Who created you?   Who is responsible for your care?   Your parents or maybe your grandparents?   How about YOU!   If your family won't buy it for you,why should I?   Where does that right come from? make anyone else pay your bill.

Should I take it from someone else?   Isn't that called stealing?    That's really called..Communism!   It's always easier than.....earning it!

The simple answer is an individual account that goes with you from employer to employer that comes out of ....your paycheck!   You could voluntarily buy it for a friend.   It's always easier to be irresponsible and pass the buck to someone else. 


 In 1932, the head of the Communist Party, William Foster wrote a book titled,"TOWARD a SOVIET AMERICA". Now you know where the great idea for social "insecurity" came from.   And, guess what else?....HEALTHCARE!    Obamacare is necessary to the merger of our American socialist medical system with the socialist medical systems of other nations.  Free enterprise cannot merge with a socialist system.

The same people who promised you a wonderful retirement now want to give you a wonderful healthcare plan.   WHEN WILL YOU EVER LEARN?   Socialism never works and never will work.    And no it's not far left or progressive either, it's COMMUNISM! 

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