Post date: Mar 28, 2016 1:34:49 AM


Agenda 21 seeks to establish UN rule over everyone. Through the "indigenous peoples" policies of the UN, they plan someday to give back America to the Indians. This has already started in WY where a tribe has taken back control of a "white" community, reclaiming "their" land. The citizens are being abused by tribal authority, since they are no longer under the protection of US laws. It must be part of Obama's "slave reparations" dream.

HUD Secretary Julian Castro has announced a new rule for AFFH(Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing). HUD has always been used to force communist controlled minorities into white neighborhoods. This is also playing out with our borders and the refugee problem of Europe. Opposing cultures can never assimilate. The new 377 page rule will be a significant attack on private property and home ownership. It is designed to force people from rural areas into the cities, redistribute wealth, and terminate local control. Isn't this already underway in China? If you have not heard about this from Senator Johnson, perhaps it's because he doesn't want to defund the UN, or get it out of our nation!?

The goal of the UN is always "diversity" and the "majority of minorities". The new rule would require local government to report the make up of housing by race and ethnicity. It will probably require they allow the appropriate amount of "invaders" and "refugees" into your community. All that is required is that they "hate America" and "white privilege".

The "kicker" to this story is that it is backed up by the Speaker of the House! Cong. Paul Gosar of AZ introduced a bill(the Local Zoning Decisions Protection Act) into the omnibus spending bill in order to cut funding for AFFH. Both Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell arranged to have it deleted!? "With friends like theses, who needs enemies?"


The Dept. of (Social) Justice, lead by Comrade Loretta lynch has required Ferguson, Mo to fulfill the communist party goal...of establishing a Police Review Board. The consequences of such can be reread under the news or commentary sections about Red Racism in Ferguson and Baltimore. This will further inhibit the police from doing their job. Litigation of it would "force them to spend themselves into destruction!" The consent decree never mentioned the outside forces of 500 thugs bused in and paid for by George Soros. There was no mention of the Revolutionary Communist Party or its affiliate Black Lives Matter. The ACLU has also forced new requirements on the Chicago Police Department. This leads to police making fewer stops. This "ACLU Effect" will lead to what the communists want, less effective law enforcement. It is designed to be so , so they can demonstrate that local police are ineffective; and then call for a federal take-over much like the Gestapo or the KGB.


is hitting on many fronts. The NBA(National Bolshevik Association) doesn't want to have their all-star game in a city that doesn't support transgender bathrooms. North Carolina has passed a bill that will prevent men from using women's bathrooms. Can't have any commie fun that way!? Gov. Deal of GA had no more courage than Gov. Pence of IN. Unlike those two, Gov. McCrory of NC was not a "Col. Sanders Republican! Gov. Deal said it was his "christian duty"(?) to enforce the homosexual agenda. Him and Paul Ryan!? And San Francisco and Seattle; the mayors want to boycott NC. "Comrade" Gov. Mario Cuomo won't allow NY employees to travel there. The Soviet Democrat Party is stepping up their moral war on America! (better go back and reread the Barron Co. sex resolution under issues)

American Airlines and Disney are thinking of moving their offices out of NC. Guess who owns one and advertises for the other....Oprah! She is such a "good" Democrat and supporter of BABO. In 2000, Donald Trump suggested her as his VP running mate!? The "Mob" NFL, NBA, and National baseball leagues all go along with the the ban. The NFL threatened to withdraw any future Superbowl. Who needs their half-time shows anyway? All the professional ball leagues represent a serious internal threat to our country. It's time to boycott them!!! Why do you want to make them rich? The GA religious liberty law passed both houses and ...offends Hollywood! So what! Virtue offends Hollywood. George Clooney is sponsoring a ...$350,000...per plate dinner for Hillary Clinton. It's so reassuring to know that they care so much for the poor!? Did you know that Russia has created "cities" like those in the West in which to train their espionage agents? But they don't need one for America.....because they can just use Hollywood!...and NY?


BABO is having fun in Cuba, getting a picture with Castro in front of a picture of Che, one of Fidel's murderers. What's not to like about the master of treason? Kruschev came here and said "we would fall like a ripe plum". He knew their plan for the control of minorities and the moral decay of America was working well. Ben Carson used a Stalin quote from this homepage. Maybe you should read it! Eisenhower did not go to Russia and get a picture with Kruschev in front of a statue of Stalin or Lenin. He was advised not to go because of the propaganda value it would provide for them. Democrats just don't get it.

BABO, like FDR, legitimized the repression and corruption of a communist country. As Stalin was starving the Ukraine, FDR gave them diplomatic recognition in 1933. Our aid helped them become the Red beast they are today. It did not lead to a reformed country. This visit by Obama is just another act in his long line of treason, giving aid and comfort to an enemy. A bill passed in the 90's called the Cuban Liberation and Democratic Solidarity Act specified that open trade with Cuba would not occur until (1) there was legalization of all political parties, (2) release of all political prisoners, and (3) free and fair elections with multiple political parties. China and Russia have shown that communism can still keep a choke hold on liberties while "stupid capitalists" flood their countries with goods that will take the pressure off them and pacify the people. "The Capitalists will sells use the rope to hang them with". "We spit in their face, and they call it dew!"