Agenda 21

Agenda 21 


Also known as Sustainable Development, is designed to shift control of local government away from local citizens and place them into the hands of the United Nations. It even includes the the idea of limiting the number of children a couple may have. 


It is a direct attack on private property, moving our country more in line with communist goal of all property being controlled by the state. People can be forced off their lands to be replaced by "favored" peoples or be just be reverted back to wilderness. Do we now know how "Comrade" Obama will place 25,000 Hamas in these United States!? 

The end of the Cold War fooled people into thinking Communism was dead.   Such was the plan of the Soviets decades before. as, the former President of the Czech Republic said, the just moved into the environmental movement. 

Communists have become a serious problem within local governments, especially in Madison. The Russian word for committees is "soviet".   It replaces individual rights with community oversight. The overseers are the bureaucrats.   Sounds too much like the kind of government we already have!

The Bushes and the Clintons were very active in setting the stage for Agenda 21(and also for the North American Union). Other groups involved are the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations, NGO's, and the NEA. 

George Washington said that private property and freedom are inseparable. There has been a steady erosion of property rights in the United States and Agenda 21 will will destroy it completely.

The UN definition of property rights includes rights for biodiversity, giving rights to plants and trees, and animals.   We homo sapiens are left out.   Biodiversity will be represented by socialist and world planners.   It will lead to the destruction of farming ....and mass starvation. Is not this is the same characteristic of every country taken over by the communists?   Now they are using the CO2  propaganda and disinformation to do the same.

These are the goals of the UN globalists:

 1) Abolish private property.

 2) Base world government on public decree; not individual rights.

 3) Reduce human populations.

 4) Subvert the principles of the Declaration of Independence.

 5) Destroy the governing authority of the United States Constitution.

 6) Turn America into a "homeland" where human beings are treated as 

 biological resources subject to human rights.(as opposed to inalienable