Law & Order

Law & Order

There are three things needed to insure a peaceful community: 1) a system of restitution to the victim, 2) a system of banishment, and 3) the death penalty. In short, a system of shape up, ship out, or die. This ia a great three-step program.

As the old line in pioneer movies goes,"get off my land or I will shoot you".Now there's a real restaining order. But...lawyers won't make money that way!

Heaven forbid that I should refer to the same book that our country"s Founders referred to most for ideas in structuring our government. But I, like them, looked to the Israelite system in the Bible. Lets look at those ideas again.

#1) a System of Restitution: Why should fines go to the government? Why not to the victim? The criminal was required to restore even four-fold the damages that he caused. If he would not do that, he could be banished from the community...under penalty of death if the matter was serious enough. Where does the idea of restitution exist in our criminal system today?

#2) a System of Banishment: The criminal was not allowed back into the community until he was willing to make restitution. Why should we pay the penalty of warehousing them?

#3) a Death Penalty: This issue has already been addressed under my list of issues. I like Soloman"s idea. He told a traitor he could live as long as he stayed in his home. The penalty was in his own hands, and of course, he blew it. When a person takes a life, he needs to make restitution with his own.

Those who cause problems, should not be getting social programs! We use the death penalty on our foreign enemies when they attack us, so why not against our domestic enemies who attack us? It doesn't always need to be used, but the fact that it is there solves a multitude of problems. When I taught, i found the use of the paddle had the same effect.

When Ronald Reagan was Governor of California, he made the same mistake he made as President. He appointed two of the wrong justices to the Supreme Court. One of them wrote the opinion against the death penalty and CA lost that tool for a while. Gov. Reagan like Gov. Schwartzneggeer started releasing criminals from prison and raising the crime rate dramatically.

We don't need that to happen in our state. We need to treat human beings like human being and animals like animals, not the other way around. Those who threaten the rights,property, and life of others need to come under strict discipline. Wisconsin needs a death penalty!