The federal government has overstepped its constitutional bounds.  It has done so because all power has been taken from the states(16th and 17th Amendment), and concentrated in Washington D.C..  The founder's definition of tyranny!  Now the federal government has taken over states responsibilities over domestic issues.  Federal funding brings unconstitutional control of the states.  At least 80% of the federal budget is used unconstitutionally for social programs.

Socialism is a system of transferring funds from those that have earned to those who haven't.  The best way to control spending is to keep it at the local level and limit the national government to only those responsibilities outlined in the constitution.  Several agencies of government are not called for by the 10th Amendment.  How about the Dept. of Education, Energy, and H & HS.  The three the Governor of TX couldn't quite remember.

All social programs are unconstitutional.  So is the IRS, and the 16 Amendment that created it.  So is most foreign aid.  Grants to state and city governments would end, along with federal control.  No state has the right to demand that another pay for its foolishness.  Are you asking your state to pay for yours?!



     How does the following tax plan fit with you?


                                   Under $30,000.........No tax

                                  $30,000-80,000.........5% tax

                                  $80,000-130,000.......10% tax

                                   over $130,000...........15% tax

I prefer equal treatment under the law.  A straight 10%.    It only takes a postcard:  income -  expenses = taxable income.  It could be a low as 5%!  Getting rid of all the "socialism" would really decrease taxes.  

Don't cause problems for other people to pay for!!!