Masters of Deceit..............Part II

Masters of Deceit..............Part II

The obvious questions are: who are they, and what are their plans or modis operandi? The previous article addressed the issue in regards to Communism and al-Qaeda. The characteristics of tyranny are always the same. And as Wm Penn said, they begin where God leaves off.

And they are: 1) Divide the people, 2) Create the appearance of popular support, 3) Neutralize the opposition, 4) Precipitate mob violence(as in AZ and Europe), and 5) Create the semblance of revolution(change).

As stated in the AFACT flyer, "heck with God, sleep with us, and we'll steal someone else's property". Tyrants replace deity, promote moral decay, and blame their problems on others they attack in order to get what they need or want. Quite different from the idea that through faith in and obedience to God all our needs will be met.

This topic first needs to be addressed spiritually. The great deceiver is of course Satan who wanted all the glory for himself. He encourages all to break the Creator's laws and offers the leaders of his plan greater power, gain, and pleasure.

In such a world, people tend to worship whoever can provide them money, possessions, pleasure, or protection. The MOB can provide all of them, whether it be Al Capone at the local level or a Hitler and Stalin at the national level. Their power comes mainly through moral decay, gambling, and drugs.

Before Joshua of the Old Testament crossed the Jordan River, the Lord gave what I call the spiritual "law of gravity". If you live my commandments, you will be blessed, if not, you will be cursed. It applies to individuals...or nations. The rise...and decline of America is living proof.

You don't find those who live the Ten Commandments in jail or down at their legislatures begging for other people's money to pay for their vices. Which nation has provided the most prosperity and highest standard of living? Why do people from other nations want to come here if their faith really provides the most freedom, peace, and prosperity.

The next interesting question is: who qualifies as a master of deceit? Some would say democrats and others republicans; some conservatives others liberals. There is opposition in all things so opposites will accuse the other of being deceitful. But good is still good, and evil is still evil... even if disguised in the "cloth". Does a good tree bring forth bad fruit? Evil will call that which is good evil, but evil will not call good, good.

In a nation under God, the deceivers all teach the same thing by their actions and their words....break the Commandments, especially morally, and worship us. Here are a few of my candidates:

1) George Soros - corrupted the currencies of Europe and is now working on

ours. Funds so many "socialist" groups and is out to get

Glen Beck.(so much evil wealth in this world!)

2) Barry Soetoro(Barak Obama) - registered in Indonesia by his father as

Barry Soetoro and as being Muslim. Received financial

aid at Occidental College as a foreign student. To qualify, he had to claim foreign citizenship . Both parents

were communists; his mentor Frank Marshall Davis

was listed as a communist on FBI records;his best friends

are communist bombers Ayers and Dhorn; and loves the

communist phase "redistribute wealth".

3) Bill Clinton - loved to share his socialist umbilical cord with all the people

he loved, especially young interns. Liked to be seen carrying a

Bible and had no regard for the military. Watch out for Rhodes


4) Alger Hiss - the communist agent that encouraged FDR to give eastern

Europe to the communists(Stalin) and established their great

"trojan horse", the UN on our soil with the approval of Harry


5) FDR - The most silver tongued president(next to Barry) I've ever heard. All

but destroyed the constitutional fabric of our country through his

social programs. Gave us the big lie that "needs are rights ". Like

Wilson before him, promised to keep our country out of war and

within months of taking office, got us into one.

6) JFK & LBJ - see Bill Clinton and FDR. Both known for their illicit affairs,

even with "mob molls". Lost our first war under their great

moral leadership. Gave us the Great(failure) Society.

7) George W. Bush - part of the "new world order" family. His father said,

"read my lips". He was a chip of the old block and betrayed us into the North American Union behind our

backs and would rather put border guards in jail than

drug dealers. Bowed down to President Fox of Mexico

every time he came to us hat in hand, especially for

NAFTA and the Mexican bail-out. Gave us a perminate war and let the real "bombers", the Saudis go.

As Jefferson said,"No nation could preserve its freedom

in the midst of continual war". And as Madison said,

"...foreign danger historically has become the instrument

of tyranny at home".

8) Newt Gingrich - the republican Bill Clinton, a womanizing-adulterer, and

"draft-dodger" par excellence. During the Vietnam era,

took advantage of special deferments for those who chose

to become educators. The great conservative fulfilled the

major communist goal to establish a Department of

Education by a vote of 209-206 and pushed NAFTA

through Congress before the new freshman class could

be intalled and stop it.

9) Walter Cronkite - the man who cost us the Vietnam War. Like Dan

Rather, a great liberal reporter. Believed in the NWO.

10) Oprah Winfrey - may be the richest "kept woman" in America. Her money

is said to have made Obama president. Like others,

makes a lot of money off others misfortune. Buys "souls"

by giving away money to audiences on her show.

11) Arnold Schwartznegger - as of 10/12/11, he gets moved up. On the week-

end before his first election in CA for governor,he

and his wife appeared on Rev. Schuller's Crystal

Cathedral TV show trying to look Christian.

At that moment he had already commited adul-

tery and impregnated the family maid. The minis-

is now in bankrupcy. ....And the media tried to

tell us that we needed change the constitution

for this man!? he could run for President!

12) Martin Luther King - FBI files show, like Jimmy Swaggert, that Dr. King

was a "Master of Deceit". It was verified by one of his former lieutenants that he was a womanizer and adulterer and especially loved abusing white women. The FBI had 15 files on MLK, three about his connections with communists, and 12 on his sexual misconduct with prostitutes and other women. While in Oslo to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, "his nights were full of orgies with prostitutes"(World Affairs Brief).

How about John Edwards, Rahm Emanuel, and Charlie Rangel or John McCain, Dick Cheney, Carl Rove and Arnold Schwartzneggar? This list could get very long listing organizations such as the ACLU, Hollywood, or sports leagues such as the NFL. If we look at its leading quarterbacks like Brady, Rothlisberger, and Romo maybe we should call it the national(communist) fornication league or the CFL. Of course you can throw in the great moral leadership of the NBA, NHL, and the baseball leagues, from Babe Ruth to A-Rod.

The communist rules for revolution call for getting the youth away from religion and interested in sports and sex. They are doing a great job, are they not? Is this something are troops should rejoice in serving for? It isn't what I served for. If we pamper or exhibit too much patience for the weak and degenerate, they become a cancer on the nation.

Morally decayed societies tend to get into wars they shouldn't be in, as we did in Vietnam. Stalin once said that if he could control Hollywood, he could control the world. Their continuous message of moral depravity never ends. One major communist goal was to gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

Back in the mid-80's, it was popular for various communist fronts to unite for "(social)justice and peace in Central America" - the CPUSA, American Atheists, Democratic Socialist of America, the Socialist Workers Party, and of course....the SEIU! There was one other of interest - the National Football Players Association!

So, who would be on your list of Masters of Deceit?...and what would they be doing to get on that list? Would your behavior qualify you!? Remember...judge them by their works! A bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit.