White Supremacy"....so says Kevin de Leon, the Democrat leader of the CA Senate from LA.  Ca should talk?  Crime is up in California because the Democrats have let more criminals out of jail...most likely with the help of the ACLU.

From Harvard to Northeastern, what is going on in our law schools?  The NE event calls for better understanding of their red "colleagues of color".  Don't worry.  Us real white people understand you RED RACISM very well.  We need more good old fashion "White" racism back to counter it.  Maybe the election of Donald Trump was a confirmation of  that "threat from within"?  That enemy is now calling for slave reparations again in the form of permanent free college for all minorities because of the generational emotional damage that slavery has caused.  Isn't that pure communism for you?....always trying to punish others for crimes committed by someone else....while ignoring their own!  Isn't that a nice way for lesser people to get something free...from a superior culture...without having to work for it?!   "Black people are still too black....and white people aren't "White" enough.


posted Apr 15, 2017, 3:14 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Apr 17, 2017, 12:15 PM ]

The Syrian situation as reported by our "fake news" reminds me of the book "1984", where the people are programmed by the media.  It seems to have happened in this instance too.  People are ready to go to war....and send in troops!?  This a decision made by President Trump based more on emotion rather than study, principle, or fact.  It reminds me of the kind of "yellow" journalism that has gotten us into wars we shouldn't have been in....and those we lost because of it.  It is again hiding behind women and children 

The globalists that control our media have been putting out "fake" news for a long time and are doing it again in relation to Syria and chemical weapons.  Our state department is still corrupt as ever, still run by the World Government crowd.  From China and Mao, Fidel and Cuba, to the Shah of Iran and now Assad, they have always followed the policy of "worse, worser, worst"(you can read that commentary on this website).  Is not the whole middle-east proof of that.  Are we better off with the new leaders of Egypt or Libya?  Israel wants Syria out of the way before she can attack Iran...and the US controlled rebels are willing to help do that.

The globalists want an Arab(middle east) Union just like they want a North American Union.... like the one they created in Europe.  That's why they are vigorously fighting border control and want to tie us into the EU through trade treaties that would cost us even more control of our borders. Speaker Ryan is doing all he can do to block funds to build the fence. Back to the topic at hand....chemical weapons.

There have been other attacks before this....done by the Syrian rebels to make Assad look bad and trick us into the "red line" scenario.  Why would President Assad want to fall into that trap?  In 2013 the rebels used Sarin nerve gas in a Damascus suburb killing almost 1000.   A version of the story told to the Associated Press says it was caused by the mishandling of the nerve gas.  They most likely received shipments through Saudi Arabia and Turkey.  Remember the whole Benghazi debacle was about Ambassador Stevens clandestinely shipping arms to "the rebels".  Have we done this before?..in other places...like arms to the cartels in Mexico?

Our "shadow government"(CIA, FBI, etc.) is far too involved in the dark side of government(regime change).  If you mess with the "deep state", you may get the "Kennedy" treatment.  The rebels have numerous stockpiles of chemical weapons. The latest information I have from World Affairs Brief states that the whole clean-up affair was faked.  They could not have done so if it was Sarin gas.  The "White Helmets" funded by such globalists as George Soros would not be alive.  GS sure knows where to put his money...into the hands of our enemies.  We need to go after him, and banish him from our country....for aiding and abetting an enemy cause.

Trump's big supporter, Michael Savage, has turned against him on this.  His professional training qualifies him to say that it was most likely Phosgene.  If it was Sarin gas, the first-responders would have been died.  Apparently, a Syrian airstrike accidentally hit a rebel chemical weapons storage area.  As Mr. Savage says, "Something stinks to high heaven!".  Is it not common for our enemies to do such things in order to damage our public image?

This looks like the work of Gen McMasters, another globalist.  President Trump hasn't yet cleaned out the State Department.  Refugee numbers are now back up to those numbers called for by Hillary Clinton!?  Why hasn't he put an end to this?...forcing of them into states where they are not wanted.!  It appears 70% are military age.  This is not resettlement, but...INVASION!  We are being set up for something very unpleasant.  Conservatives are not only upset with the idea of sending troops into Syria, in fulfillment of an Obama foreign policy, but also for numerous Trump "switchbacks" that have occurred in the last week such as:

     1)   He said before the election that NATO was obsolete.   Now he has pledged his full support.

     2)   He said China was a currency manipulator.   Now he says they aren't

     3)   He said he would replace FED chairman Janet Yellen because she "was ruining the country"   Now he isn't
          because he likes her and respects her.  (he may not know she's planning to get rid of him)
     4)   He said that the artificially low interest rates would cause " a bubble where you go into massive recession".
          Now he likes these interest rates.

     5)   He was going to get rid of the Export-Import bank.   Now he says "it's a very good thing".  China is a frequent                      recipient of these loans.  Remember these bad loans are backed up by you, the American tax payer

     6)   He decreed a five year ban on lobbyists.   Now he is granting waivers.

Trump says, "he didn't change his mind, the facts changed".  Is that a good one line for all two faced politicians?  Facts and principles don't change, but under heat, commitments do.  Congressman Steve King is very displeased over President Trump's lack of action in regard to DACA and DAPA.  He is not confident that Congress will appropriate the funds for the new promised border guards, immigration(invasion) enforcement, or the wall.  With a government shut-down threat looming again, and Ryan in charge, don't expect to get the best result.  If Gorsuch turns into the "Sutter" I expect, we can start calling Trump the "head fake" President.  That would negate the whole reason for electing him.

Maybe his appointment of Tom Marino as Drug Czar(why are we using Russian terms) will be a good one because he is such a hardliner on Marijuana.  The Communists have been pushing for it's legalization for decades(along with their homosexual movement).  Will Pres. Trump suspend the Davis-Bacon Act which artificially raises construction costs 30%: or will he act like a Democrat and help them defraud the public?  Ben Carson is letting us down by supporting the Democrat HUD plan to force minorities into white neighborhoods...at their expense!  BLM will soon be in a home near you!  I guess if we fired him...that would be racist.

"Safe Zones"

posted Apr 2, 2017, 8:34 PM by John Schiess

These zones are basically of two types: zones safe for Liberty...and zones "safe" for Tyranny. In the American Revolution churches were the "safe zones" for Liberty.  Now America does not appear to be a "Safe Zone" for them.  Now, there are many Liberation Theology/social justice/ women's march churches that are not safe for Americanism. 

In the 60's the communist left wanted to establish nuclear free zones in America.  Those were areas where our nuclear weapons would not be allowed in defense of our nation.  If they could have they would have made the Dakotas "nuclear free zones".  As they are now, they were back then.  They're process of subversion and infiltration had back then, as well as now, put them into many powerful political positions within our governments and communities, especially our  big cities.  I think its "safe" to call them the 47%.  They work so well behind the "welfare state".

Their goal of infiltrating both political parties was most successful in the Democrat Party.  The party of Jane Fonda who said, "Communism is the goal", was able shut down nuclear power plant development in America.  Our communities became "nuclear plant free zones".  And what does our modern day "Jane Fonda", Hillary Clinton promise to do?....shut down coal burning power plants.  

Russia knew it could never keep up with America if we used nuclear power plants.  So in the 70's they mounted a tremendously successful propaganda campaign against them, with the help of Hollywood.  The forces of the left do not want us energy independent for obvious reasons; hence, the Global Warming campaign.  Not just here in our country, but in all the nations of the "West" that they want to conquer. 

Our schools are no longer safe zones for teaching the two pillors of Freedom: Religion and Morality.  Safe zones there have more to do with immorality.  That especially means safe for the communist homosexual/transgender agenda.  When I retired and began substitute teaching in my hometown, countering the leftist propaganda they were getting, I mentioned that the communist ACLU was behind the homosexual movement.  The principal immediately ended my work, saying I could no longer teach at his high school because he wanted all students to feel "safe" there.  It took me only a brief moment to figure out what that meant.  There went my "easy" retirement!  I suspect it was a certain Social Studies teacher...and a gay student that was behind it.  They must be very proud of themselves!

Our schools and colleges are now all "safe zones" for communist propaganda: morally, economically, and politically.  It's safe to attack good, but not safe to attack evil.  And yes, Gov. Walker should have cut off funding form the "big" UW when they established a "white privilege" attack class.  The Hate America campaign goes on successfully there, behind the false mask of the "free speech" movement so long promoted by the communist left, starting at UC-Berkeley in the 60's.  Evil begs for tolerance but does not do the same for good when they take over.  Our universities are no longer, physically or intellectually, safe zones for Patriots.  They need to be defunded and "cleaned out".  Do you have the courage to stand up against our fifth column, the 47%?

Another big "safe zone" issue today refers to the "criminal invaders" in our big cities, or as the new traitorous Sheriff of Maricopa Co. in Phoenix, AZ would say, "our guests"!?  Keeping criminals safe and on our streets is one of our enemies' major goals.  Maybe its time you read the AFACT flyer on my website!?  Obviously our whole country needs to become a "Safe Zone" for Communism....but not Americanism!  We really do need candidates that know how to fight "Communism in America".  

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