Red Revolution in Arizona

Wednesday, 4/28/2010

Red Revolution in Arizona

The first one took place back in the late 1980's over the Martin Luther King holiday and the same hate America smear tactics were used against all who opposed it. It was not legal at that time to declare such a holiday. A former FBI agent said it would be like raising the red flag over America. The forces of the left are again trying to do so with the illegal immigration issue, and again they don't like the results of a legal law.

The following quotes from her book, "I Testify" may shed some light on the present situation in AZ:

"The Communist assault upon order in America...if it is to be effective...must overcome the natural inclination of most people to be orderly."

"Tragically, the comrades had little difficulty in enlisting the support of all sorts of non-communist dupes in protesting and picketing....Trained agitators sought the background."

"Playing on the envy, vindictiveness, resentment and frustrations of certain segment of our population, the communists cause them to react unlawfully and violently."

"The more the Reds can weaken us morally and spiritual, the easier will be their task of defeating us economically, politically and, finally, by force of arms."

The simple formula,carried out by the ACLU and other such groups, was to undermine our religious, moral, and patriotic base using the Soviet Constitution's call for separation of "religion and state". Our Constitution only calls for only separation of church and state. Do you know the difference?

While a senior in high school, I found and gave written reports on two topics of Communism in national magazines; one reported on how the communists planned to win in Vietnam(and it worked) and the other referred to a plan to encircle the United States with socialist regimes and conquer America from within. Kruschev said we would fall like ripe plum.

A 45 step program was put in the congressional record in 1963 and is recorded in Dr. W Cleon Skousen"s best seller, "The Naked Communist". They are also on my website( The following goals from that book may also apply to the "Arizona riots".:

12) Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.

15) Capture one or both political parties in the United States.

(The progressive party disbanded with orders to infiltrate both parties. One

party has been taken over and inroads made into the other. Which party is

the party of the illegal immigration and homosexuality issues?)

17) Get control of the schools...use them as transmission belts for socialist prop-

agenda.(40 Racine students picketed Cong. Ryan's Racine. Various

"peace groups" can also be found in our schools).

19) Use student riots to foment public protests.(See above; such riots were famous

during the Vietnam War.)

20) Infiltrate the press.(Has this ever happened before? Who was the famous

reporter given the Pullizer Prize for covering up Stalin's atrocities in the 30's?

The same type of voices are now being heard again in Arizona.)

25) Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and

obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.(Stalin once

said if he could control Hollywood, he could control the world.)

26) Present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as normal, natural and

healthy.(See above about sleeper agents!?)

The ICCC (International communist criminal conspiracy) years ago called for the "slow invasion" of the United States through both legal and illegal immigration.

(as a precursor to the creation of ATZLAN and the North American Union). Lenin once said that he would force the United States to spend itself into destruction.

Along with such ideas as healthcare, will not this issue do so? Why should struggling families have to take on the burdens of even one "invader" family? Pass the buck socialism would break any budget whether family or state.

The battle for state and national sovereignty is now centered in Arizona. Their citizens have finally had the courage to take a stand against these communist controlled invasion forces; and now all the power of the enemy domestic will be concentrated upon them especially the usual media hacks. If you don't like our

"borders, language, and Judeo-Christian culture", then leave!

The voices of those who have infiltrated our country and those who have betrayed us are loud and clear, especially those coming from the White House! Our Poliburo Administration, lead by Mr. Holder, "will review the law". That might be the prerogative of the Supreme Court which our President will probably stack... with another ACLU type lawyer.

The President says it's a violation of civil rights. The left would also say human rights. These are communist front terms. The don't like the American term, inalienable rights, because it recognizes a power higher than themselves. It is inclusive of the other two terms. Marxists don't like terms referring to a Creator. Illegal aliens violate the inalienable rights of the citizens of not only in Arizona, but all of America.

Both J. Edgar Hoover and the aforementioned author have said that we are in a battle with Communism; the sooner every red-blooded American realizes it, the better off we will be. She also said,"Communist Fronts...have infiltrated every conceivable sphere of activity; youth groups; radio, television, the motion picture industry; church, school, and cultural groups; the press; minority groups and civil and political units."You can always tell them by their "red heinies! The Germans were also called "heinies".

Maybe these riots fall under what our Constitution calls an insurrection. Perhaps federal troops should be sent in, as they were for the Shay's Rebellion, to put down such rebellion and sedition? I expect "comrades" Obama and Holder to do the opposite, send troops in to support the invasion and creation of ATZLAN.

All these fifth column groups have one consistent symbol, the "peace" symbol. FBI undercover agent, Herb Philbrick, explained it so: the upside down cross represents satanism; bending down the arms gives you "chicken tracks"; the circle around it represents a new world order under control of the UN, or the control of communism. Can you tell me which European dictator and American president has us that term, "a New World Order"?

We as citizens have given the federal government certain limited powers to act in our behalf. One of those areas is in the defense of our borders. We also give our local police and fire departments concurrent powers to protect us. Concurrent means we have not given up the right to protect ourselves if they don't.

Arizona's former Governor and now head of Homeland Security, Janet Nepolitano, has failed on both counts to do so. Therefore that right of protection reverts back to the states. Is it not our right as states to require the federal government to live up to its own laws? As also a supporter of the communist homosexual movement, Lord help us if she gets appointed to the Supreme Court.

We have many Quisling(you may look that up in the dictionary) politicians throughout our government. We live in a great era of treason, morally and politically. We are thankful for the patriotism of Arizonans. We hope and pray they can stand firm with "that light from above" so we can also win the battle in our own state. AZ needs the support of all patriots. Onward...Arizona!!!