Social Security

Social Security

Soviet Security would be a better name for it. In 1932, the head of the Communist Party USA, Wm Foster wrote a book titled, "Toward a Soviet America". In it, he called for many programs(ponzi schemes) that are now destroying our country financially, such as social security, healthcare, and the Dept. of Education.

So when FDR gave it to us in 1934, was he a patriot or a traitor? The Supreme Court knew it was illegal under every tenet of natural law and the Constitution. Under pressure from President Roosevelt, threatening to stack the Supreme Court, they betrayed the Constitution and ruled social security legal.

The Supreme Court, in Flemming v. Nestor (1960), held that Social Security payments aren't contractual obligations of the U.S. government. They are welfare benefits, which can be modified or revoked at any time by Congress. So what happens to them is entirely a political calculation.

There is no such thing as a right to a government retirement plan. Needs are not rights and cannot coexist, anymore than right and wrong can. A thief always has needs. If the same money taken out our checks were put in an individual account, an IRA, as originally promise by Roosevelt, you would have a fortune to pass on to your posterity and thousands a month to live on instead of mere hundreds.

Would you rather have what you are getting,...or will receive,...or what you could have had with the IRA FDR had originally promised? represented by the following chart:

Monthly Income Monthly Benefit Estate(to pass on)

$1000 $3400 $514,800

1500 5150 772,200

2000 6860 1,029,600

2500 8580 1,287,000

What need would you have for all those other piddly government programs? All social security did was insure everyone equal poverty and rob them of real prosperity. All ponzi schemes end the same way. We could have had unequal prosperity. Isn't that better?! Why isn't everyone as mad at the government and the so-called Democrat Party as they are at the Bernie Madoffs?

Of course, if a Republican tries to make it into a real retirement plan based on free enterprise, the commie-crats cry bloody murder because they will lose control over our citizenry. As Lenin said, "we will force the United States to spend itself into destruction"; and its agents in America have successfully done so!

You may contact the National Center for Constitutional Studies( for a copy of both their plans for Comprehensive Monetary Reform and Social Security Reform at 208-645-2625 or 1-800-388-4512.(only $2 each)

Vote for real change, Vote John Schiess for US Senator.