Chain Migration/DACA

Post date: Jan 2, 2018 3:30:50 AM

The Commission in Brussels says the EU is too white. Third world migration should be the "new norm". This is obviously a communist pro-cell commission. They are just restating the the objectives of the Communist Internationle. Come to think of it, that is all the Ninth circuit court of CA does too. One down for commie sexual improprieties, how many to go?

The basic plan is to invade "people of color" into Western Civilization and conquer their "white privilege". One way to do that is to send "refugees' into target countries. Another way is to commie/cowbird breed on the welfare state. Have as many children as you can at the expense of the "evil" White" race.

One formula states that one dreamer can bring up to 120 more into the country in a chain migration. That may add up to 9.2 million over ten years. The initial 800,000 President Trump is willing to bargain for in exchange for funds to build the wall and end chain migration, will cost $26 billion. Ann Coulter says, "NO DACA until and wall is built...and HELL NO"! If this invasion plan works, be ready for "climate change" refugee migration too.

The greatest threat to our security is subversion and invasion, something our President doesn't fully under stand yet. Some of our states are "falling like ripe plums"! Fifth column Governors like Brown and Coumo have been pardoning invaders for the new year, 132 and 18 respectively, and working to make their states sanctuary states(invader havens). Criminals inviting criminals to come in? Anchor(invader) babies may at some point exceed one year American births. The leader of the "illegal immigration" movement, Jorge Ramos has declared 2018 the "Year of Resistance".

If President Trump really wants to declare war on slavery and human trafficking, he needs to seal the border, stop DACA, get rid of the UN, and cut diplomatic relations with all communist countries that do. Want to guess which country leads the way in that regard? Just what we need would be UN troops in Chicago!? This is a case of communists inviting communists to come in ...and solve a problem? When has that ever happened?

The ethnic invasion of the West is not fully understood by our President. Are 200,000 Haitians coming to FL? That needs to be stopped. Once here on the welfare state they can "breed and conquer". They may turn FL into a "blue"state. That means Trump may never get elected again. The Democrats would like Puerto Rico to become part of the problem by becoming the 51st state. Mr. Trump....put up the wall!...against the immigration of "people of color"!...and reverse the Johnson era prohibition against European immigration. This would make America great again!