Can America Survive?... the Masters of Deceit !

Saturday, 11/6/2010

Can America Survive?... the Masters of Deceit !

This title refers to two books written by two authors, one in 2010 and the latter in 1958. J. Edgar Hoover, in his book-Masters of Deceit, warned America of the internal threat to our liberty posed by communist infiltration of our local, state, and national governments. Paster John Hagee, author of "Can America Survive?", issues another such warning in relation to radical Islam.

As the famous Chinese general Sun Tsu said," All war is based on deception". And what would that deception consist of? Perhaps it begins with the idea that man is God and if that doesn't work, create a false God. The communists discovered that they could not sell their ideas outright so the decided to disguise their philosophy behind religion.

Few people understand that they have not only infiltrated all churches, but also established a network of KGB run churches throughout the world ..including the United States. They work through both the National and the World Council of Churches Their basic slogan(besides "It's time for a change") is "jobs, justice, and equality".

That translates into government jobs, SOCIAL JUSTICE, and equality of poverty. These saviors of mankind encourage you to worship them as the authors of your liberty... and cradle to grave care. They will give you minimum this and minimum that, especially when it comes to morality.

Through three slogans from the sixties: " God is dead", If it feels good do it", and Make love not war"; they won the Vietnam War, almost brought America to its knees, and started the destruction of the family unit that is necessary to the strength and success of any society.

They have long promoted the idea that pornography, promiscuity, homosexuality, and adultery are natural, normal, and healthy. Their minions in academia ,media and government are flooding us with all four. Through the communist controlled homosexuality movement, they even preach the healthy benefits of pedophilia and same sex adoption!

They teach that full sexual expression is necessary to total mental health. The primary goal of communism is to reduce man to the level of an animal. So, just rut like one! The communists must destroy religion(or alter it) and the family in order to succeed.

They have been so successful in our land that al-Qaeda calls us the "Great Satan". Which brings us to the book written by Paster Hagee warning us of the threat posed by Iran and radical Islam. Few know that the former Soviet Union was and still is behind the funding and training of their Imams.

They are using the same tactic that the communists have been and are using in the southwest and especially in Arizona..."the slow invasion"... through legal and illegal immigration over the last 40 years. They have all but succeeded in taking over England and all western Europe under the guise of tolerance.

Freedom of religion does not require a country to allow its founding religion to be surplanted by another ! I would even pose a new question on the matter. If they do not allow freedom of religion in their lands, why sould we allow them that freedom here?...if their only goal is to destroy ours?

Remember the two pillars of liberty that Washington, Adams, and Jefferson said we are founded upon? Without religion and morality a government of a free people cannot be maintained! Of course, you can find the hand of communist ACLU involved in all these issues. With the help of President Obama, they are even suing the sheriffs on the Arizona border, not to mention leading the fight against proposition 8 in California.

Pastor Hagee warns that the leader of Iran believes that America and Israel must fall and that by bringing about a third world war, he will usher in a new era of divine revelation and the reappearance the "hidden Imam" known in the Shiite religious tradition as ...Madhi. Ahmadinejad believes that 'after the chaos, we can see the greatness of Allah".

As J. Edgar Hoover warned in his book, they are using the communist strategy and tactics of mass agitation and infiltration. Will they surplant us or are you informed enough to stop them? With your help,... CAN AMERICA SURVIVE ...the MASTERS OF DECEIT?!!