Illegal Invasion

Illegal Invasion

Who has a right to break into our home and demand money? Our first responsibility is to our family, then OUR community be it local, state, or national. No family budget can survive when they are FORCED to assume responsibility for other families. Does that remind you of a certain "Russian" movie?

Was it "Brothers Kasmirov" or "War and Peace"? Lenin said he would force the United States to spend itself in destruction! We are under a slow invasion from the south much like Europe is from the east. It was called for as much as three decades ago by the ICC through such groups as La Raza and MechA. People such as Bill Gates and the Ford Foundation fund them. The International Criminal Conspiracy is another name for the Communist Internationale.

An American Border Patrol fundraising letter states the following; "Mexico has never accepted the humiliating defeat they suffered in 1848 at the hands of the upstart United States. More than 160 years later, Mexico's elite ruling class form the leadership of a revolutionary group known as RECONQUISTA." Almost 50% 0f all CA births are now Hispanic. The CPUSA "bred and conquer" program is working very well! Commie-nester and cowbird morality!

"Even though the Mexican Reconquista movement is the MOST DANGEROUS DOMESTIC THREAT to America's sovereignty, most Americans know nothing about it. This new Mexican-American war will be fought where America is most vulnerable:

~ America's courtrooms will be flooded with expensive lawsuits;

~ Political elections will be decided by falsely registered illegals;

~ Union jobs will go to Mexican illegals with fake identification;

~ Corrupt labor unions will regain the power of their glory years;

~ Businesses will be intimidated into unionizing workers;

~ Illegal aliens will demand and receive amnesty."

America's southwest will be transformed into ATZLAN or North Mexico and be just as corrupt and impoverished. Our country's left-wing media, left-wing Congress, and left-wing President want the Reconquistas to win. Obama has made it clear that he wants to remove our borders and is in support of the NAU.

The reason that our government will not stop illegal immigration regardless of administration is the UN's goal of an EU style NAU or North American Union combining both Mexico and Canada with our country. What would that do for your retirement or healthcare plans? Do you want to pay for their infrastructure and balance their budget?

This betrayal of our sovereignty began with the Clinton administration with the help of Newt Gingrich. They took the first step into it...NAFTA. George Bush has been pushing for FTAA and SPP(Security & Prosperty Partnership) and Pres. Obama will continue the process.

To learn more google North American Union.

Borders, Language, and Culture! (See quotes below)

Reconquista leaders:

Businessman Xavier Hermosillo, "We're taking California back. House by

house. Block by block. People ought to

wake up and smell the refried beans."

Univision's news anchor, "Anglos assure us that Mexicans are a menace to

Jorge Ramos American values and cultural integrity. What they

don't understand is that Latinos are a fundamental

element of the United States and we will soon be

the majority in this country."

Jose Gutierrez,professor "We have got to eliminate the GRINGO. And what I

at UT-Arlington mean is,if worse comes worst, we have got to KILL


Augustin Cebada,CA "We're here to show the white Anglo Saxon that we

City Councilman & claim this land as ours. If anyone's going to be

Brown Berets de Aztlan deported, it's going to be you! Go back to Boston!

Go back to the Plymouth Rock. Get out!"

Carlos Fuentes "Hispano-Americans are Spanish speakers,Indo-

Mexican author Europeans, and Afro-Americans. With all of this,we

win. The ones who lose are the Anglos;isolated in

their racist English-speaking,white purity."

Vincente Fox "We are Mexicans that live in OUR territories and Mexi-

Former President cans that live in the Southwest of the United States. In

reality,we are working to construct a nation."

Former President, "I have proudly proclaimed that the Mexican nation ex-

Ernesto Zedillo tends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders."

Barack Obama "As President, I will work with sister cities across the

U.S. President border to enhance cross-border partnerships(SSP) in

law enforcement,health care, and water usage."

I have a great plan for the "chicken GOP". (1) NO AMNESTY for anyone!!!, (2) You are going home sooner or later. We will find you some day and (3) cut off all your thieving benefits,(4) declare war on Mexico and close the border until we have it under control,(5) start a massive deportation program(yes we can!), (6) set up immigration centers in each country and let them compete to come here. We do not need federal programs that import hundreds of thousands of refugees from war-torn countries and then discourage them from assimilation. 1,600,000 green cards have been given to predominantly Moslem countries. The cowardice of our representatives in the face of the enemy is not a pretty sight. In fact, it might even be considered TREASON!