Think like a NUT!?.........ACORN

Saturday, 9/26/2009

Think like a NUT!?.........ACORN

President Obama said he wanted ACORN to have place at the table, a greater role in our government, even trying to give them control of the 2010 census. Thanks to the effort of private citizens, doing the job the FBI should have done, they may no longer get government funding, tax breaks from the IRS, or be involved in the census. America has been spared a huge subversive coup on our soil. I wonder which front groups are supplying lawyers to defend them? Could it be the very red, ACLU?

While speaking art the Shell Lake, Wi TEA party, I described ACORN as meaning Association of Communist Organizations for Reform Now. It meets all the prerequisites of what the FBI would call a transmission belt, or communist front organization(CFO). The basic formula is: destroy God + destroy the family(promote immorality) + destroy property rights + protect criminals = destroy the country. Or simply, heck with God, sleep with us, and we'll steal someone else's property.

The communists learned a long time ago that a direct attack on religions would not work, so they decided to infiltrate them. Stokely Carmichael and H. Rap Brown became leaders of radical Islam. Rick Warren, called America's most powerful religious leader by Time magazine, has lead marches for SDS(Students for a Democratic Society). And, Michael Lerner whom J Edgar Hoover called the most dangerous terrorist in America, became a rabbi.(see previous article-Jewish Mafia)

Former FBI undercover agent, Julia Brown, reveals much about fifth column activity in our land. She states,"internal subversion has infiltrated ...every stratum of American society. "I knew the danger from within to be even greater than the danger from without." Mrs. Brown also expressed concern about "infiltration of our public schools, colleges, and universities".

ACORN's prostitution rings fall in line with her words of warning written in 1966. "By destroying moral values, they destroy decent human relationships....The party encourages the use of the ultimate weapon-sex." Julia Brown wondered how women "could so debase themselves in the furtherance of Communism. The Party tells them to recruit men, to hold them within the Party, to make them do the Party's bidding. The Party has their souls, their minds, and it demands they give their bodies. They do, seemingly with no restraint."

"What meaning then, can the Ten Commandments have for them?"...The more the Reds can weaken us morally and spiritually, the easier it will be to defeat us economically, politically, finally by force of arms." As the famous Chinese military strategist Sun Tsu once said, "in order to conquer a country we must first DEMORALIZE them.

The International Criminal Conspiracy(FBI term) has long promoted a campaign of pornography, promiscuity, and homosexuality as natural, normal, and healthy. "pH" factor politics has caught many a politician! Unfortunately for us, not only is our Governor and President and their Party aligned with these objectives, but also Rhino Republicans and Neo-cons. You can always tell them by their "red heinie" politics, the company they sleep! Then they have gall to tell us how much they love us while hiding behind religious cloth.

ACORN is also involved in the third goal of communism-the transfer of wealth from those who work to those who loaf. Our tax structure(16th Amendment) is word for word the 2nd plank of the communist manifesto. Mrs. Brown says," the Communist Internationale will beg,lie,steal cheat...embezzle, and plunder to obtain monies." It reminds me of story of the ant and the grasshopper.

How about an American ACORN?....American Christian Organizations for Repentance Now! Now that's change I can believe in! Reform Now apparently means destroy the founding principles of our country: God , Family, and Property Rights. By destroying the Creator, they destroy the concept of unalienable rights. Then NEEDS can be delivered by the STATE. I don't think they want anyone to repent or change their bad behavior.

J. Edgar Hoover once said,"we are in a battle with communism; the sooner we realize it, the better off we will be." Josef Stalin said, "America is healthy body and its resistance is three-fold: its patriotism, its morality, and it spiritual life." ACORN wants to "think like a NUT'. And...that's the story... in a NUTSHELL! BE FREEMEN!