FOOL me once, FOOL me TWICE!?

Sunday, 11/11/2012

FOOL me once, FOOL me TWICE!?

I wasn't fooled the first time. How about you? That sinking feeling in pit of your stomach is the same feeling we had when Obama was first elected....only worse. It's the same feeling all people feel when they lose their freedom. They feel it whenever they are conquered. The people of Germany felt it when Hitler took control; so did the people of Russia, and Cuba,...and China when Truman and Marshall betrayed them to the communists. They felt it when Alger Hiss and FDR gave eastern Europe into Stalin's hands. They felt it when the Eisenhower adminstration betrayed the Hungarian revolution.

Again, the communists have won? The communists have won! Moscow and the CPUSA rejoice in "Comrade" Obama's victory. GOP neoconservatives lose again. Most citizens still stupid!?("stupid is as stupid does"?) When will they ever learn?! Americanism loses, Communism wins. Many titles come to mind to describe the outcome of the election. Apparently we have become a nation of morally decayed fools. "He who says there is no God is a fool." Most people have chosen evil...over good. Is America now finished?

They chose "free"(paper)money, over the work ethic. They chose "cradle to grave" Communism over free enterprise Americanism. They chose dependence over Independence. They chose moral decay over virtue. They chose slavery over Freedom. They chose cowardice over Bravery! They chose Government over God.

When the majority chose evil over good, that nation, our nation under God has fallen from within. That fifth column of treason I warned about in my bid for the U.S. Senate in Wisconsin has won. My warning was ignored. Will we ever recover? Are we past the breakpoint? I doubt it and I think so. The only hope I see is negative. Things have to get much worse(and they will). Then If we can get the Senate in two more years, we can impeach America's "Nelson Mandela"!

Even Chuck Norris got it right when he said on the Mike Huckabee show, "this is our last chance to save our liberties or we will face a long period of dark consequences." Are you ready for them? What a price we will pay! If you thought you suffered under Obama last time, just wait and see what happens now. If you think he gave us unpleasant surprises over former Christmas Holidays, you won't have to wait long for the next one; and it will be much worse. Such a time of treason we live in, such a time of moral decay!....and stupidity.

The communist controlled homosexual and gay marriage agenda won in the states of Washington, Maine, and Maryland. It's hidden so well in the network of soviet infiltrated and established churches across our land, teaching social justice and homosexuality. As Nikita Kruschev said over 50 years ago, America((America's states) would fall like ripe plums.

Tammy Baldwin's victory over Tommy Thompson in WI should send shockwaves through the GOP. The people of WI would rather have a "whore" in office. It's their own fault. They weren't looking for the best candidate, but the one with the most money!...and "experience". They didn't want a regular guy, the only war veteran in the race; even if he had won the first senatorial forum of the season! Where was the genius of the Tea Party on this one? And they want people to stand up and run for office!?

That should have been a clear sign to the GOP about those they chose to support instead. Doing well in the second Tea Party Forum also, the "name" candidates couldn't make the third one!?..... just before the state GOP convention. How embarrassing that could have been!...beating all that money and experience. After the first forum, I was endorsed over Mark Neuman(with five US Senate endorsements), the former speaker of the WI Assembly, and Tommy who did not show up. It didn't take long for the GOP to cut me out of the first debate in Waukesha. It would have been like taking candy from a baby! I'd have won that too, and again, Tommy didn't show.

All the losers from that debate owe a special thanks to Mr. Don Taylor, the county chairman, for protecting them and putting a dyck in office. Their wasn't a veteran on the stage and none of them protected my hard earned freedom of speech. I guess us "poor" people are just supposed to stay home and let the "british" rich of the party rule. Davy Crockett need not apply here! And no, most of us are not in his category.

When interviewed by the state GOP as to my legitimacy as a candidate they were most concerned about money and network. I said, your my network; don't you want the best candidate? That was a naive question wasn't it? I also told them I would not support a "Schwartzneggar" type candidate if he won(Thompson). All the others said they would. For that I was not allowed to speak at the convention and was cut out of district caucuses. Two of eight were kind enough to protect my freedom of speech.

My, how much time and money was wasted...trying to promote morally decayed candidates....again!(read the Thompson news release). Both Thompson and Rivard in Rice Lake lost. All their experience, money, and "genius"?...couldn't beat a lesbian. If they really had had the conservative and Christian values they claim to have, they would have passed the Barron County Resolution on moral character back in 2010.....and we wouldn't be in this mess!!! Why wouldn't the Governor and his group support it?

Instead, with help of state chair Reince Prebius, vice-chair Johnson, and Sean Duffy, they threw out our county constitution, replaced our leadership, and took the resolution off our website...strange behavior for so called Christians? This resolution addressed a communist threat from within our country. I think of the damage that has been done to us since then because they would not support it. And now Mr. Prebius dares say we needed to win this last election....for our children? If anyone needs to hear it, its the youth in our schools!

I suppose the national and state GOP are wondering why they got so two presidential years. The answer should be obvious by now. If not, go to and read the article by Chuck Baldwin. They lost because they didn't really stand by the Constitution and solid conservatism. How about a new party that does? The GOP seems to be a dead party again!? Is it still tied to the fake conservative values of the Bush family? The treatment of Ron Paul won't be forgotten either. Didn't some polls show him winning if he was the GOP choice? If it wasn't for "red dog" republicans, we could have won the Senate back in 2010.

Now we are hearing about how The GOP needs to appeal to the communist controlled minorities. We need to COMPROMISE?! That's why we lost in the first place. Whatever you do, don't tell the whole truth or we might lose strategy worked again! If the majority chose evil over good, it does no good to compromise. When you do so, evil still wins. Just ask the people of Germany.

The "whore and the poor" party won and we now have the Poliburo administration in control again. The got 93% of the black vote, 71% of the hispanic, 70% of women, and 70% of those under 30(the Soviet generation). The Internationale targeted these groups years ago and have drawn them all into the Democrat Party.

No we don't need to compromise. We just did that. We need someone who has the courage of a Gen. MacArthur to make an "Inchon" decision. We need to stand by the truth and by the virtues our founders stood by. Bishop James Madison, a cousin of President James Madison, spoke of America as our "republic of Heaven". It(virtue) is the polar star and ruling principle that should guide every action. It is not so for all those groups that voted for Obama.

Now their "soviet" attack on religion will continue with the help of the ACLU. Bishop Madison said, "as irreligion advances, virtue retires... and free states shall expire, with their expiring virtue". Freemanship should be your chose if America is to survive the Soviet Kingsmanship of another Obama administration.