Where should we look for the solution to this issue?   Why not the same location our Framers looked to get most their answers when founding our Republic?...the Bible. Leviticus 18:22 says, "thou shall not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is an ABOMINATION."  Every "nation under God" has been destroyed for practicing such acts...and other associated behaviors.  They were invaded...and conquered!!   If we pamper or exhibit too much patience for the weak and degenerate, they become a cancer on our nation. 

Even though we have an economic crisis, it is rooted in a more serious moral crisis.   Our enemies have long called for the promotion of not only this lifestyle but pornography, promiscuity, and adultery as normal, natural, and healthy!   Though some may have more proclivity toward such behavior, no one is born that way.   All have a birth sex, and are born with the God given gift of Free Agency.   In America, we have the freedom to choose, so the chose is yours..and YOU are accountable.

"Virtue has to be learned and it has to be earned."  One of the key functions of government is to prevent the debauchery of public morals.  They looked to Blackstone who stated that as long as an individual kept his conduct within the confines of his home, it was his own business; but when it became public knowledge; and that example affected society for the worse, it was proper for government to then step in and regulate that behavior.   He was ashamed to even discuss it and called it "the infamous crime against nature".(AIM.org) 

Blackstone also said any law that violates God"s law is invalid.   Pastor Dan Scott of the Christ Church of Nashville says, "Homosexual behavior is a sin that threatens religious freedom and destroys people, families, and nations. It must be resisted." 

 The founding fathers regarded homosexual sodomy as a crime against nature; it should be outlawed and severely punished.   The state of Virginia authorized dismemberment; the laws of other states were even more severe. George Washington even authorized the expulsion from the army of a soldier guilty of sodomy. Thomas Jefferson authored a bill calling for castration.    That may sound severe.   But we now teach it in our schools!?    This is another sign of Communism.....forced association.

A former secretary of agriculture said,"If Communism comes to America, it will come in full force....and it will come within".    Josef Stalin said," America is like a healthy body and its resistance is three-fold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life.    If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within"

"While the people are virtuous, they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external invader."(Samuel Adams) Apparently the Milwaukee School District has already surrendered.

A few decades ago, Larry Kramer, a homosexual playwright said, " we should scare the people.  We have to make their lives uncomfortable.   We should tie up expressways and block bridges.   We should cripple this country, throw bombs, set fires, stop traffic, and surround the White House." 

The Nation for Marriage organization sent out the following information: "Thomas Messner of the Heritage Foundation wrote that the supporters of Proposition-8 "have been subjected to harassment, intimidation, vandalism, racial scapegoating, blacklisting, loss of employment, economic hardships, angry protests, violence",and "gross expressions of anti-religious bigotry"  .(How communistic of them!")   CRT, genders and pronouns are their latest weapons.

...Californians who publicly supported marriage were subjected to numerous acts of vandalism.  They had bricks thrown through their front windows, car windows smashed, and tires deflated.(Didn't this happen in Milwaukee during the last election!?..done by so called Democrats?)...Name-calling,physical assaults on Proposition 8 supporters, harassment, and even death threats: the list of despicable behaviors goes on and on...(Such tactics are also being used in AZ over their illegal immigration law).

Catholic churches in California were vandalized in sickening ways: a statue of the Virgin Mary was defaced in one, swastikas were scrawled on the walls of another. A "Yes on 8" sign was thrown through the window of a Lutheran pastor's office.   Assembly of God and Mormon churches were attacked.   An official of the pro-gay Human Rights Campaign said to a Mormon on the Dr. Phil show: "We are going to go after your church every day for the next two years unless and until Prop. 8 is overturned." (Such kind loving people!?)

Decriminalization of what used to be defined as a mental illness has made it possible to organize openly into a powerful lobby calling for the "rights" of pedophiles to adopt.   It has become a monster in our midst, and is becoming more threatening, vengeful, and vindictive towards anyone who challenges its outrageous claims.

Researcher and author, Scott Lively, has documented that the Nazi Party began as a private homosexual force.   Hollywood has portrayed the same in a movie, I can't remember.    He "predicts a severe drop in enlistments and re-enlistments resulting from the entry of open homosexuals into the military, triggering the re-instalement of the DRAFT."

"This would in turn begin a degeneration of the moral and ethical culture of the services as those with the highest personal values would be most likely to leave, being replaced, in many cases,by men whose motivation is to share a male-dominated environment with others of similar sexual proclivities." This subculture would create an "army within an army" that would dominate the services.(AIM)

Kevin Jennings, one of the founders of the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network(GLSEN), has been appointed as Assistant Deputy Secretary in the Department of Education to oversee the Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools.   He is going to provide "factual information" about the history of the "gay rights" movement.

His "mentor and hero"" is the infamous Harry Hay.   As reported in Accuracy in Media(AIM), he was a member of the communist party, and a supporter of the North American Man-Boy Love Association(NAMBLA) who believed in the power of the occult.   Harry Hay founded the first official gay rights group called the Mattachine Society.   He was introduced to the Communist Party by actor Will Geer who played Grandpa on the "Waltons".

Hay said that he found sexual abuse to be beneficial and campaigned for the "rights" of pedophiles.   Our Congress has just passed the "hate crimes" bill pushed by the homosexual community.   An exclusion against adoption by pedophiles was rejected.    Harry Hay developed the idea that homosexuals, like the workers under capitalism, were being oppressed and had to assert their"rights".

He supported Henry Wallace on the Progressive Party ticket for President. That party was dissolved with orders to infiltrated both the democrat and republican parties. Henry Wallace became President Roosevelt"s Vice-President during his last term and Harry worked within the Democrat Party eventually as a member of Jesse Jackson"s rainbow coalition

Their goal was to elect Jackson as a black activist president.   Guess who we got instead!?   Our President like his party officially supports gay rights, and wants to put the final nail, not only in the military, but in the coffin of America.   Gay men and lesbians until the 1970s were told by mental health professionals that they were diseased and depraved but in May 2008, the California Supreme Court allowed the homosexual community to marry.   Is it not time for FREEMEN to ACT?