Commie Ball

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:09:35 PM

Whose calling the kettle black? The owner of the Clippers has taken much heat for his comments and has been banded from basket-ball. But what is the virtue or lack thereof...of those who have with great fanfare cast their stones?

Isn't this just a fight between "birds of a feather"? Which is worse...the words of a womanizer owner or the self-righteous criticism of those who do the same and beat their women? Why aren't they being banned from the sport?

Mob morality begets Mob control. This really just shows the Mob, that doesn't exist any more?, controls most sporting activity in the United States. Is there a better example of mob ownership and moral behavior than Mr. Sterling? When is the last time you met a virtuous professional athlete?

The communists call for getting youth away from religion and into sports and sex. All professional teams follow the plan. The Reds call for adultery, promiscuity, and homosexuality; and the NBA....and NFL(and other leagues) deliver. The CPUSA established the first homosexual group in America.

The NFL has long supported the political goals of the red left, from the Sandinistas in Nicaraqua to Homosexuality today. There are no differences between the goals of the Mob and the Communist Internationale. The Kremlin rejoices in the draft of a gay player by the St. Louis Rams. This is just another example of commie-nester politics.

We will now be subject to a continual promotion of the gay agenda every NFL weekend...if not all week! Will we be subject to a continual showing of him kissing his partner? The fact that his coach and teammates have no problem with it shows they don't have much for character either.

Will they accept the "mark of the beast"?...and wear a patch in support of homosexuality or lose their jobs? Since the vast majority of them are so morally decayed it probably won't make much difference. Remember it was said of Tim Tebow that he was almost the only chaste player in the NFL.The Gay Nazis have struck again. Will you continue to throw money into their coffers? Or do you have enough character to turn them off?