Red Racism in America Part III--the 90%

Friday, 4/25/2014

Red Racism in America Part III--the 90%

The practice of polar bear hunting has injured many and resulted in the death of a retired army veteran in TX. That event, and the rape, mutilation, and murder of a young white couple in TN, inspired this set of commentaries. Satanic behavior does not breed truth! One of the black murderers said that 90% of white people are evil. I could go with 50%, but in a bit of satanic reversal, he got it perfectly wrong. It really applies to the moral behavior of the black race; the kind of behavior that has created the slums of Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, and other big cities.

America is like a spaceship with four booster rockets. They represent her... and our development, in four areas: social, intellectual, physical. and...Spiritual! They all must fire equally on order to hit the target. If they fire unequally or inconsistently, it will not arrive on time. If one of the rockets does not fire at all, the ship will crash. For America, it is especially true if the spiritual rocket fails.

That leads to countries run by a Hitler, Stalin, or Mussolini, and communities run by gangs or the MOB. That's why the Soviets want to destroy religion and morality in the cultures of America. The only question is why have certain groups so willing gone along with that plan? When a culture refuses to follow the 10 commandments our country is founded on, especially the moral ones, that society will be a hell on earth.

With 70% born out of wedlock, their immorality level would probably be at least 90%. Or would it be the 95% that voted for "Comrade" Obama? Such behavior is the real reason for a big city becoming a Detroit. Whether by coincidence or not, they still fulfill the reputation of Cain, being the most morally decayed and accursed culture on the earth. Why would you want to live around a culture that can't make a sentence without uttering the F-word?

When I grew up in Milwaukee, the 90% pertained to the black culture you did not want around. The "story on the street' was that if you let the good 10% in, you would have to put up with the rest. That happened, and now Milwaukee is a waste area too. All the white areas that I grew up in are now black. America doesn't need a culture that has that level of immorality. She doesn't need 50% of the white culture I mentioned either. It is this type of culture that put Obama in the White house; the 70% level of asians, hispanics, women, and youth. The 95% of blacks that voted for him clearly showed their Marxist racism.

They have proven the rule and are more fit for Moscow or South Africa. They have taken over the big cities just as the Kremlin planned years ago with the help of a treasonous fifth column in the United States. The plan is clearly outline in the book, "Communist Revolution in the Streets" by Gary Allen. It goes as follows: The POOR BLACKS + The POOR WHITES = UNION of the POOR(the 47%) = A PROLETARIAN ARMY = The PEOPLE'S REVOLUTION(= The Democrat Party).


Gus Hall, head of the CPUSA, said the civil rights movement is key to a communist victory in the United States. Various radical black leaders were set up in the 60's, founding groups that eventually set over 100 cities on fire. Now you know why Al Sharpton likes doing his 100 thing. Stokely Carmichael set up SNCC(the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee). He said they were going to smash everything Western Civilization has created; and hated all those who opposed communism. "Capitalism is not an Eagle, but a Vulture."

The goal was an all black nation. Under black nationalism, the black race was superior. These leaders were the black version of Hitler! They and the CP wanted to establish all-black republics in the South and all black cities in the North. We now have a similar plan being used by the hispanics in their goal to invade and take back the Southwest. But remember, "its only an act of love!?"

And they sing the same songs as the radical blacks; "Kill Whitey" and "Burn Baby, Burn": "We have got to eliminate the GRINGO. And what I mean is, if worse comes worst, we have got to KILL HIM." One black leader wrote the book, "Negroes with Guns" ,calling for the slaughter of all caucasians. And guess who wrote the prologue to that book? None other than that great man of peace, Rev. Martin Luther King!


Gus Hall said in 1965, the year I graduated from high school, That there is only one area where the fight to build the Party is being conducted vigorously and effectively, and that is among the youth. A former Attorney General of that time period said 85% of the money spent by Communist Russia is ear-marked for college youth; described as a 2nd generation of "Red Diaper Doper Babies. Now what do we see going on in CA, WA, and CO. No, it couldn't happen here!?

Their mottos included, "Hate America, "one gallon and a match", and Burn Baby, Burn". They received support from the likes of Gov. Pat Brown, Jerry Rubin, MLK's chief aide--Rev. James Bevel(the man who said we must destroy Western Capitalism), Joan Baez, Stokely Carmichael, and Angela Davis who was just welcomed at UW-Eau Claire,WI as a heroine! All people that support their communist causes are called heroes....and those who oppose them are called racists, Nazi's, and terrorists.

They took over UC-Berkley and used the Greek Theater for a Black Power conference. The Sather Gate became famous for placards and booths promoting everything from "free love" to complete communism. Berkley became the center of Communist propaganda and activity. You could throw the UW-Madison,WI in to that mix too. They became known as the New Left. and believed they had the right to plunder anyone who has worked harder, longer, and more successfully than them. Sounds like a thief to me! Does the name of Barack Obama keep coming to mind as you read this!?

Their demonstrations seemed spontaneous at first, but it became unmistakably clear the CPUSA and its front organizations were playing a key role. The Communist Party played a key role in fomenting and exploiting campus unrest, laying the groundwork for a concerted drive to recruit youth to its cause. A Senate Internal Security Subcommittee report revealed, " student body grievances were either fraudulent, created, stimulated, or exaggerated as a catalytic agent means of setting of mob explosions. Once aroused, students energies were channeled and directed by professionals into forums, rallies, protests, resolutions, defiance of law, and out-and-out law violations." Gary Allen states,"The Communists don't tag along on demonstrations, they organize and lead them." How about the one in Madison, WI against Scott Walker?


The goal as stated earlier was to organize poor blacks and poor whites into political power blocks lead by such front groups as SDS, SNCC, CORE, SLCC, and the Black Panthers....and lets not forget the ACLU. They recruited from the poor, underprivileged, malcontents, dissidents, and criminals of all races. The strategy was to "divide and conquer" various cultures by race, age, and sex. They worked night and day to create class consciousness by deepening differences, jealousies, and hatreds; while at the same time gaining the support of the enormously wealthy and powerful.

Now we come to the famous "Cloward and Piven Strategy". Their book, "A Strategy to End Poverty"(May 1966) was written in support of the "War on Poverty". It called for a two fold plan; 1) precipitate a profound financial and political crisis(still thinking of Obama?), and 2) force a federal program of income redistribution. The purpose was not to eliminate poverty, but to distribute it equally! Would you rather have unequal prosperity or....equal by rich oligarchs?!

Now enters the Kennedy-Johnson War on Poverty which become the war of the deceived and the DEBAUCHED POOR on the rest of the citizens of the United States. All the strands had to be twisted into a one piece rope with which to hang America, ...consisting of the civil rights movement, the New Left, the migrant agricultural workers, and the general rural and urban poor coordinated into one Proletarian Army. The War on Poverty financially paved the way for Walter Reuther and the Citizens Crusade Against Poverty(CCAP). This was an alliance between MLK and Reuther based on the tactics of Marx and Lenin.....and Alinsky.

In the Citizens Crusade: 1) Walter Reuther and Martin Luther King were to provide the leadership, 2) student graduates of SDS, SNCC, CORE, SLCC, and Progressive Labor were to provide the leadership at the local level, and 3) the Black Muslims and black nationalists provided the muscle and terror to keep patriotic blacks in line. MLK's job was to head the propaganda arm.

Walter Reuther, trained in Russia and with the help of the Warren Supreme Court, was able to become head of the UAW because SCOTUS threw out the law prohibiting Communists from foreign travel, or serving as labor union officials. With the help of the communist ACLU, they got rid of both the Senate and House Subversives Activities Committees(SCOTUS outlawed them at the state level also) and threw out other laws prohibiting communist activity in the US. Which does raise a vary interesting question?

It was said that no democratic politician outside the South could get elected to any major post without the support of Walter Reuther and his control of COPE(Committee on Political Education). In 1965 it elected 57 of 100 Senators and 237 of 435 Congressmen. Walter said "we will tear asunder the fabric of society", and writing from Russia, he said, "carry on the fight for a Soviet America." Now the present head of the UAW is carrying on the same "good" works. Reuther used a technique, learned from French Communists, called the "sit-down strike". It was first used in Detroit! It morphed into the" flee-the-state strike" when Scott Walker was elected Governor of WI.

By the way, the "War on Women" comes from the same place as the "War on Poverty". The poor are taught that a rising standard of living came from forceful seizure of other people's property, not ambition, skill, and hard work. If whites would surrender their property, there would be no violence. The KEYSTONE of civil disobedience is found in deciding for oneself which laws one choses to accept and which ones to disobey. Barack could not have said it better!

The Watts Riot and others were used to blackmail communities. "Riot and you will Receive". "Surrender to the blackmail of the silken glove or be crushed by the iron fist inside the glove". There were massive drives to recruit the poor onto welfare rolls(and now unemployment), and pressure put on legislatures to pass laws that would escalate welfare costs. It was said that if a white person gave them money, he was to be hated more. A society committed to getting people off the welfare roll was called self-righteous. How do you reason with such dark minds?

The unions of the poor, under the control of the federal government, have become local soviets. Under their very noses, loyal Americans have grown up in city after city under a pattern that would lead to a SOVIET AMERICA(especially through the education system). The Communists believed in the 60's they were on the threshold of their ultimate conquest of the United States. They also feel so today. They thought they were going to win in WI against Scott Walker, but we beat the unions. They could smell victory in AZ over Illegal Immigration, but Sheriff Arpaio is still barely hanging on. This year the unions are going for the final victory against both. What will you do?

William Penn once said, "TYRANNY begins where GOD leaves off". Our solutions are that simple. Is there such a thing as good racism ...and bad racism? Are the communist controlled minorities an example of former?...and white people the example of the latter? If the debauched minorities are an example of the former, then any culture who would want to keep them out would be the latter. There is an attack on the "White" founders of America and white culture by all the "Black" heathen minorities. The seed of CAIN wants to destroy the seed of ABRAHAM. It was "White European Stock" that founded America and it will be only that culture that will save America. All the "minorities" have betrayed her.

There is no country they want to run to for better liberty and prosperity. They did not found the United States, though they may have assisted. The vast majority of ideas for our system came from the Bible, the ancient Israelites, and white Anglo-Saxon law. If all you want to do is "Get Whitey", then get...out of the country! Stay away from us "evil" people and go found a better country somewhere....where you or your ancestors came from.

Is there a race war being run against white capitalist America and the free enterprise system? Yes there is and it is lead by our president and his friends from Chicago. He, like the CPUSA will jump on every "racist" incident, real or imagined and milk it for all it is worth to attack and bring down the United States and the real Freemen(and women) who keep us virtuous and free. He wants to bring down the" colonial white establishment". We never became colonial until progressives like Theodore Roosevelt made us a world power.

Is there a 90%? Yes there is, and it is a red evil working to destroy us from within. They will reverse all their transgressions onto white America. Congress-man Ryan should not have apologized to them. As John Wayne would say, "its a sign of weakness". The left knows how to play the apology game; good should NEVER apologize to evil! The redder the heinie, the bigger the mouth!...and the louder the hate. The problem still is: blacks(minorities) are to "Black"(red?)...and whites are not "White" enough.