When our country was founded, the budget of the federal government was primarily funded through excise(sales) taxes and tariffs. The phase "general welfare" only applied to the country as a whole and only to the specific powers delegated to Washington by the Constitution. It did not apply to specific persons, groups, or sections of the country. Taxes can be kept low until that power is used to transfer wealth from those who have earned it to those who have not earned it.

And that's what happened when the Supreme Court in support of FDR ruled in direct violation of the Constitution and the Jeffersonian/Madison interpretation of the general welfare clause to what is known as the Hamiltonian viewpoint. Since then our budget and national debt have progressively increased and gone out of sight.

It gave the government a power that did not exist, the power to provide for needs rather than protect rights . The government did not have the power to tax one family to pay for the needs of another family, another county, another state, or even another country(foreign aid), but it does now!

The simple answer to the taxation problem is to demand that the "original" constitutional interpretation be followed. A very good solution would be the Fair-Tax proposal, however it still doesn't solve the problem of unconstitutional taxation, unless the 16th Amendment is repealed also.

If we conduct ourselves as true Americans and earn and pay our own way without using government to steal for us from our neighbors, we would have plenty of income to pay for a home, a car, an education, or even a comfortable retirement without high property taxes.

The cash for bums government program(socialism) doesn't work. You work!...and don't cause problems for others to pay for.