China Syndrome

China Syndrome 


This was the title of an old anti-nuclear energy film starring "Communism is the Goal" Jane Fonda and Jack Lemon.   The communists knew they could not keep up with the United States if we developed nuclear power, so their propaganda network, with the help of Hollywood, staged a very successful campaign to demonize nuclear energy and put an end to nuclear power plants. 


Forty-five major goals of the communists in America were listed in a best seller by W. Cleon Skousen in his book, "The Naked Communist". Number 7 refers to granting recognition of Red China and admitting them to the UN.    While serving in Vietnam in 1971, President Nixon, with the help of Newt Gingrich, recognized China and granted them most-favored nation trade status.    Deep state henry Kissinger was behind the scenes pulling the strings.   Was this an act of patriotism....or treason?

President Roosevelt set the example back in 1933 by recognizing Stalinist Russia and betraying popular uprisings in that country, providing the necessary trade and support for Stalin to re-establish his government.   This has occurred all too often since then through foreign aid to the wrong people around the world.   In 1934 FDR gave us the great Ponzi game, social security, that originated with the communist party.

We should only have trade with freedom loving nations.  To do otherwise is to betray the hopes and dreams of those living under tyranny.    Since we helped China to join the World Trade Organization, as Phyllis Schlafly reports, 46,000 US factories have been transferred to Asia.

General Electric's Jeff Immelt moved their 115 year old X-ray division from Wisconsin to Beijing where he will invested $2 billion, train 65 engineers, and create six research centers.   For opening a light plant in China, President Obama made him our Job Czar.   With such friends, who needs enemies?    How do you like "comrade" Biden and his "Poliburo?

You may wonder why Donald Trump has become such an expert on China!   Maybe he doesn't like competition?   China is building a $440 million casino near the Baltimore airport in MD and a 4,000-room casino in Atlantic City!   Did Governor Christie have anything to do with this?

China is also doing the following:

-putting police stations in our country!?

-buying US farm land

-buying land around military installations

-funding Confucius Institutes on college campuses

 - rebuilding the San Francisco-Oakland Bay bridge

 - built 7 US schools

 - trying to build 10,000 to 30,000 acre "technology zone" south the 

 Boise airport

 - expects Missouri to give them $360 million in tax credits to

 subsidize a cargo hub at the St. Louis airport.

They are doing this through the use of EB-5 visas.  Chinese investors, to the tune of half a million each, will allow entire families to be given green cards valid for life.   This is called "investment immigration".   They will not be using US workers. 

China will using a federal program that grants permanent residency to foreign nationals. Could not an invader ask for more?! Are we not being betrayed from within? We need to get rid of the "Red Chicago Mob" in the White House and their minions in the Congress.

Such people as New York Times Thomas Friedman, Mitt Romney, and Janet n

Napolitano Think should staple green cards to foreign students diplomas. Where is the media on this? They should asking questions of candidates related to the following issues:

 - how China is buying its way into America with our money

 - how free trade is cheating coming and going

 - how China is stealing our intellectual property and patents

 - how China has sold us poisonous and defective products

 - how China is building a military machine with US dollars

 - the racket of preferential visas that take American jobs.

We have have stopped our space program while China races ahead. Space is essential for the gathering of information to fight future wars. How do we deal with their massive economic espionage against us? They provide us "hardware Trojans", counterfeit computer components that can cause malfunctions and breakdowns of aircraft, or provide hackers hidden doors for spying. 

Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn immigrated from Russia many years ago. His main request was that the West, in particular the United States, quit giving them(Russia) "the rope to hang us with!" Are we not giving China and others, even within our country, the shovels to bury us with? As John Adams once said, 

 "Let us disappoint the Men who are raising themselves

 upon the ruin of this country."