PC means:
          a).  Promote Communism
          b)   Protect Criminals 
          c)   the Propaganda of Communism
          d)   progressive communism
          e)  ACLU
          f)   Democrat Party
          g)  protect Comrades
          h)  People of Color
          i)   all the above.

PC is also CP, communist propaganda; it is their stand on any political issue. Could that be PCP?....political communist propaganda..... from the secular-progressive left.  It is an agitprop attack on all that is good in America, especially religion and morality.  Only the KGB infiltrated religions are acceptable. They learned long ago that they could not sell communism outright; they had to coat it in the sheep's clothing of Christianity,  and even the religion of "peace".  Their religion includes homosexuality, invasion(cleverly disguised behind refugees--women and children), the war on women, and amnesty.  Everyone living like hell gets into socialist heaven--a welfare program.  America's motto is God, family, and country.  Theirs is worship us, sleep with us, and we'll steal someone else's property.  Their moral decay seems to give them VD of the brain.  They become too SSS--sexy, stubborn, and stupid!  Doesn't that sound like a democrat!?...and some GOP rhinos?

The four basic goals of subversion are: destroy God, destroy morality, destroy the family, and PC.  That can mean protect criminals.....or communists from the law. PC is the CPUSA stand on any issue. It is always the opposite of America's religious values.  PC is really CC--commie correctness.  It is the stand of Moscow on every issue it wants to subvert in the United States. It follows the pattern of "get whitey" and "white privilege".  If it's white it's bad, if not, it's good.  We are seeing that play out in San Bernadino(the first city in which the Catholic church was bribed into taking in the "children" on the border) and the US Attorneys office. The communist ACLU, BABO, and Loretta Lynch have filed suit against Dallas, TX for refusing to take in refugees.  To our disappointment TX backed down.  Why did they do so?

Was it because the UN has more authority over us than the US Constitution?  The UN has commanded the US to take in refugees.  Will Paul Ryan support the "get US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US" legislation?  He's too aligned with his mentor in MA-Barney Frank, and the UN supported Special Rights for Homosexuals Bill.  Getting out would solve a multitude of domestic problems.  America cannot survive a Red Trojan Horse organization any more than the body can survive a cancerous growth.  And don't expect Sen. Johnson of WI to do anything either.  Few seem to know that the UN was founded by communist Alger Hiss with the help of America's fifth column of money provided by the Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie foundations, just to mention a few.  There is so much evil money in America supporting leftist causes, especially those famous gay ones, and such people as Gates, Bloomberg, and Soros.

The PC left is always worried about "blow-back".  Loretta Lynch has told Muslim children in our schools that she will prosecute any "bullying" of them...by white people?  I know that she won't be doing any thing about the bullying of the white people in Salt Lake City.  Only white people are "evil".  If white people respond to attacks from the communist controlled minorities, it's called racism.  With an out of wedlock birth rate of 60-70%, they should clean their own "dirty door step first".  The redder the heiny, the bigger the mouth!   They can't seem to keep their pants up...or their big mouth shut!!!   They are indeed an internal enemy force to be dealt with.

Who will save America?  Will it be the rapine "religion of peace", or the rapine cultures from south of the border?  You have got to read Ann Coulter's latest book....ADIOS AMERICA!  It will turn your insides and inspire you to stand up against these debauched invaders. They fulfill so well the communist goals of uncontrolled(by religion) love---promiscuity, homosexuality, adultery, pornography, and rape.  Maybe we should ask each Presidential candidate if they support such behavior...or take money from such people?

In light of all of the attacks on white society from the red left, what will the "Col. Sanders GOP" do now?  They seem to have forgotten their heritage.  There is nothing wrong about GOOD white people being proud of their culture.  The majority of minorities are so debauched, they don't belong here.  If they hate white America they should go to a better country...maybe their country of origin that they destroyed and then ran away from. 

There was only one culture that founded America and became a new light onto the world.  It was a culture that had its origins in the "Camp of Israel", Anglo-Saxon blood, the Magna Carta, the Mayflower, and Jamestown.  It was a culture that TRULY followed a Savior.  The common name they called themselves was....FREEMEN!!  Only such people will save America now!!!   That culture needs to "WHITE" up and put an end to the hate whitey campaign of....COMMUNISM in AMERICA.

The Essence of Evil

posted Apr 28, 2019, 5:49 PM by John Schiess

A Catholic nun once used this phrase to describe communism. The real essence of evil is to intentionally do all things in opposition to God's Commandments.  It's political manifestation leads to Socialism/Communism....the opposite of Americanism.  It leads to the destruction of the family and the highest levels of human misery.

I am reminded of this by the latest news and statistics about human trafficking.  Russia leads the world on this and we can see it's effects on our border and throughout our nation. The world is becoming so demonically evil in this regard!  Is there no end to human lust!?  For three years now, I have been getting email offers from Russian women.  Pity poor me? No.  But many are just "children".  If you want to learn more about this read "Sexpionage" from my book list.

The sex trafficking of children is becoming big business in America, says one headline.  The very young are kidnapped and forced into a brutal life of humiliation, torture, pain, drugging, and endless rape.  These people deserve the death penalty!!  Some states are passing anti-pornography laws, but only with certain restrictions. Why not totally?  Our Congress is getting ready, especially with Democrat control of the House, to pass a Special Rights for Homosexuals bill.

This evil never gives up.  There is a bill being considered to add the categories of sexual orientation and gender to so called "civil rights" laws.  It would also legalize pedophilia.  The goal is to get the children!  Are we really protecting them?!  The Soviet Democrat left says it is when it is really destroying them morally and religiously.  

They promote pornography, homosexuality, adultery, and promiscuity as...normal, natural, and healthy.  Evil may be somewhat "normal" and "natural", but it is not healthy.  Sex education in our schools are just grooming them to be prayed upon....turning them into "Swallows" and "Ravens" for sexpionage purposes.

"God help the little children" is a famous line from a song.  God help those who abuse them!  In the eternal prospective, it would be better that they had a millstone tied around their necks and were drowned..... than offend one of these little ones.  


posted Apr 21, 2019, 6:24 PM by John Schiess

Comrade Michael Moore says of white people..."their old tired privileged ways are over".  A black man purposely runs over two white children...and that's not a hate crime?!  Is the constant barrage of agitprop from the Soviet left in our country to blame for it?  Their constant cultural attack on "white supremacy" is meant to demoralize the virtuous white culture that founded America.

They know if they destroy "White" religion and virtue",  America will fall from within.  They hate morality.  They are now pushing for sexual orientation and gender identity to be added to our "civil rights" laws.  All modern day civil rights movements have come from the communist left, in support groups they control  In a nation under God, there is no such thing as a right to a sin.  Civil rights activists are usually the kind that violate all moral laws relating to marriage as defined by God. One of their Marxist goals is to destroy the family!

The communists always portray themselves as moralists, better than any who are really moral.  They pretend to be for what they are against...or against what they are for.  They are indeed the 'Masters of Deceit".  It can be very confusing if you do not know their core values. They are always the opposite of Christian good.  Fake statements from those we know are on the communist left may throw you off track:
     --Mayor De Blasio wants to sue the President...for doing what they really want done....move migrants to                   "sanctuary  cities".
     --Sen. Cory Booker says "nations should have borders"..just the opposite view of his party.
     --Sen. Bernie Sanders says we should build more tent cities on our border(for the "invaders").  Ann Coulter              went emotional over it and said she would vote for him!!?
    --Comrade Sen. Sinema of AZ is calling for the government to secure the border....just the opposite of her               party stand.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement Places has sent over 234,000 migrants(invaders) to all 50 states.  The Democrat sanctuary city party pretends it doesn't want anymore migrants....because our President is doing it? Which brings up the question: why is Trump doing so many things the left wants?...to lesson our 2nd amendment rights: bump stocks laws and RED flag laws.  They want more felons out of jail and voting(and committing more crimes)...our President is there for them.  Mexico helps the invasion...and he gives them a better treaty than NAFTA.  We need to stop USMCA!  Another meeting with NK?  When will you see that Trump is talking out of both sides of his mouth!?

Former President of the AZ Senate, Russell Pearce, spoke at a 'Patriotism over Socialism" rally there.  He spoke truth when he said: "it may take the shedding of blood to keep this Republic". "We  have stupid leaders, stupid politicians, and it's time we start replacing those who refuse to stand for the values we have shed blood for".  Within a week the Yuma mayor had to declare a state of "imminent threat" because of the migrant problem.  

Who are the real patriots here?  All of America is under imminent threat because of our waffling President. Militias are forming along the border because the government is failing in their duty to protect us.  Every governor should have one!  Some are made up of former military and police.  Why is the government arresting people for doing the job they aren't doing because of political intrigue.  Despite all the "programming" by the media and false conservatives, we need to replace this President!!  I have a couple good ideas who it should be.  Dream a little!!!  There are better people out there!

Open Borders

posted Apr 13, 2019, 5:00 PM by John Schiess

The Cloward-Piven strategy is being used here.  The communists lead the world in human trafficking.  And that hasn't changed on our borders or in countries south of here.  We have heard of the abuses of women and children being lead here.  If they have so much money to pay a "coyote", then why can't they stay home?  They should be able to live for years on that amount of money.

Cardinal Robert Sarah says the migration is "a form of slavery".  He has it right.  How about the Pope?  Comrade Gov. Newsom, of the great soviet state of CA, is taking a trip to Central America....to examine the root causes of the migration!?  Really comrade?  You know darned well who is behind it and why.....Russia(Putin)..in order to invade America.  

As the communists said years ago. "the way into America will be through Mexico"!  Putin wants to seize the Artic circle too.  The Democrats gave the communists the Panama Canal and the Wrangell Islands...and New York,LA, and Chicago.  They just love giving America away!!...to invaders.

Our president doesn't have a clue, but his popularity rating is moving up to 55% and more.  First he says we need more migrants.  Then he says we are full.  Which is it?  Now his big idea is to do just what the communists want....transport them to sanctuary cities!?  Send them to San Francisco?   Is he a "double down" dummy?  When does the government ever reverse anything it has done?  He might as well be a Democrat.  

A Guatemalan migrant recruiter says it is now easier than ever to get illegals into the US.  Is the communist president of Mexico....really subservient to Trump?  Our President doesn't understand the demographic threat anymore than President Reagan did.

Sen. Kamala Harris is sponsoring a bill that would allow (commie)"dreamers" to work on Capitol hill as interns.  Does anyone understand what subversion and infiltration are!?  Another Marxist presidential candidate, Julian Castro, is calling for amnesty for millions of migrants(invaders).   Do you really expect the commie-Dems to admit to an emergency on the border.  The only emergency for them is to make sure we don't stop the invasion..  I am tired of an ignorant conservative media asking that dumb question.  There are 100's of communist front organizations operating in America.  You would think they could find one!?

White Supremacy and Reparations

posted Apr 13, 2019, 4:58 PM by John Schiess

"The Masters of Deceit" are so busy!  Day after day the "deep state" media and political machine leads us into another decoy emotional event.  To understand what is happening in America and on the border, and why, you must read that book. It was written almost a century ago by the man most hated by the communist left in our country....J. Edgar Hoover.  

He revealed their plan to Balkinize America through their control of the "minorities".  They now have "majority of minority" control over what I have called the two "traitor races".  Unfortunately, you can throw too many white people into that mix....their brother from...another "commie " mother?  While watching the Barr hearings, Mrs. Shaheen of NH didn't miss a chance to take a shot at Hoover.  He did such a terrible thing!?  He surveilled a student group(communist?) she was a part of.  Kim Fox dares to hide her crimes behind the charge of racism.  She calls the police the blue KKK.  How dare they prosecute a crooked black person?  That is so racist!

Democrats in NY killed a bill to wave tuition for "Gold star" families, but want it for illegal aliens!  Students at Georgetown University students have voted to pay a guilt tax for a Jesuit slave sale in 1838!(?).....to pay for slave reparations!  White diets are racist(?)!....and they want more white privilege diversity training classes.  KU has an "angry white male" class.  It's time to defund  them for such actions and get rid of all "white privilege" classes.  Joe Biden has sold out his culture to jump on the anti-white bandwagon.  He has the gall to blame white culture for America's problems...and violence against women.  Yes, white Democrats!  Hillary"can't keep her mouth shut" Clinton says MAGA is a "white nationalist" slogan.

Under American natural law, no one can be punished for the crimes of another person.  Communism reverses that logic.  Operating mainly through their control of the Democrat party, they are constantly waging an agitprop war against the founders of our country and their "White" culture.  They want revenge on innocent people.  

There will always be "White Privilege" for those who are....morally "White"!  These privileges and rights come down through the "seed of Abraham", but only if they are "righteous".  The wicked hate the fact that this culture was white....and that GOD is white.  Why answer to them?  They haven't earned the "right' to judge anyone.

MLK  said....white men are the worst!?  It was Marxist preacher Joseph Lowery and MLK who founded the Southern Christian(?) Leadership Conferenece(SCLC).  Who has the highest, by far, out-of wedlock birthrate?  MLK wanted to purge the country of "whitey".  That's one way to do it.  The old "breed and conquer" game.  Who are the real hate-mongers here?  

The best way to make reparations to "those who take offense" is return to them what they had before.  If we indeed did "take them"(no it was the British), we should return them...back to Africa!  Where they can do what they used to do there, but do here now...human traffic and kill one another!!.  Will the Race Racket" ever end?  Not as long as it is so lucrative...and it serves the Soviet cause of subversion.

Bernie Sanders Forum

posted Apr 13, 2019, 4:54 PM by John Schiess

In 1913, the progressives succeeded in putting the 2nd plank of the communist manifesto( a heavy graduated income tax) into law as the 16th amendment.  It wasn't heavy then, but it is now.  The "camel's nose" started out as a very low rate, but has gradually risen to the high rates of today.  

We celebrate it every April 15th.  Since only charitable rates above $30,000 are usable for deductions, I could not take the 3000 I gave.  Worse yet, I have to pay at least another 1000 in taxes.  They should not be deductible anyway.  But the law should be equally applied to all. This is just another unconstitutional socialist law.  As in the original income tax laws, there were exemptions only the rich could use.

So why do I mention this?  Guess what Fox news is doing on the 15th?  Giving a communist a town hall special to propagate for his progressive agenda: open borders, lower voting ages, illegal voting, White privilege, reparations,elimination of the electoral college, free tuition(but not for gold star families), free healthcare, and..."the direction we should go is felons voting from behind bars"!

Who is this person?  The one who honeymooned in Russia.  The one that proves how dumb and subversive the people of Vermont are(a college education is sure a waste in that state).  The one working under cover as a mild mannered" independent...Sen. Bernie Sanders.  No wonder they have to pay people to move to their state.  

I suppose Fox news may have to give equal agirprop time to other so-called Democrat candidates!?  With friends like them, who needs CNN and MSNBC?  We can just call them RT(Russia Today)!  Are they "selling them the rope to hang us with"?...just to get the Soviet Democrat Presidential Debates.  If so, the phase "family, fortune, and sacred honor do not apply to them.  Maybe "better red than dead" does?

This like the NFL should be boycotted.  Despite all the fancy words about "fair and balanced", this is nothing more than "aiding and abetting" an enemy cause.  During the Red scare of the 50's, our government had a ban on all groups and persons who were part of a organization whose goal was the overthrow of the United States government.

Unfortunately, with the help of the communist ACLU, they worked in Congress to get those laws reversed.  And they have also accomplished their goal of taking over a political party.  Back then such a "front-group" would have been banned.  Now, we are a 50-50 country.  The only question is: what side are you on?  That of Americanism...or Communism?  The latter should have no such right of freedom of speech in America.  No more so than the Devil should be allowed to speak in church.  The Red Devil does set up his own. 

If FOX had the courage to correctly label the product, I might go with it.  There should be a warning label.  But they won't!  Guess I'll have to do it. They should be reporting on the famous 45 goals of subversion.  Why don't they?  Because their leaders are "sleeping" the communist party line?  They don't seem to have any moral standards for their reporters either.  That's why Alies and O'Reilly had to leave.  Are they human trafficking?

What are they going to show up?  What is Fox going to expose?  If they are going to call it democratic socialism instead of communism, and talk of McCarthyism, then they are using the language of the enemy.  That would be like calling a prostitute a social worker.  Fighting socialism did not win WWII.  I am not going to be part of telling lies often enough so that people will believe them.  What are you going to do?

"He Who Speaks with Tongue"

posted Feb 25, 2019, 7:22 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Feb 26, 2019, 5:44 AM ]

Our President gave a great speech at the UN meant for conservative consumption.  He said that we will always stand for our sovereignty.  Then he says, out of the other side of his mouth, that we want a stronger UN!!?   So which is it Americanism, or Globalism.  A stronger UN means a worse education system, invasion of our country, and slave reparations.  One of the founders was Stalin and, his agent in America, Alger Hiss.  Think that would be an easy clue?  If there is anything bad going on for America, you can bet Russia, Putin, and the UN are behind it.

Trump could have supported the legislation that would have gotten the UN out of America, and America out of the UN.  But he didn't.  It is a Trojan Horse that needs to be kicked out of out country.  Neither did he support the bill that would have ended the Dept. of Education at the end of 2016.  I said in 2016 that if that department is still there at the end of his first term, he needs to go.  As Ann Coulter has indicated, this (useful)idiot needs to be replaced.  How many times have I warned about the communist control of the homosexual movement?  This "idiot" president has "lite my fire" with his stupid support of the latest movement to overturn all laws against homosexuality throughout the world.  This is truly "the mark of the Beast".  Legalizing it in America was an act of treason.  It has all but destroyed religion and morality in our schools....and our country.  This issue outbalances the good things he has done.   

I am not for harassing them or killing them.....unless they "trespass against us".  They are the ones not leaving us alone!  They should suffer the consequences of their choices without forcing them on the rest of us.  Forced association is a key characteristic of all groups controlled by our enemies.  They all work to take away our right to associate with the righteous(law abiding citizens), and not to do so with the wicked(criminals).  

The legalization of homosexuality(like that of marijuana) has been a major communist goal for a long time, supported by the UN.  Has President Trump done anything to end their dangerous indoctrination programs in our schools?  Has he done anything about Common Core, as promised?  This a major step into more pedophilia.  We really don't need this casino syndicate womanizer for another term.  We don't need a President that keeps calling our communist enemies "wonderful" people or good guys: XI, "Rocket man", or Obragon--the communist president of Mexico.  NOKO is already set to "pull the wool over his eyes" again in Hanoi!?  KJU will make another fake concession.  We need someone who can "fight Communism in America".  Not someone who over blows everything he does into a Peace Prize award.  This political "Jekyll and Hyde" needs to be replaced with a real American who understands the real meaning of virtue, the Constitution, and "the enemy domestic"  


posted Feb 25, 2019, 7:19 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Feb 26, 2019, 5:47 AM ]

I first began my study of the Constitution and its counter force, Communism, in 1980 while living in Oregon.  I ran for US Senator there in 1983-84 well aware of the left's campaign for "World Citizenship"; a cause fully supported by then Senator Mark Hatfield...and the UN.  Their cause to legalize homosexuality has been very successful, having managed to infiltrate and subvert the Supreme Court.(ACLU Ginsberg).

Too my great surprise, my home state of WI was the first one, with OR second?  As Nikita Kruschev inferred upon visiting our country, states have "fallen like ripe plums" for that cause.  Now it is happening with another one of their long range goals...marijuana.  Is our President in on this too?  It looks like he wants to legalize it.  Legalization is disguised behind the cause of medical benefits.

A speech at Hillsdale College addressed the falsehood that it has many medical uses.  The benefits of THC only work in a few narrow conditions. It has rarely been tested against other pain relief drugs.  There are other false benefits that are proving incorrect.  The warnings about it being a gateway drug for our youth are proving to be true.  The great surprise is that marijuana has dramatically increased cases of schizophrenia and other psychoses.  It leads to the worst opiate abuse.

Teenagers who smoke it regularly are three times as likely to develop schizophrenia and increase the risk of "social anxiety disorder".  It is a significant factor in violent crime, even by a factor of five!  Politicians like Cory Booker, have sold the false idea that its use would lead to a decrease in crime.  The goal of all "socialism" is human misery.....physically, economically, morally, and spiritually.  Socialism leads to the opposite of...Americanism/happiness.

Former Speaker Boehner has sold us out to it.  Why have famous people like NFL quarterback Joe Montana done so too?  Unfortunately, this is the face of all professional sports teams.  If it is bad for youth and America, you can bet the NFL is behind it. Just look at Kraft and the New England Patriots(?).  This is the team that wants to sponsor a homosexual game.  Long ago, the communist left called for getting the youth away from religion...and interested in sports and sex.  It seems when people turn from God, they turn to worshiping...a ball! 

I am tired of a President who has done the same and "faked" his religion for his own gain.  Gambling, marijuana, and protecting homosexuality do not go together!  This will not make America Great Again".  Over the years social studies teachers have compared us to Rome in "Our Descent into Slavery". I have compared Trump to Caesar.  One term is enough for him.   Surely this land can produce someone who really does know the three key aspects of an oath allegiance!?

King of Kings?...or Masters of Deceit!

posted Jan 27, 2019, 4:03 PM by John Schiess   [ updated Jan 30, 2019, 5:40 PM ]

"No one could be a better role model?!  For what?  Americanism or Communism?  Who is the better MORAL role model....Johnson, Kennedy, King. or Trump?  Neither of them...in a nation under God.  One cannot criticize the first three, and not the last one.  Yet we took away a holiday from two who were moral in obedience to our Creator's moral commandments, for one who was not?  Sounds racist to me!  Any culture that worships such a man as their "Savior" is not worthy of this country.  In my church, they would be excommunicated....not worshiped!  I joined  it because it doesn't tolerate this nonsense, regardless of your station in life. Your choices determine the consequences; money and fame doesn't buy your way out of it.

When the MLK holiday was signed into law, Communism won over Americanism.  As an FBI agent said, it was like raising the red flag over America.  I would neither honor Kennedy, or King...nor Trump with a vote for public office.  They all had an "eternal flame" for the kind of women that destroy a nation.  I will have nothing to do with any religion that honors such people over those who kept themselves "morally straight", especially in service to their country.  Their moral behavior clearly shows which system they are loyal to.

This was a minister after the Spirit of the preacher in the movie, "Buck and the Preacher".  This man was nothing more than an agent of sex trafficking; representing all that the Communists, that controlled him, stand for.  Read the "Sex Resolution" again!  I am very disappointed that Ronald Reagan was the one to sign the MLK holiday onto law.  Was he spineless because of his own past womanizing?  When the pressure is on, they all seem to stick together, regardless of party,...against anyone who won't stick with them.  It's amazing how these "repentant(?)" people become better candidates than those who have not "flunked the test".  Money seems to make them more pure.

Why do I write such things as this?  Because as the "fake" moralist has said(plagerizing?), "There is a time when one must take a position because one's conscience tells one that it is right!!"   MLK forces declare the communist line that "the means justifies the end".  Don't think that will work "before the bar" for those who have lived long lives of "child abuse".  I am disgusted that society bows down to such "evil" men and honors them with holidays or public office.  They represent the wicked....not the righteous.  How many things have we named in this country...after the Masters of Deceit?

 If our nation has become so low as to keep out of office men and women that have passed the "Joseph test"(Egypt), for those who have flaunted virtue, then we as a nation will be conquered from within.  The same forces that honor this "King" are the same ones that hypocritically call for Cong. King's office.  Which was morally loyal to his country, and which one was not?  The MLK holiday needs to go...and Steve King needs to stay.  Can you "handle the truth"?!

Deep State Attack on Steve King

posted Jan 14, 2019, 6:16 PM by John Schiess

Assaults from our enemies "are increasing exponentially, in intensity, and in variety". The Soviet deep state agenda of using minorities to overcome WASP nationalism continues in the ongoing attack on Cong. Steve King.  The end point will be what is going on in South Africa.  Our land must be conquered by minorities, especially Blacks and Latinos, in order to transform us into a communist nation under the control of the UN.

This is all a part of the "Red Racism" campaign of our fifth column.  The Communist left is stepping up their race war and Cong. King is the target!  Anyone who stands up for white culture must be taken out, even by "his own". Black  supremacy is acceptable through BLM and Antifa, but anyone that stands up to their "get whitey" slave reparations game is called a white supremacy racist.  

The issue with Cong. King is not white supremacy, but the survival of Western Culture.  We all know(maybe just whites know?) that the communists are using their "People of Color" campaign to conquer all white nations.  If you don't bow down to their "we are all in it together" propaganda, you are a white nationalist.  Their "breed and conquer" Muslim and Latino invasions are going well for them.  Also their breed and conquer welfare programs in Western countries.  

If we look through history, we find that "White" white cultures were always the most peaceful and the most prosperous.  From the Israelites, and Anglo-Saxons, to the Freemen(Christian founders) of our nation.  What do Latino and Black cultures look like today?  If white(seed of Abraham) culture is destroyed, liberty will cease in the world.  Cultures that are not virtuous, and obedient to their Creator, have always been conquered. If we stand with President Trump in putting our interests first, we are accused of white nationalism.  The left has said that Trump's goal is to make America pure...without "people of color".  It is the POE that want to rid our country of a race...the founding white race and its principles of liberty.

The Communist tactic is to call any nationalism...white supremacy. Believe me the POC are not making us morally a "White" nation. Several politicians are giving themselves away; they are nothing more than self righteous hypocrites.  They are either traitors or cowards "in the face of the enemy". Even his two Senators have betrayed him.  They all want to look PC.  You should keep in mind the morality of those with the loudest mouths.  Minority whip McCarthy is calling for a meeting with Steve King, condemning King's true concerns about the demographic wars waged against us.  Maybe he is taking advise from his South Carolina mistress Congresswoman?  The communist left, including the Congressional Black Caucus(a dead give-away), is calling for King's committee assignments. 

The following comments come from Soviet Democrats and "fellow traveler" Republicans:
O-C.......the seeds of Republican racism are already Redwoods.(her red mouth gets bigger with time)
Kevin McCarthy.....Steve King will face disciplinary action for his hateful and bigoted remarks.  This language                                  has no place in America.(sleeping with the Congresswoman from SC does?)  That is not the                                America I know and it's most definitely not the party of Lincoln.(what about O-C and Tlaib?)
Steven Colbert.......white nationalism and western civilization became offensive like bleach that turns everything                              white.(he probably doesn't like "White" morality either)
Steve Scalise.......what Steve King said is stupid, horrific, and wrong.
Steve Stivens(OH rep.).......we must stand up against white supremacy and hatred in all its forms. 
Liz Cheney.....it is abhorrent and racist...it has no place in congress or anywhere.
Justin Amash......this is an embrace of racism...it has no place in Congress or anywhere.
Cong. Black Caucus.....Republicans must use more than words to denounce King(why do we need to take orders
                                   from a communist front organization?!)
Cong. Pramila Joyapal......Trump wants to purify America for white supremacists(she is from India and as a                                               lawyer has filed phony asylum claims).
Sen.Tim Scott......Steve King has a history of making anti-immigrant and racist remarks...comments like his are                             why the GOP is accused of racism.(right out of the CPUSA...is he a double agent?)

Cong. Steve King....If we don't defend Western culture, then we will become subjugated by the people who are                                  the enemies of faith, the enemies of justice. (White birth rates are below replacement. Why? As Sun Tsu taught...are we demoralized by our enemies?(POC?)  America's Hamas populations do not support our system of faith/religion/virtue and justice.

I stand with Steve King. Can our President take the heat from the minority communist left? Will he expose it?  I doubt it! I commend the voters in his district that stood with him despite the attacks from the local "fake" news and state GOP leaders. This is the kind of backbone and patriotism we need all across this land.  It is your duty to stand up for your culture first, especially when it is under attack from the communist controlled minorities.  That would be good racism.  If you are as morally corrupt as they are, then "you don't have a leg to stand on".  Bow to your new slave masters.  One should not seek approval...from one's enemies!!

The New Soviet House

posted Jan 4, 2019, 5:09 PM by John Schiess

 "Today, of course, we are not strong enough to attack.  Our time to attack will come in thirty to forty years...the Western world will have been put to sleep.  So we shall begin by launching the most spectacular peace movement on record.  There shall be electrifying overtures and unheard of concessions.  The capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to cooperate in their destruction.  They will leap at another chance to be friends.  As soon as their guard is down, we shall smash them with our clenched fist."      Dimitry Manuilski....Lenin School of Political Warfare...Moscow 1939

The world fell for Perestroika and Glasnost in the 80's.  Every negotiation is based upon that statement; no matter if it be China, North Korea, or Russia.  The Communist Internationle has established a subversive network in every Western country....and in every one of our states. Kruschev said we would fall like ripe plums. 

 The following quote comes from the warning voice of J Edgar Hoover in his book "Masters of Deceit"   "the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent."       J. Edgar Hoover

"Most people don't realize that the KREMLIN HAS ALREADY INVADED AMERICA.  The reason most Americans are not conscious of this invasion is due the fact that it has been going on for 39 years.  The Soviet leaders have moved entire divisions of their political army into our country unnoticed by all except a few security-minded citizens.  These Red forces are a political army which is civilian in appearance and walk the streets of America indistinquishable from the rest of the population.  Their weapons of war consist of infiltration into government, education, finance, and communication by subversion, disruption, poisonous propaganda, and espionage.  They are largely an invisible enemy acting behind fronts, and therefore difficult to pinpoint.  Operating as a disciplined and dedicated force they insinuate themselves into various sensitive and key areas of our society."          
Archibald Roosevelt

 Lincoln said that it could not take place without help from within our country by those that would betray us.  We are reminded of this today as the so-called Democrat Party regains control of the House.  The CPUSA goal of taking over one or both political parties is now a reality due to 100 years of "legal" infiltration.  The same process is in effect in the Southwest by both legal and illegal invasion by the Latino populations south of the border.  The new fifth column House will do all it can to "aid and abet" the invasion.  

Speaker Pelosi speaks of government for all the people, but that means the people of "democratic socialism" where all is free at the expense of those they use government power to steal from.  As we could see, she and her leftist army use children to hide behind.  It's happening on the border too.  Pelosi branded her party as the party that will save the middle class.  Like they have saved the minorities: black, latino, women, and LGBT...through moral decay.  They destroy all they claim to be protecting.  Pelosi hit all the bullet points of the communist left.  The really disgusting point is that she did so hiding behind religion.  Their God is the red Devil of socialism.

 This "Party of Moscow" is best described by the following quote: "The revolutionists are using a technique that is as old as the human race - a fervid, but false, solicitude for the unfortunate over whom they thus gain mastery and then enslave them."   Horowitz    They may save them economically and protect them politically from the consequences of their poor behavior for a while, but they will never do so morally or spiritually.  They are indeed the "Masters of Deceit"!

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