Soviet Black Caucus

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 8:31:40 PM

To quote from the book, "The Trojan Horse in America", Moscow has long considered the Negroes of the United States as excellent potential recruits. Though Negroes in the U.S. enjoy more liberties and higher standard of living than in any other country,... foreign agents seek to capitalize upon prejudice in order to promote the interests of their foreign masters.

...An exaggeration of grievances will gradually separate the two races into hostile camps... The Negro is told that he is persecuted and maltreated: that his lot in the United States is unbearably hard: and that he is, in fact, a peon or slave of his white masters. He is told that the only country which recognizes his rights is Soviet Russia and that the only political party which will battle foe his emancipation is the Communist(now Democrat) Party of the United States.

A famous black panther from the 60's by the name of Eldridrige Cleaver wrote a book titled Soul on Fire, attacking America much as the Black Caucus does today. After spending time in Cuba and the Soviet Union, he returned and wrote Soul on Ice, stating that is is better for a black man to be in jail in America than "free" in a communist country!

Moscow realizes that it can never revolutionize the United States unless the Negro can be won over to the communist cause." This occurred by the late sixties through the leadership of the likes of Eldridge Cleaver, Stokely Carmichael, Metger Evers, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King.

The goal is hate America, hate America, hate America! "...the Communists have sought to infiltrate the Negro church with communist preachers..." How about "comrade" Obama's ministers?

King George called the Tea Party of Freemen of that day "terrorists" too! Maybe the "Soviet Black Caucus" should clean its own dirty doorstep before employing racist tactics!

This is the same group that sided with the Sandinistas in Central America during the Reagan administration. Did Congressman West make a racist decision when joining this trojan horse organization? The question is not whether he should leave, but why would a man with such an honorable record of military service join in the first place?!

Update: My compliments to Lt. Col. West. With his calling out of the "progressive" democrat party, he sounds as radical as I appear to be. maybe he is a secret JBS member? We need more like him.

He has even been called a McCarthyite! What has happened here? Where is the white man with the courage to do so? Old Joe was right about Soviet Joe and his infiltration of our country!