Statement of Candidacy

Every country has to deal with its fifth column.  Never before have we been under such a subversive attack from within: morally, economically, and politically.  Our Oath of Allegiance refers to defending our Constitution from all enemies foreign...and domestic!  Treason is the reason....for all the problems we are now experiencing.  

As Ronald Reagan said, the greatest threat to Liberty lies within our nation, not without.  My favorite author says it lies first, within our country; second, within our churches; and third, within our families.  I would add a fourth, within the GOP.  Tyrants need morally decayed people, in order to rule.  That destroys "normal" human relations.  It destroys the two pillars of religion  and morality that we are founded upon.  Thus, it destroys families, the cornerstone of any successful nation.  Faith and reason make us men; take those away, what are we then, mere animals!  If you expect Liberty without virtue, you expect what never has been, nor ever will be!

The second step is to violate property rights.  Transfer wealth from those who have earned, to those who have not earned it.  This is politely called "socialism".  It is normally called stealing!  When governments do it, it's called "legal plunder".  Everyone will own nothing, and we all will be happy.  Why is equal poverty better than unequal prosperity?  The role of government isn't to provide equal things, but to protect equal rights.  The right to keep what you earn. 

The third step is to protect criminals and keep them on the streets.  Is not, this playing out across America?!  The FBI used to refer to communism as criminal conspiracy.  They pour across our borders, not to protect Lady Liberty, but rape her and steal her blind.  'Free love and free money" is not just the battle cry of Marxism, but also the so-called Democrat Party.  As Stalin used to say, "we spit in their faces, and they(cowards) call it dew".   They call us everything they are!

The Communist Internationale is now coordinating an invasion of our country with the "aid and comfort" of our fifth column Soviet Democrat Party.  It has been that way ever since Barack Obama took office.  President Biden is finishing the job!!  The Traitor/invader Party is working hand in hand with the cartels and their human trafficking.  They are funding housing projects for the invaders, giving them free money and transportation, and placing them in our schools and rest homes, over our own children and veterans.

Tyranny has many faces, freedom only one!  The "evil empire" is here in the form of the CPUSA, organized crime, and Satanism.  The Deep State is the Soviet State!  It coordinates them all.  Why are they successful?  Since communism could not be sold outright to the people, they learned to do it through religion....the social gospel.  Communism needed to be built with non-communist hands.  All walks of life have been infiltrated.  They don't need everyone in the "Party".  They just need you to think like them.....and sleep  like them.

 I have always run against the power of the FED, the Dept. of Education, and the UN trojan horse.  The Deep State set up the first to destroy our money system, the second to destroy our education system, and the last to destroy our sovereignty. The communist-run UN is behind every problem we have; whether on the border, or in our streets.  

Where did this "new" cultural revolution begin?  South Carolina.   And who was the Governor who did nothing to stop it?  Nikki Haley.  It didn't take long to spread to other states.  Through the process of Infiltration and Subversion, that FBI Director Hoover warned about decades ago, we have now become a 50/50 country; with many states falling like "ripe plums" to the control of Russia and China. They are worried that we will destroy their Democracy!

We are a Republic!  The only way to lower the budget and get spending under control, is to put an end to Democratic Socialism.  Democracy was anathema to our founding fathers.  It is the intermediate step into full communism.  When the false fall of Russia took place, the communists all became "democratic socialists".  They hide behind this label in all Western countries.  They feel your pain!  Needs and wants are not rights.

Join the SIT-REP campaign,,,,,and fight Communism in America!!!