Chicago Organizing

Resolution Requested:

Saul Alinsky and Ending Chicago-Style

Community Organizing in Wisconsin

Whereas, Saul Alinsky was born in 1909 in Chicago, Illinois, and today is known as the Father of All Community Organizing in America; and

Whereas, Saul Alinsky, wrote two books, Reveille for Radicals and Rules for Radicals. In Rules for Radicals, Alinsky gave special acknowledgement to Satan with these words,

“the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment

and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer,” and

Whereas, Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and Reveille for Radicals are now recommended and promoted by the National Education Association, colleges, and liberal-leaning organizations to further the advancement of Socialism-based policies in America; and

Whereas, Saul Alinsky focused his time and effort on what is known as Church-based community organizing because he needed the influence, the power, and the credibility of Churches to fund and carry out his deceptive political agenda even though he was an atheist himself; and

Whereas, Saul Alinsky founded the Industrial Areas Foundation in Chicago influencing such individuals as Hillary Clinton and Wade Rathke of ACORN. The Wisconsin Chapter of IAF is located in Milwaukee and is known as Common Ground; and

Whereas, Saul Alinsky’s national influence was instrumental in the founding of other community organizing groups such as the Gamaliel Foundation of Chicago, the organization that Barack Obama worked for as a community organizer trainer. The Wisconsin branch of the Gamaliel Foundation is called WISDOM and operates the following chapters across our state: RIC (Racine), CUSH (Kenosha), MICAH (Milwaukee), SOPHIA (Waukesha), RUTH (Manitowoc), ESTHER (Appleton), JOSHUA (Green Bay), AMOS (LaCrosse), JONAH (Eau Claire), and NAOMI (Wausau), and until recently JOB (Beloit); and

Whereas, Saul Alinsky’s legacy is taking root in many unsuspecting Churches and faith communities in Wisconsin under the guise of “Social Justice” in order to advance big government and Socialist policies. Churches* of all denominations are susceptible to Alinskyian deception and must guard the integrity of the Gospel as well as the collection plate and tax-exempt status by not funding Chicago-based organizations; and

Whereas, the experience of countries around the world has proven that socialism is a failed system that leaves nothing but misery and financial ruin in its wake; and

Whereas, we believe in free enterprise, individual freedoms, limited government, and self-determination; and

Now Therefore Be It Resolved, the _________ County Chapter of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, in caucus:

1) Rejects the growing influence of Saul Alinsky’s legacy on our country as well as the growing Chicago-Based Community Organizing network operating in Wisconsin’s communities and Churches; and

2) Stands in unity with our Founding Fathers in recognizing that America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and firmly believe our Churches serve our communities best when they are Christ-centered, teach Biblical truths, and reject the tenets of Chicago-Style Community Organizing; and

3) Recognizes that the number one way to end poverty in America is through the promotion of One Man-One Woman Marriage rather than bloated government programs, especially with 41% of America’s children currently being born out of wedlock; and

4) Rejects the use of funding from Wisconsin’s taxpayers and Churches for Chicago-Style Community

Organizing; and

5) Will work to educate Churches and their members about the need to promote the Sanctity of Marriage and

Family and resist sending Wisconsin’s Church dollars over the border to fund such Chicago organizations as

Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation and the Gamaliel Foundation; and

6) Recognizes the need to more fully involve citizens across Wisconsin role in the policy-making process

especially at our State Capitol when public hearings are held and not allow Chicago-Style

Community Organizers to determine public policies for our state; and

7) Will stand with principled legislators that readily reject the Alinskyian agenda for our state and protect said

legislators from public attacks by organizations pushing a big government agenda; and

8) Resists the NEA’s promotion of Alinskyian tactics and will not stand by while another generation of school children is inundated with Alinsky’s Rules and radical rhetoric. Continuation of this kind of ideology will only serve to undermine the ideals of The Republic and society which depends on public schools and colleges to serve the needs of the public -- not subvert the role of parents to bring up their children as they see fit.

* For example, Wisconsin’s Catholic Bishops gave the above Chicago-based organizations $172,000 in 2009, and nationally, the Catholic Bishops gave $7.3 Million to ACORN in past funding. Educating and protecting Wisconsin’s Churches from Chicago-Style Community Organizing is of utmost importance.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Jolene Churchill – 608-289-8122

Totally4life@yahoo.comResolution Requested:

Greater Recognition of the Contributions of

Stay-At-Home Mothers and Continued Investigation of the

Wisconsin Shares Tax-Funded Day Care Program

Whereas, Wisconsin's taxpayers spend in excess of $350 Million per year on the Wisconsin Shares, child care program; and

Whereas, in recent months, many news accounts have exposed the excessive fraud and abuse associated with this taxpayer-funded program; and

Whereas, these types of big government programs serve to foster personal irresponsibility and encourages an increase in the number out-of-wedlock births with current statistics showing 41% of America’s children are born to unwed mothers; and

Whereas, mothers who elect not to marry the fathers of their children are eligible for a minimum of $38,000 in tax-free benefits each year ranging from child-care, housing, and food stamps, to healthcare and college tuition; and

Whereas, similar consideration is not provided to mothers who provide in-home care for their children; and

Whereas, excessively generous government programs serve to erode the importance of fathers as a key figure in the family unit; and

Whereas, marriage is the foundation of a strong family for the purposes of raising small children; and

Now Therefore Be It Resolved, that the _______ County Republican Party, in caucus, call for an ongoing investigation and much needed reform of the Wisconsin Shares program and prosecution of cases involving fraud; and

Further, calls for an end to the escalation in funding of the Wisconsin Shares program; and

Further, urges greater recognition of the contribution of stay-at-home moms by providing tax credits or deductions for married two-parent families.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Jolene Churchill – 608-289-8122