Fiat Money/the Fed(FRS)

Fiat Money/the Fed(FRS)

The Constitution of the United States requires that the states pay their debts in gold or silver. Since our national government has corrupted our currency we cannot do so. We ceased to be a Federal Government when the 17th Amendment was passed by Congress, changing the election of senators from state legislatures to the general population


The basic questions are: 1) do you have the right to print money backed by nothing? and 2) does the central government have the right to pass on an enumerated power to a private corporation or an entity such as the UN?

When you remove the standard, you can print and loan more than you have and buy votes. What happens if we loan more than we have? Is it a good thing to print money you don't have and buy things you want at the expense of others? Is it right to pass fiat money debt onto your grandchillden?

Fiat money(backed by nothing) almost cost us the hard fought Revolutionary War and the peace afterwards. Without the gold and silver provision in the Constitution, the Framers would not have signed that document of liberty. They were well aware of the problems it caused that we are now living with today.

Now here's the "meat". "Can you handle the truth?!! Lenin said he would force the U.S. to spend itself into destruction. The fifth plank of the communist manifesto calls for the centralization of credit and money in the state. We have it in a corporation, the Federal Reserve System, which is neither federal or reserve.

The real owners are as follows:

1. Rothchilds of London and Berlin

2. Israel Moses Seaf of Italy

3. Kuhn, Loeb and Co. of Germany and New York

4. Lazares Brothers of Paris

5. Warburg and Co. of Hamburg, Germany

6. Lehman Brothers of New York

7. Goldman, Sachs of New York

8. Rockefeller Brothers of New York

The FRS profits from government debt. It can cause, through its monetary policies, depression(as it did in 1929), cyclic recessions, ...and even get us into debt building wars. It has more power than the whole Congress...and Congress just gave them more power. What ever happened to the principle that absolute power corrupt absolutely?

The 2nd plank calls for a heavy graduated income tax. Why do we have it? It was needed to pay for the unconstitutional welfare state. Remember, Lenin said that he would force the United States to spend itself in destruction. Our President is now doing so and adding onto what others have done..and it will only get worse.

It violates the principle of equal protection under the law. Every one should pay the same percentage of tax. At the founding of our country,we only needed import,excise, or sales taxes based on use rather than income. How about a Fair Tax or Flat Tax?

You cannot solve money or tax problems with the wrong principles. So why have certain forces within our country given us the 2nd and 5th planks as our laws? You can bet you won't find out in our 10th plank school system!

A plan to take back the FRS and place it under the control of a "board of supervisors" appointed by the Congress was written by famous constitutionalist W. Cleon Skousen and given to President Reagan 30 years ago, but he never acted upon it, nor took it to the people!?(neither did he act on the plan by Dr. Skousen to transform Social Security)

They were to keep interest rates within 3% of GDP or be removed from from the board. This interest would go to the federal government and member state banks, lowering taxes for all. As it stands now the FED gets to steal half a trillion dollars a year from the American taxpayer. Is that enough to buy every politician in the land?

We applaud Ron Paul's effort to audit the FRS(so we can put them in jail), then take it back under Article 13 of the Federal Reserve Act and save the interest. He has been trying for 30 years. Has your congressman supported him...or even informed you? I first ran for the US Senate in 1984 with this as my primary issue.

They have been stealing trillions for decades! The same people that control the FED also control the media, and the education system through grants to colleges. So will you vote for a Federal Reserve puppet candidate? If they aren't, why haven't they been talking about it before and why aren't they talking about it now?

Those same "money lenders" are now promoting the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership treaty trying to bypass the giving the President a Trade Promotion Authority(TPA) in order to circumvent the Constitution. It would tie us into the EU and thereby require us to pay their debts and go through the Cyprus experience where bank and retirement accounts were confiscated.

You may contact the National Center for Constitutional Studies( for a copy of both their plans for Comprehensive Monetary Reform and Social Security Reform at 208-645-2625 or 1-800-388-4512.(only $2 each)

Vote John Schiess for your next US Congressman in the 7th District and we may put these BANKSTERS out of business!