Communist Darkness Falls Upon America

Wednesday, 4/28/2010

Communist Darkness Falls Upon America

Such was the headline in the newspaper of the European Union on March 22nd, "World Mourns as Communist Darkness Falls upon America". In response to President Obama's healthcare bill, a Kremlin legal expert is quoted as saying, "it has nothing to do with health, but everything to do with control".

It goes on to say, "Though many have tried to warn these Americans about the plans for their Nation's destruction at the hands of the OBAMA BACKED COMMUNIST FORCES who have taken over their country....the propaganda organs in the United states have rendered silent nearly all opposition and dissident views from reaching them and they remain asleep to the true dangers soon to come upon them."(The North American Union?)

Before the election, Accuracy In Media(AIM) may have been the only news source to document Obama's communist upbringing and his connection to Bill Ayers and Sol Alinsky. Allen Keyes has clearly stated that he is a communist, while running against him in the Illinois Senator race. He also stated that he would destroy America. When will we ever learn?!

Thomas Jefferson said that if 100 lawyers ran the Revolutionary War, we would have lost! Now, how many morally decayed lawyers do we have running America? And how many "commie" hero lawyer shows do we have on TV...making a mockery of traditional moral and family values?

Lets see, what famous lawyer founded the Soviet Union, or the worker's paradise in Cuba; was Mao a lawyer; and how many socialist lawyers have we had in the White House, the Congress, and on the Supreme Court? Of course, we have two in the national capital and one in our state capital. No wonder our country is such a mess. I don't think Jefferson envisioned a country of the lawyers, by the lawyers, and for the lawyers.

Is Obama a socialist? No, that was FDR. He's a communist! He called for change and the redistribution of wealth; and was elected with the strategy that if one voted against him, he was a racist. The signs were clearly before us. Why did we not see? Could it be because of our low moral climate of our country?

Because of it, even al Quada calls us the Great Satan. That climate seems to have given us VD of the brain. We don't have eyes that see or ears that hear. Because of it Europeans could not even see the threat from Fascism. As a famous Chinese general once said, in order to conquer a country, you must first demoralize them.

In 1932, the head of the CPUSA, Wm Foster, wrote a book titled, "Toward a Soviet America". FDR answered the call for social security; President Carter and and Newt Gingrich(strange bedfellows) gave us the Department of Education; and President Obama has answered their call for healthcare.

Now that Americans have peacefully taken to the streets, the left is upset over the competition. They use the usual communist smear labels: racists, homophobes, fascists, and Nazi..even painting swastikas. As in AZ, their opposition is too white for them.

Under the cover of the Rainbow Coalition, the communists have been far more successful in recruiting among the so called minorities than among white culture.

The Tea Parties are caused of being racist, however the main sponsoring organization, Americans for Prosperity, is founded by a black man, Herman Cain. When the tour came to Eau Claire, it was most interesting to see another black person, speaking after him, taking down liberalism.

Hey,.. do you know what you call a communist with an education?....a Liberal!

Ronald Reagan once said that this a time to choose. Perhaps this is the last chance to choose....and we had better get it RIGHT!!!