Principle #21 from the "5000 Year Leap"states- "strong local self-government is the keystone to preserving human freedom"; it provides the basic solution to most education problems. This applied even before the founding of our country. In 1647, the MA legislature passed a law requiring a community of 50 families to set up a free public grammar school to teach the basics and Bible study.

Every township of 100 families was required to set up a secondary school in advanced studies. Local school committees had oversight of the schools, not the federal government... or even the state.

Some studies have shown that students using the famous McGuffey Readers through the eighth grade demonstrated a higher level of skill than our present secondary system or students entering college.

The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 encouraged the teaching of three important subjects in order for a state to be admitted into the Union. They were 1)religion-the fundamental religious beliefs we are founded upon,the 10 Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule,etc.; 2)morality-a standard of right and wrong; and 3)knowledge-academic studies. Many question whether the current system is even fulfilling the third one. Aren't our nation"s ratings headed downhill?

The Soviet system eliminates the first two; and thanks to their ACLU the same has happened here bringing with it serious moral problems that are blowing up government budgets from the local level to the federal level. Just take a look at the Milwaukee school system.

Do you really want to pay for condoms because 60% have joined the local communist youth league? To understand this statement you need to refer to the sex resolution issue. Thanks to our Governor and legislature, we will be taxed to provide more "commie" sex education, especially in the area of homosexuality.

We need to get rid of the federal DOE and save the carrying charge to overpaid bureaucrats. In 1932, the head of the communist party(Wm Foster) wrote a book(Toward a Soviet America) in which he called for a Department of Education; they wanted religious and patriotic themes to be removed from the classroom. (See the 1986 ACLU letter I wrote under the AFACT heading). .

And with the help of the "great conservative" Newt Gingrich, the DOE bill passed the House with a close vote of 209-206, and Jimmy Carter was able to sign it into law. The Constitution does not authorize a DOE any more than it authorizes a Dept. of Religion or federal sect. That issue was left to the states.

The only ones that can pray in school now are the Muslims, especially at Barron H.S.!? They have their own prayer room. What ever happened to separation of church and state? Apparently, only "religions" that attack our founding principles are allowed.

Why do superintendents(as in Rice Lake) get paid more than than the Governor? Maybe that is an indicator of who is really running our state. When God is removed, educators becomes god,as in Germany and Russia. And when they say they want more money, we must bow down and give it to them!?

The Constitution was written to basically outlaw four basic threats to freedom: force,monopoly,vice,and debauchery of public morals. An example of force would be the mob offering you a deal you can"t refuse, thus eliminating competition. Monopoly does the same thing. Vice refers to crimes and the last is self explanatory.

All these elements exist not only in our education system, but all government social programs. The oligarchy that runs education in the state of Wisconsin is no different than the one that controls education in Moscow. The basic problem in Wisconsin and America is the fact that upwards of 50% of our citizens are allied with the religious, moral, economic, and social objectives of the old Soviet Union.

What are you going to do about it?

From the Eau Claire school district to the UW system, to a congressional seat in Madison, or a US Senate seat; the communist lesbian/homosexual crowd has well infiltrated the state. With a lesbian leading the system, red is a good color for the big UW; it sure wouldn't be the color white in our flag representing moral purity. Nothing has changed since the sixties.

All power is concentrated in the hands of a few. We need to introduce more competition and clean out the present system. It has become nothing more than a mob organization giving us a deal we can't refuse. The original US education system was run by those who represented our religious beliefs and was much more successful. We had far less problems in our society when "religion and morality" were taught.

Josef Stalin said,"America is like a healthy body and its resistance is three-fold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within". It is time for all FREEMEN to ACT! Truly, this is the time to chose.

(See 1963 goals under the AFACT heading)