Statement of Candidacy

     For us the battle for Liberty is one between World Government and National Sovereignty.  Washington in his farewell addressed warned about entangling alliances, both economically and militarily.  He stated that we have a different set of interests than those of Europe.  Europe is based on ruler's law.   We become the first nation in modern times to be based on people's law,  power originating with the people rather than from the top down, through the "divine right of kings.  We have violated that advice for over 100 years, getting into wars we never should have been in.  Until the Presidency of George W. Bush, it was always a Democrat promising not to get us into war, and then doing so.

Socialism is a system of lying.  Their progressive lies started with Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, and now have brought our nation to the brink of collapse under the administrtation of "Comrade" Obama(BABO)-2010.   Now Biden is finishing us off.    There are two ways for International Communism to conquer a country: through armed insurrection as done in Russia, or, as it is now being done in America, through socialist legislation.  Abraham Lincoln stated that no nation could conquer us unless it has help from within.  The enemy within has established a Trojan Horse within our midst, called the UN.   Much like healthcare, it was passed in a month and hardly anyone read the bill.

The greatest threat to our liberties are the fifth column citizens who agree with Lenin and Alinsky, and who want to Transform America and force the United States to spend itself into destruction through socialism.   Congressman Archibald Roosevelt said many years ago, "Most people don't realize that the Kremlin has already invaded America....The Soviet leaders have moved entire political divisions of their political army into our country......These Red forces are...civilian in appearance....indistinguishable from the rest of the population.  Their weapons of war consist of INFILTRATION into GOVERNMENT,EDUCATION, FINANCE, and COMMUNICATION by subversion, disruption, poisonous propaganda, and espionage.  They are largely an invisible army...a disciplined and dedicated force...acting behind fronts and, therefore difficult to pinpoint."  Today, they are clearly in the streets of America, from the protests of Gov. Walker in WI, to the now candidacy of Donald Trump.

There isn't another candidate running for either President or US Senate that seems to understand this.   We now see this playing out in our cities, on our campuses, and at our borders.  If there is anything bad for America, you can bet Putin and Russia, China, and the Internationale are behind it.   As they did in the 60's, they are doing so today.   At the "top" of America are fifth column "Quisling" politicians supporting the causes of big government and moral decay.  They are the agents transforming our country from a Republic to a "Democracy".    Democracy is their battle cry; it is really the intermediate stage from freedom into communism.

The latest World Government ploy is to tie us into entangling economic treaties with the Pacific Rim and the Atlantic European Union.   In order to make this happen our president needed the unconstitutional power to make economic decisions that belong to the House and the Senate.  Paul Ryan and the whole WI GOP delegation gave it to him through the TPA(trade promotion authority)!?  Cong. Ryan argued that since it has been improperly use all the way back to FDR,  that the wrong thing is legal now.    He seems to be adept at what the Marxists would call for--"compromise".   If TPP and TIPP go through our whole economy will be ruled by, not us, but the bureaucrats of Europe and the UN.   Anyone who doesn't go along with it will be called an "isolationist".   What do you think happens to our "invasion" problem then?!   It's not going to get better.   Look what NAFTA did for us on our southern border.   USMCA will continue the process.  These treaties would give us "Crony Capitalism" on an international level.  

Our first responsibility is to ourselves, our families, our culture, and our country.  If another culture wants to emphasize hating the latter, they should not be allowed here...or be deported.   Hate America is not a pledge of allegiance.   We do not have a single Senator that will defund the UN, or get us out of it.   America cannot survive with this cancer of the "political class".   President Trump seems to have no idea what's really going on ...on the border.    If he and you read the invasion issue, we will be much better off.  

The banner of Liberty is God, family, and country; not worship us, sleep with us, and help steal someone else's money.   When a government takes from one man what he has earned and gives it to another,...that's communism.  When individuals do that, its called stealing.    We need to get rid of those who want to steal us into prosperity.    Socialism is an EBB TIDE, not a RAISING TIDE.